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be my guide

luca cricket

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#1 Luca Petrov

Luca Petrov

Posted 13 July 2016 - 11:54 PM

"Oh shoot."


The clatter of the pans falling onto the floor was deafening for Luca's ears and he stood completely still for a few seconds as he let the silence settle and the ringing in his ears stop. He had been attempting to find a bowl but - well the mess of pans on the floor were all telling of how that had gone for him. 


As he bent down, hand sliding down the counter to guide him safely to the floor, he could already hear footsteps approaching the kitchen, no doubt coming to see just who was causing such a ruckus. "Sorry, sorry." He started, laughing between syllables. "I promise I'm not trying to burn the house down. Just trying to get a snack." His light fingers fanned out in front of him and did their best to tidy up the mess he had made. "Do you mind giving me a hand with these?"

#2 Cricket Arcturus

Cricket Arcturus

Posted 14 July 2016 - 02:29 AM

Cricket was so accustomed to silence that she, too, found the clatter of pans from the next room deafening. And even if she usually kept to herself-- even if she was fine sitting in the living room alone-- she ventured into the kitchen against her best interests, curious and concerned and just wanting to make sure everything was alright. As she rounded the corner and found Luca there, struggling to get a snack of all things, she just watched him for a few moments.


"Sure," was all she said at first, always the sort to keep her words to a minimum. Already she was scooping up some of the pans that were out of his reach, tucking them back in the cabinet so he wouldn't have to search for them. She knew Luca was blind; not that she cared, really, aside from making sure she could help whenever it was necessary. In fact she found it a bit of a relief that he couldn't see her blank expressions, that he couldn't judge her by her appearances.


She was still terribly anxious, mind you, considering he was an attractive guy and she was just the sort of person who had trouble talking to others. But it was a little less of a problem than it was with other people. "What'd you need? I can tell you which cabinet," she said, tucking her hands into her pockets.


#3 Luca Petrov

Luca Petrov

Posted 14 July 2016 - 04:25 AM

Luca was still doing his best to learn what names went with what sounds in this house. While footsteps weren't the easiest thing to memorize (though some people had their obvious gait differences), he was slowly picking up the ability to put a name to people that hadn't yet walked in the room. For Zak it was easy as he always had a chirping bird with him. One of the girls in the house was always humming everywhere she went. Brad seemed to enjoy dragging his feet everywhere and could be heard slapping the tops of every doorway with the palms of his hand for reasons that Luca couldn't quite personally understand. 


Yet now, Luca couldn't figure out who had come in to witness his mess until she had spoke. Cricket. She had the beautiful voice, soft in ways that other people couldn't - or wouldn't - manage. For a moment he had to wonder, was Cricket a deserved nickname or was it just a very well-placed name given to her at birth? Either way, he tried to commit to memory the idea of her light step and quiet approach. 


"First, I need to put these bad boys away." He said, carefully balancing the pans in his hand in a stack and using his toes to give him a guide to face the counter and cabinets. "I just wanted a bowl to get some ice cream but since I've never really explored much of the kitchen, the locations of things have been completely lost on me." Luca hesitated and tried to remember just how high up he had reached until the cabinet in the first place.  "It's getting hot out but the chairs on the right side of the porch are in the perfect spot to get the warm breeze in the shade, so I was thinking of spoiling myself a little bit for the day."

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