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I'll be upon you by the moonlight side

Sarah Leslie Lovett

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#1 Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 09:22 AM

Zachariah missed home. He did his best not to think about the Golden State, but on nights like these? Chilly nights where he had to wear a coat to keep warm? That’s when he really missed home. And for some reason, he decided to come with his homesickness by setting up a hammock outside between two small trees. It wasn’t too late in the evening, but it was dark enough for the stars to come out and the street lamps to light up the area enough to prevent true star-gazing.


 But looking up at the blank sky was relaxing in its own way. He had forgotten his phone inside, so he was left with the sounds that you typically heard at night. Crickets, night birds, the occasionally creepy noise of unknown origin. Average stuff, really. He let one of his hands drift down to brush through the grass below him, the occasional creepy-crawly moving across his fingers or up his arm. He didn’t mind as long as they didn’t bite.


He shifted to bend one of his legs at the knee, then moving it from side-to-side so that the hammock would gently rock with his movement. His other hand was across his stomach, tapping along to the beat of a song that had popped into his head. “In touch with the ground, I’m on the hunt, I’m after you,” he spoke-sang along to the lyrics of the famous Duran Duran song, not caring about whether his voice was all that great or not. Who was around to hear him anyway?


Feeling something start crawling up his arm, he slowly brought his arm up so that he could see what it was. “Smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd, and I’m hungry like the – AHH!” he screamed, his voice more shrill than he would have ever wanted anyone to hear it, flinging his arm out quickly and violently, nearly tipping himself out of his hammock as he did so. “GET OFF!” he continued, directing his comments towards his arm.



#2 Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 09:59 AM

Leslie felt that she was on campus more than any healthy individual should be. She spent 25% of her time in class and the other 75% in her room. So, to say she was a little stir-crazy was an understatement. Today, she had had enough of it. She needed to do something different; go for a walk; see something she hadn’t seen before. As she emerged from Parker Hall, she pulled a long black peacoat over her shoulders before the wind could nip at her bar arms.


Campus was always basically empty by the time the sun was coming down. People had gone back to their houses or dorms or were eating dinner or something to that extent. Either way, Leslie appreciated the peace and quiet. The cigarette that was between her lips was all but burned out by the time she reached the courtyard. I need to quit smoking she thought, as she always did at the end of a cigarette, usually a couple seconds before she lit up another one. But today was try-something-different day, so she placed the pack back into her pocket and looked around.


That’s when she noticed a hammock. In the middle of the courtyard. Just… carelessly hanging there like it owned the place. She raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Had to walk by this, see who this person was. As she walked over, she could hear him singing Duran Duran lyrics and she couldn’t help but smile. Whoever this guy was, he had good taste in music.


She stopped about five feet from him and watched him freak out about the mysterious bug on his arm, shaking her head slightly. ”I’m pretty sure those aren’t the lyrics.” she said definitely, referring to the ‘AH – GET OFF’ part, ”Unless the wolf cut you off.” Leslie smiled at wrapped her arms around herself – walling against the cold. 

#3 Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 06:01 PM

Zach inspected his arm once he had stopped flailing about like he was being attacked by a serial killer. He didn’t…see the offender, but it might have moved to his back, and he didn’t want that monster climbing up his back. But someone was commenting on his – uh, interruption – in the song lyrics. He looked over at her, his eyes still wide from the terrifying encounter. “I would have rather it been a wolf,” he replied, looking away from her to inspect his hammock to make sure it hadn’t fallen down there.


And then he felt something brush up against his neck. That was enough to get him out of the hammock this time, quickly brushing the back of his neck with his hand to try and get rid of whatever it was. For the record, it was a strand of his own hair. “Gaaah forget it!”  he exclaimed, frustration clear in his voice. He squirmed his shoulders up and down, then waved both of his arms quickly like he was attempting to fly to try and get rid of those horrible creepy-crawly tingly feelings. “Didn’t want to relax anyway,” he mumbled, stepping away from the hammock and towards the girl instead. Right now, he was a bit more preoccupied to get nervous over her gender.


“Could you…” he trailed off, turning so that he could show her his back, and look over his shoulder at her. He stiffened up his muscles so that excessive movement wouldn’t look like something was crawling on him. “Is there anything on my back?” he questioned, anxiety in his voice, hoping the answer was no. “Because right now I’m the one howling and whining,” he continued, turning to inspect his legs. “I know I’m supposed to like all animals, but I really really don’t like roaches,” he said with a small sigh, some of the embarrassment of the situation settling in. 

#4 Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 08:28 PM

Leslie watched as he flailed out of his hammock, trying not to laugh at the level of drama over a little bug – not that she would be any better. If anything, she would have been worse. And, of course, once you feel like there’s a bug on you, it’s a little difficult to shake the feeling – anybody knew that. “The wolf would have likely taken your arm off… and then gone on a rampage around campus. All very dramatic. Would’ve made the news.” She said with a smirk. Teasing wasn’t normally something she was good at, but the whole situation was too funny to pass up.


She bit her lip slightly as he tensed up his back, trying not to think too much about it. All college guys were fit and attractive, it seemed, and Leslie just had to get used to it. She ran her hand quickly over his back and shoulders after inspecting them, just to make sure she didn’t miss anything. “You’re good. You play a sport, don’t you?” she asked bluntly, not realizing that what she was saying could come off as flirtatious. “Probably Track or Swim or Soccer?” she guessed.


A laugh escaped her lips as the strange boy once again referenced Hungry Like the Wolf. Guess he knew the song well. Leslie retracted her arm after averting the great bug apocalypse of 2013, wrapping it back around her waist for warmth. She looked up at him and noticed for the first time how tall he was – almost an entire foot taller than her. “Wow. You’re tall.” She blurted, inwardly kicking herself and her inability to filter her thoughts.


Introductions weren’t easy for Leslie. She always felt really awkward about saying her own name – every time she did it sounded weirder and weirder. And she never knew when an introduction was appropriate – especially in situations like this. So she kept her mouth shut, figuring he could do the introducing if it were necessary. 

#5 Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 09:19 PM

That teasing was so not appreciated right now. Zachariah was on the verge of death, and she was just standing there making fun of him. But she was the only person nearby who could help with this horrible situation, so he was going to just take it like a man. Because that’s what he was. A manly man. He kept still as she ran her hand over his back, holding his breath incase she startled it and sent it scurrying up over his shoulder and onto his face. Luckily, nothing! Huzzah!


He let out a heavy sigh of relief. “Thank God,” he said airily, slowly bringing the air back into his lungs. He also turned around to face his savior after she removed her hand from his back, surprised that she could tell so much about him already. Well, not the tall part. That was obvious. He laughed at the comment, a wave of self-consciousness smacking him right in the face now. Was he…too tall?


“Yeah, I’m on the swim team. You’re really good at that!” he replied enthusiastically, a smile spreading across his lips, but his eyebrows scrunched up into a questioning look. “How could you tell?” he asked, wondering if he had a sticker on his back that labeled him as a fish or something. “Do you go to the swim meets or something? I…never really notice the people there much.”


That would be terribly awkward if she had been at every meet and he had never noticed her before. Just thinking about it made him feel a little like a jerk. His hands drifted down to his pockets, his shoulders shifting upwards like he was shrugging. “Usually just looking at water and pool walls. And you’re really short, so I’d probably miss you,” he continued, thinking that was a good explanation for why he’d never really noticed.


It took a few moments for him to realize what he said there. “I mean!” he exclaimed quickly, trying to backtrack and pull his foot back out of his mouth. “I didn’t mean it like it’s a bad thing or anything, it’s totally cool that you’re short! You’re not even that short, I mean, it’s just the height difference, it’s nothing and I…” he trailed off, looking down at the ground. His cheeks were starting to light up with a nice shade of pink. “I think that wolf would be really helpful right now.”

#6 Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 June 2013 - 10:54 PM

The way guys felt about their ‘manliness’ was a concept lost entirely to Leslie –and probably the rest of the female gender, for that matter. She wasn’t trying to laugh at his near death experience. In fact, she was doing her best not to laugh. Ghost bugs were a terrifying and deadly force not to be reckoned with. She was just lucky it wasn’t her.  


Leslie wasn’t particularly good at reading people. But tall, lean, muscular boys were generally on some sort of team. Runners, pole vaulters, swimmers, pitchers, half-backs, those kind of people. And though she hated going to sporting events, she quite liked people who played sports. She shrugged when he asked how she knew that. “Because you’re built like a swimmer.” She said, eyeing him slightly. Leslie didn’t usually hang out with the smart, slightly awkward types. She was normally surrounded by cocky football players and arrogant sorority girls. So the reserved types made her feel a bit more awkward than she should.


She shifted her weigh onto one leg as he explained what he usually did at swim meets, raising an eyebrow slightly at the comment about her being short. She was used to it – she’d been this tall for a while – but people rarely pointed it out. Being vertically challenged was a struggle Leslie had fought with her entire life. Looking up to people was something she had grown accustom to. She laughed as he threw his mouth in reverse and burned rubber with acceleration.


“It’s okay,” she said, laughing more, “I’m pretty short. Doesn’t make you any less tall though. I don’t know how I could have missed a giant walking around campus.” Again, she was joking. There was absolutely nothing wrong with tall boys in her mind. If anything, height made them more attractive. She giggled, actually giggled, when he blushed. It was adorable. “You backpedal so fast, I don’t think he could catch you.” she said.


The more time that went on, the more awkward Leslie felt about introductions. Well, better not make this any worse than it had to be. “I’m Leslie, by the way.” She said, tripping on her name slightly. Weird. It sounded too weird to be a real name. “Why do you have a hammock in the middle of the courtyard?” she asked, he curiosity getting the best of her.

#7 Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

Guest_Zachariah Hughes_*

  • Guest

Posted 02 June 2013 - 02:37 AM

Why, yes. He was built like a swimmer, wasn’t he? The correct answer was always the one that was the obvious one, not the one that made him feel awesome. Like man, way to ruin his fantasy of having a personal cheerleader. Honestly? He felt pretty relieved she didn’t go to the swim meets, or at least that’s what he gathered out of that comment. If she had never seen him swim, then he could…exaggerate a few things.


But right now, he was too busy fighting off embarrassment. “I uh… I just didn’t want to insult you or anything,” he replied, mentally telling himself to get his thoughts back under control. They were still running on panic mode. She was joking and seemed light-hearted about the whole thing, but he was convinced she was going to get him in the shins. That’s how short girls were. But he was going to take the chance. He smiled down at her, his blush starting to recede. “So I did a good job taking it all back?” he questioned, raising one of his eyebrows. “Because if so, I can think of a few reasons why you might not have noticed me,” he continued, a playful smile coming to his lips, bending his knees a little bit to come down closer to her height.


Leslie. That was a nice name, and one he didn’t hear too often. And hearing her trip a little on her name? Hell, that just made him feel a bit better. Was she nervous like he was? He returned to standing up straight, wanting to be proper during an introduction. “Pleasure to meet you, Leslie,” he replied, falling into polite habit. “I’m Zach. Well, Zachariah, but you can call me Zach. Or Zachariah. Whichever you like better. It doesn’t matter." Why was he suffering so much from word vomit tonight? Oh, that’s right, because he always embarrassed himself in front of a girl, that’s why.


“I just wanted to have a lie down out here. Can’t see the stars too well because of the lights, but it’s kind of relaxing,” he explained, though he wasn’t going back into that hammock tonight. Relaxing until bugs attack. “Most of the time, anyway,” he added in as an addendum to his statement, furrowing his eyebrows. “What about you, Leslie?” He made sure to say her name again to make sure he learned it. “How come you’re out here at night?” he asked, taking a step further away from the hammock and towards one of the sidewalks. He hoped she’d follow so that they could have a little stroll. It would save him from standing there so damn awkwardly.

#8 Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

  • Guest

Posted 09 June 2013 - 05:28 AM

Insult her? Ha... Ha! It would take a lot more than pokes at her height to make her feel insulted. But it was kind of adorable how worried he was about it. His sincerity reminded her of a nerdier version of her brother – someone who tries to be nice to everyone, always worrying about inadvertently insulting them. She smiled at the new wave of confidence that washed over him. See? It wasn’t that hard to talk to girls. Especially straight-forward, stubborn ones like herself. On second thought, that sounds a bit harder than she expected.


Leslie nodded at his question. “Definitely. Were backpedaling an Olympic sport, you would have gotten 10s across the board.” She said. Metaphors seemed to be in abundance tonight. A playful glare played across her face as he shrunk down to her height, seemingly making fun of her again. How rude~~~. She quickly went up on her tiptoes, arms still crossed over her chest. “Uh-huh, and what exactly are thooose reasons?” she asked, like she was taunting him to make fun of her height again.


She blushed slightly as Zach repeated her name. As weird as it sounded coming out of her mouth, it was weirdly embarrassing to hear him say it. This was strange. She wasn’t used to being around guys when she wasn’t at parties (guys who were normally trashed or just plain trashy). She was especially not used to ones who introduce themselves and say her name and listen to good music. Weird. “I think I’ll just stick with Zach.” She said with a laugh.


Leslie looked up to assure herself that you can’t actually see the stars from the courtyard. Yep. Streetlamps were a killer. Granted, there weren’t many people out here, so maybe it was a little relaxing. Plus, he clearly didn’t care about people judging him for setting up camp in the middle of campus. Had to give him credit for that. The blush had nearly faded from her face when she heard her name again, a little embarrassed and confused as to why he kept using it. “I guess I just had to get out of my room. I’ve only been here for a few weeks and I already feel like… ugh. Stir crazy, I guess.” She said. She subconsciously followed him, not really caring whether they walked or stood or flew. 

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