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What I did on my summer vacation

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#21 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 15 December 2016 - 04:00 PM

 Valerie couldn’t help but feel a little bad for Adrian being left on his own, so much, lately.though he had her tonight and later Melissa would join them and then they could just spend a little more time as a family.    ”I know .  And I’ll never be sick of you.” she smiled at him.


”If we had more time, I would have you and Melissa get to know him a little better.” There hadn’t been much time for that as Valerie and Jeff were getting to know each other.   They had all met , of course, but it was brief times that Jeff had spent with her siblings.  She knew that Melissa was the younger sister, in every sense of that word, she was the one that seemed to need the most concern.  Valerie though also knew that Adrian looked out for her just as much; he had taken on a lot as their brother.  They were the same age but Valerie had issues that placed in the category of sometimes needing protection, though, mostly from herself and her working so hard.


Valerie nodded, she was certain Jeff would come say hello but tonight was to spend with family and him , his friends.  They had already decided that and she didn’t plan on changing that , besides, she missed spending time with her brother.   ”It has been a great trip.” Time they had spent together had been a lot of fun.   Their food came and Valerie sipped her milkshake before taking a bite of her burger.  It was good , really good actually but it certainly the kind of food she wouldn’t feel comfortable eating in front of Jeff, after all it was a little messy.  

#22 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 18 December 2016 - 05:56 AM

Adrian laughed as Val said she would never be sick of him.  “Challenge…accepted.” he teased, lifting his milkshake in a little toast.  “But in all seriousness, I’m glad.  Sometimes I worry that I’m a little…overbearing with you two.” he said honestly.  He tried not to be, but he also knew that the girls wouldn’t normally ask for help when they needed it.  They would try to handle it on their own, or at least that was his suspicion.


Nodding along with Val’s comment that she wished that they had gotten to know Jeff a little better, he smiled at her.  “Yeah, but at least we met him.  And if things do happen to get serious between the two of you…well…we’ll have the chance to get to know him.  Right?”  Adrian wasn’t so sure how well a long distance relationship would work, but they could try if that was what they both wanted.

Pleased when Val said that she had enjoyed the trip as well, Adrian smiled just as their food arrived.  “Oh thank god, I’m starved!”  His own burger seemed to be a little messier than Val’s, but it didn’t bother Adrian in the slightest.  Taking a big, admittedly greasy bite, he moaned softly as the different flavours hit his tongue.  “Oh yeah…this was a great choice.” he said, his eyes lifting to ensure that Val was enjoying her burger, too.

#23 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 26 December 2016 - 07:49 AM

Valerie couldn’t help but laugh at her brother’s words but when he mentioned being overbearing she shook her head.  ”I’ve never thought that but I can’t answer for Melissa.” Then again, if he hadn’t been so concerned for them Melissa might have ended up someplace bad and Valerie might have ended with a list of stress related health problems.  Valerie understood why things were the way they were with her brother and she was just grateful that he cared so much.  Maybe, if she had always lived with him her thoughts on the matter would have been different but they weren’t.


”Of course.  We’ll just have to wait and see , then I suppose.” Val wasn’t deceiving herself, she knew if they did decide to try to make this more than just a summer thing, it would be hard but they hadn’t had that talk yet and she didn’t want to speculate on how things would progress from here.


Valerie was enjoying her burger as well , if not as vocal about it as her brother.  ”Maybe, we should go all out and get a slice of their cheesecake for dessert.”  If it was anything like the rest of the food it would be really good.

#24 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 04 January 2017 - 04:26 AM

Smiling warmly at Val as she said that she had never found him overbearing, he bobbed his head.  “Thanks, Val.  That means a lot.” he said fondly.  It always made him happy to hear that he hadn’t overstepped his bounds.  He really was happy that his family had adopted the two sisters, and they really were one big mostly happy family.


As he spoke about Jeff, though, he smiled as Val simply said they would have to wait and see how things went with the other man.  “Yeah.  I’ve got faith in you, though.  It’ll all get sorted out, one way or the other.”  Whatever she decided, either with or without Jeff’s input, as long as she was happy that was all that mattered to Adrian.  Happy…and safe.


The burger was absolutely incredible, though, and all thought of anything else kind of went out the window as he scarfed his meal down.  Glancing up at his sister as she mentioned the cheesecake, his eyes lit up and he eagerly bobbed his head as he finished chewing.  “Yes!  A million times yes!  Man, I haven’t had cheesecake in forever!”  Or…just a couple of months.  But it had felt like a long time!  “Man…you’re full of good ideas tonight!  More so than usual, I mean.” he praised, before he laughed.  “I’m gonna order now so by the time we’re finished eating, dessert’s ready to go!”

#25 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 12 January 2017 - 03:57 PM

She had been so happy when her and Melissa had been adopted that neither of them could believe it was actually happening, at first.   They had become a family , though it hadn’t been always easy, they had always supported each other.   If the situation was reversed she would be there for Adrian as much as he had been there for her. 


Jeff had been kind and sweet to her the entire time; though it was a different matter for her to stay there alone without her siblings around.  Valerie really thought everything would be fine for the few days that she would be there alone, she really had no reason to not think that.  Maybe, that would be a better time to discuss things with Jeff.


The food was good; it was sometimes hard to tell how good or bad a place will be but this place hadn’t disappointed.  There weren’t many restaurants outside the resort (which had five of its own) but she hadn’t come here with Jeff.  Shaking her head at his comment about having great ideas.  ”Hey, I have good ideas.” Sometimes but she didn’t always have an opinion.  That sounds like a good idea.  As if the waiter had sonic hearing, he came over to refill their glasses and see if everything was alright.  

#26 Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison

Posted 21 January 2017 - 10:01 AM

Dinner was wonderful, and Adrian was thoroughly enjoying his time with Val.  It was rare that he got to spend time with just one of his sisters, and he always felt like they got some excellent bonding time in.  This was no exception!  Adrian and Val had always been close, since they were the same age, but he appreciated their time together nonetheless.


The burger was fantastic, and Adrian had no regrets about coming here!  As Val mentioned dessert, though, he couldn’t help himself as he joked with her.  “Hey, I never said you didn’t!” he shot back, grinning widely across the table at his sister.  “I just meant this idea was better than most!” he finished with a laugh.  He was really enjoying himself, and it was obvious.


Quickly ordering his own cheesecake, he hurriedly finished off his burger and fries so that he would be ready for his dessert when it arrived.  “Is there anything special you want to do before we go?  Like…with the three of us?”  Adrian had wished they had spent a little more time together, but he hadn’t made a big deal of it.  They had spent a lot of time together in the mountains!  Of course the girls had wanted to go do their own thing…especially after Valerie found Jeff.


Adrian was also still worried about Melissa, even though she seemed to be doing pretty well for herself.  Regardless, he would always hold that worry for his younger sister.  He didn’t want her to make a huge, life-altering mistake.  Then again…sometimes you had to do that in order to learn…

#27 Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison

Posted 01 February 2017 - 03:45 PM

Valerie really did enjoy spending time with her brother. it was always surprising to people to find out that they were the same age.  Then people would think they were twins or step-siblings or something, people rarely assumed she and Melissa were adopted.  Which Valerie took as a credit to how close the three of them were.


With a roll of her eyes, Valerie shook her head to Adrian’s words.   ”Well, burgers are best enjoyed with family.” She said right before wiping her mouth with a napkin.  As good as they were , they weren’t what anyone would call neat. 


She had to think for a moment about Adrian’s question.  ”Oh, there is a wildlife refuge not to far from here.  I heard you can hike or take canoes  to see the area and take a picnic , if you want.  I had thought that might be a fun day.”   Of course, right in Valerie’s idea of fun because she could see a lot of animals but she thought maybe her brother and sister would like what else they had there.   ”They even supposedly have ziplines.” Valerie was more wanting to stick to canoes or hiking but if one of her siblings really wanted to go ziplining she might be willing. 


There was never any telling what would happen with Melissa; Valerie did hope that her sister managed to get a recording contract, someday but there was always the thought in the back of her mind if her little sister was really ready.  

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