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Satan Said Dance

toby aldebaran

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#1 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 01:38 PM

If it were up to her, she definitely wouldn't have been here. There was something about the Kappa house in general that honestly made her reel back in disgust. And she wasn't even talking about the inside of it or the people who resided in it. How her brother could live here and seemingly be so comfortable and in his element was honestly beyond her, anytime she had to come visit him for some reason or another she felt like she had to go home and take a giant fucking shower. Nat wasn't the tidiest of people but sometimes she swore the remnants of every fucking party the house had ever thrown were still lying around in the corners of the house.


Her choices were kind of shit though. She was already staying in the Alpha house which yes was miles better than the other place, but she wanted to spend time with her older brother, or in this case ask him for a favor and she knew he probably wouldn't come to her. So she'd resigned herself to visiting him there, warily eyeing the place as she stepped through the front lawn and giving her best glare to the kid who opened the door.


That of course was the other thing. The fucking fraternity was full of douchebags and she always seemed to encounter one anytime she came by. Nat hadn't even been there that long but they should have known by then that she was Toby's sister, at least in her eyes anyway, and they shouldn't have stared at her that way, either. It was difficult to bite her tongue when dudes were looking at her the way the did.


She barreled past thew few guys in the living room and quickly made her way up the stairs and to her brother's room, knocking loudly on the door and not really caring if she was waking anyone else up in the process. "Hey asshole open up, I need your fucking help with something."

#2 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 04 June 2013 - 07:15 AM

No one in the Kappa household dared to outwardly project their attraction to Natalia. At least not in front of Toby, anyway; when he wasn't around everything was fair game, but most of them knew better than to sneak around his back. The guy was physically confrontational when he was amused or bored, so to stir him up over something that actually mattered was like poking the devil. And one thing he did not like was the idea of Kappas slobbering all over his little sister. It was fucking creepy and weird and, honestly, he didn't like it when she came into the house either.


Not that he made a conscious effort to go and visit her otherwise, though. As much as he loved his family (though he didn't outwardly admit it), he was the sort of guy who just sort of... forgot. His siblings were alive and well and he texted them every now and then, so the need to go physically see them just didn't occur to him very often. Every now and then, sure, but he rarely went out of his way to do it himself; usually Avery took those reins.


So when he heard her voice through the door, he just sort of stood there in surprise for a second. First he glanced down at his phone to see if he'd missed any texts, but he couldn't see anything, so with a shrug he opened the door. "What?" He asked, eyebrow raised as he leaned against the door frame. Over her shoulder he spotted some dickbag checking her out, though, so with a middle finger in his direction, he started to shuffled Nat inside with his free hand.


He didn't shut the door, though, so much as he pushed her out of sight in the hallway. He'd have to give them all a refresher on the fact that this was his fucking sister, and it wasn't okay to look at her any way but platonically. But right now he was more concerned with what she had to say. "What is it?" He asked, eyebrow raised in curiosity.


#3 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 04 June 2013 - 07:43 AM

As confrontational and protective as Toby was, Nat was pretty much the same. Despite him being the oldest and her being the youngest they were incredibly similar in that sense. And while she definitely appreciated in some sense the fact that he looked out for her, especially in this place where everyone was a god damned pervert, she normally insisted that she could take care of herself. And it was true, too, most everyone that knew her realized that. She was no stranger to physical altercation, not someone to shy away from someone just because things got heated. In fact, she would have been the first one in someone's face if they tried any of that bullshit with her.


Yet, she still hated coming to the Kappa house. Because as much as Toby liked to get into fights for the hell of it, Nat only did it when provoked. WIthout a doubt it was easy to get her angry and even though she was hardly afraid of anything that might happen to her or who she might end up confronting in the process, there was something about how volatile and explosive she could get that she simply didn't like.


Just standing in the hallway was awkward for her, even after Toby opened the door. Her attention was drawn as she was pulled inside his room to whomever he was giving the finger to, her eyebrow raising in disgust as the guy walked away. She gave her brother a sort of incredulous look, head shaking, as if to ask don't they ever fucking quit? Never mind the fact that she'd barely been around that long anyway. With a shake of her head she crossed her arms over her chest and looked back at Toby.


"Kepler's trying to take my fucking truck. Said I lost some fucking bet." She had lost a bet, of course. Long ago, but she wasn't about to go down that easy. "Don't let him do it, Toby, he'll fuck her up."

#4 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 04 June 2013 - 08:30 AM

Toby was well aware that Nat could defend herself; hell, they were so damn similar in some ways that it sometimes weirded him out. He could forget she was a girl fairly easily, so it really had nothing to do with that overprotective sister stereotype, though he probably would have been so if she'd been unable to defend herself. Protective was just sort of... in his genes. He was protective over both of his brothers, even if he pretended to dislike them, and he was most certainly protective over his... other sister. Either way, he knew she didn't need him to look after her, but it was still fucking irritating that they'd be so fucking creepy and disrespectful.


"I know, I fucking know," he said to her incredulous look; she didn't have to speak at all for him to know what was on her mind. They were far too similar in that sense. "I'll fucking knock his teeth out. Asshole needs to learn what respect is." He probably wouldn't actually do that, but then again, there was no guarantee his fists would stay idly at his sides if the asshole gave him a reason later.


His expression changed from irritated to amused in about .5 seconds, though, and he grinned from ear to ear. "You're shitting me," he said with a laugh, collapsing onto a chair. "You really expect me to help you? Maybe you shouldn't place stupid bets in the first place. If you're a man of your word you'll just suck it up and deal with it." To say he didn't really give a fuck was saying the least; he shrugged his shoulders, still amused with the whole thing. Brandon was one funny fucker, he'd give him that.


"Brandon usually drives sober, if that's any comfort," he said with an obnoxious shit-eating grin. "But what the fuck did you bet against him on? I can't even keep up with all of the shit he bets on. One thing I'll tell you, though-- don't ever bet against him again. Kid's got an eye for that sort of shit, though you should know that by now."


#5 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 04 June 2013 - 12:19 PM

For a long moment she just sort of stared, mouth slightly open, eyes scanning the hallway to see if the dude had gone by. Sadly, Natalia was used to this sort of thing. Guys seemed to think it was okay for them to stare at her so openly as if she wasn't clearly standing there feeling uncomfortable and a little fucking creeped out by their inability to control themselves. It happened everywhere, not just at the Kappa house, though here it seemed to occur much too often, especially for a group of people who should have fucking known better.


She just sort of shook her head at him and his words, too, still a bit of an incredulous look on her features. "These fucking houses are like a fucking circus. I thought staying at Alpha was bad. At least they have the decency to look away when I catch them staring." All this time she'd sort of been bitching about having been stuck in the Alpha house with her brother, she'd wished and asked and fucking begged for anyone else in their ridiculously large family to take her in for the summer, but realizing her other choices she was actually thankful for Avery's offer.


That usual Natalia scowl made it's way across her face as he started laughing at her and she crossed her arms in front of her chest, lips pressed together and eyebrows raised waiting for him to finish. Idly she wished she would have gone to Nicky for help but then she would have had to tell him what the bet had been on and that would have been a fucking disaster. "Don't be the Brutus to my Cesar, Toby." She said, kicking his shin with the toe of her boot. "That shit's not funny, who the fuck knows what he's gonna do in my truck. And I'm not a man you fucking jackass, the fuck is wrong with the people in this family."


Letting out an exasperated sigh she leaned up against the edge of his desk and rolled her eyes. "You're shit at comforting people first of all, and second of all if I have to give him my truck and he drives drunk in it I will fucking murder him, I hope you're ready to bail me out of jail. Again." She bit the inside of her cheek as she thought about the bet. At the time it had seemed pretty fucking foolproof but months went by and she was disappointed in both her brother and his pretty new roommate. "I told him and Andy that Nicky and their new roommate were gonna hook up. And then I said they'd be bffs in like a fucking week. Whatever." She waved her hand in the air as if to say she didn't actually care, but considering it was dealing with her truck, she cared. She cared a lot. "That was fucking months ago, anyway and I thought he forgot but I guess he didn't. And Nicky's a fucking pussy. I'm totally gonna ask her out, see if that'll light a fire under his ass."

#6 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 05 June 2013 - 07:35 AM

Toby gave an unsympathetic shrug as she mentioned the Alpha house, as he was still very amused that she was there at all to begin with. It was definitely a better alternative to the Kappa house, and he didn't worry that some creep there would try to seduce her, so that was more hilarious than anything. That much was written on his expression, too, as he just sort of raised his eyebrows, that shit-eating grin never leaving his features. 


Though, in all honesty, if one of those little shits threatened his sister in any way, he'd have them hung up on the flag pole by noon. He wished he could inflict that same fear on his own house, but unfortunately these Kappa boys seemed to all have a mind of their own. Toby was certainly not the first thing that came to mind when they saw Nat.


"Come on, Brandon isn't gonna do shit," he said with a nonchalant wave. "And it's a fucking expression, get over yourself." He crossed his arms over his desk, still amused as he watched her get more and more frustrated. To some extent she'd really come to the wrong person with this sort of thing, as he loved confrontation, so he felt like egging on her irritation until she took it out on him. "And give me a break, do you really need comforting? Go to Avery for that bullshit."


"Besides, Brandon never really drinks, so you're lucky there. And he's surprisingly a safe driver, considering-- well, you know." Toby was, of course, referencing Brandon's seeming disregard to consequences. But usually that was in social settings rather than physical ones, as if there was one thing Brandon valued, it was his life.


"Roommate? Who's the roommate?" This was the first he'd heard of this, and his curiosity was immediately piqued, as who the hell would have chemistry with cynical old Nicky? Not that he was opposed to it-- the guy deserved some kind of happiness-- but it still seemed backwards. "A week was way too short of a time to bet, Nat. You gotta do better than that."


#7 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 June 2013 - 08:10 AM

She knew how her brother was, of course, it was one of the reasons why she usually avoided him for help in situations such as these. This time around he literally was the only one who she could actually seek out, however, though she was regretting her decision every time she looked at his stupid ass face. She really didn't want Brandon to drive her truck, okay? It was like her fucking child. One of her very few prized possessions and while technically Kepler was a friend, one she'd grown up with practically, the thought of him anywhere near her vehicle just made her want to punch the shit out of him.


Another exasperated sigh left her and her lips pressed together at Toby's words. "He's gonna defile my truck just by sitting in it, Toby," she huffed, arms still crossed and something akin to a pout on her face. "And it's a stupid expression that you and Max both know I fucking hate," she added with a roll of her eyes. Why had she come to him again? Right, cause she couldn't go to Nick, the only other rational member of the family. Sort of. All she could do was snort at the comment of going to Avery for comforting, too, and another roll of the eyes accompanied it. "None of you are good at comforting. You've all got the emotional range of a fucking spoon."


His explanation didn't really reassure her at all, either, and the weird frown/pout combination that had formed on her face wasn't leaving anytime soon. "Considering that he's a fucking complete idiot with no regard for safety. Considering that he doesn't think anything will happen to him no matter the cause?" She narrowed her eyes at her brother as she realized that Brandon never really had any consequences to his shitty behaviors anyway. Jesus she hated that asshole. "Shannon and Foster are gonna be missing a fucking sibling by the end of the month is all I'm saying."


Again, she shrugged at Toby's question. Aside from the first time Kate had moved in, Natalia hadn't really spent to much time around the girl. She had no idea her brother already knew who she was. "Some blonde friend of Brandon's, Kate something. Newton. Kate Newton. And you should have seen the way they were looking at each other even though they couldn't stand each other then. It was like no one else was in the room." She nodded knowingly, eyebrows still raised. "So I gave Nicky too much credit or whatever, they're still gonna hook up, someone just needs to give him a kick in the ass so he stops being so fucking awkward all the time."

#8 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 05 June 2013 - 08:34 AM

Toby just rolled his eyes at her sensitivity over the "man" thing. In his mind it was just a word; and as douchey as it was to think, he thought she barely counted as a traditional female anyway. Not that he minded, as honestly he liked the weird sort of relationship he had with his sister. The two had far more in common than they had with anyone else in the household, which was why they sort of gravitated towards each other at times. They both shared a passionate hatred of their father-- one that Nick was impartial to and Avery was oblivious of.


"If you wanted comfort you shoulda gone to Cricket or Melli," he said with another shrug, though he supposed he understood why she came to him of all people. Toby was the only one who could really talk sense into Brandon other than Nick, and she couldn't tell him. But Toby also had no interest in talking sense into the guy, as this was far too entertaining for that. "Breathe. If you want your truck back just go ask for it. He'll be an insufferable ass about it and hold it over your head forever, but he'll probably give it back. Probably."


His smirk didn't really fade until Nat repeated off the girl's name, in which case he visibly reeled for a moment. Eyes widened and mouth hanging open, his surprise was clear. "You're shitting me," he said, glancing all around to see if Brandon was waiting nearby to jump out at him with a grin. But unfortunately Nat was quite convincing in the nonchalant way she said it, and he sort of laughed without humor. "Katie? That's a joke. There's no way Katie could actually like Nick."


Even if Toby "knew" Kate (yes, in a biblical sense), he really didn't know much about her. In his mind she was a classic girly girl, shallow to the point of steering clear of guys like Nicky. She as far from his brother's type in his mind, too; he always imagined his younger brother as hooking up with some anal, brilliant type like himself and making tons of irritating genius babies. "You really think so? Like what were they doing? What have they been doing since? Have you asked Brandon about it?" And most importantly, why hadn't Brandon told him? There was something strangely off in this equation, considering how well updated he'd kept him on Avery. 


"You know, Avery had a date the other day too," he said, laughing to himself incredulously. 


#9 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 06 June 2013 - 06:40 AM

Nat would have been lying if she'd said she didn't appreciate the relationship she had with her oldest brother. Not that she didn't love all her brothers, that was something that could always be counted on from her, she loved much too fiercely, but her and Toby did seem to have a hell of a lot more to relate to each other than she did with the other two. If Toby were a coffee loving lesbian with an affinity for foul language, then they definitely could have been the same person. Still, there was something about the way she was constantly told that she didn't actually count as a girl that bothered the hell out of her, and just because this was Toby saying it, didn't make a difference at all.


She tried to shrug it off and not get aggravated by it. She was already irritated enough as it was that she not only did she have to give up her keys to Kepler but that Toby found it ridiculously fucking hilarious. "Right, because Melli won't lecture me on making bets with the idiot, especially bets on my own brother. Maybe I will go to Cricket instead, she never lets me down." She held her head up in the air, trying to act as if she was legitimately hurt by all of this. It was a good thing she was far used to Toby's behavior by now. "Dude, don't tell me to fucking breathe, you know I hate that shit. I am breathing." A little bit hard, yes, but she was breathing. For the most part, she was decently calm however. Mostly. "I'll never live that shit down if I do. Can't we just push him off a cliff or something, he's a fucking nuisance. Probably." She repeated this last part with a scoff, eyes rolling at her brother's words.


It took her a few minutes to understand exactly what Toby was saying when they started talking about Kate. For a minute she just raised her eyebrows curiously as he called her Katie, and as she watched him process this it clicked in her mind. Suddenly she was bursting out in uncontrollable laughter at the realization and before she knew it there were tears in her eyes and her stomach hurt from how hard she'd laughed. "Shut. the. fuck. up." She finally started to regain her composure, though her cheeks hurt and she was sure her face was red from how hard she'd lost it. "Did you hook up with Nicky's future girlfriend? He's gonna fucking murder you."


She nodded at his question though, still not over the burst of laughter that had hit her. "You had to be there dude, it's like they were literally the only people in the room, even though me, Kepler and Andy were there, too. I don't know what they've been doing since, though, which is disappointing because Nicky needs a fucking girlfriend so he's not so god damn mopey all the fucking time, don't you think?" She shrugged, biting the skin on her thumb as she thought about it. "They seriously need a push in the right direction." Her eyebrows raised as he mentioned Avery though, and suddenly Nick and Kate were completely forgotten as she was completely and utterly shocked that Avery of all people had gone on a date.


"No fucking way, with a person? What was wrong with them?"

#10 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 06 June 2013 - 07:39 AM

Toby just shrugged as she mentioned going to Cricket; hey, he hadn't asked her to come here with her problem. He somewhat understood that the truck was so important to Nat, but at the same time he thought it was silly as hell that she was this upset about it. It was her own damn fault for making such a ridiculous bet in the first place, and he had a damn good feeling that she was the one who initiated it. In which case, she got what was coming to her.


"If you want to be incarcerated for murder over a truck, go for it. But I'm not gonna be an accomplice," he said with an eyebrow raised, leaning back further in his chair and propping his feet on the desk. Had he thought through what she was going through, he might have understood; he had a pickup himself that he adored a bit too much. Not to the extent of Nat, no, but his plane? That was to the extent of Nat. Definitely. But he also wouldn't place a bet on his baby like that.


He threw his arms in the air at her question, though he was grinning obnoxiously all the same. "She's hot," he said, as if that explained everything, though it occurred to him that it might be sort of weird if they both hooked up with her. Then again, he'd never used that logic with his friends, so he chose to let it go. Kate with Nick still didn't make any sense, but he figured the guy did need to loosen up, so maybe Nat was right. Maybe he needed a push in the right direction-- poor kid was still a virgin, and how fucking old was he?


"Ask Brandon," he said with another shrug. "Unless your pride is too damn hurt over losing that bet. But what's your plan for this... push thing? You gonna ask her out? Or do you want me to come over there and flirt with her?" Flirting was definitely his forte, but he wouldn't make any guarantees if Kate came onto him. As much as he loved his brother, he was still a huge douchebag.


"And no, dumbass, he went on a date with a dog. Yes, a person, and a girl at that. I think Brandon blackmailed her or some shit."


#11 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 June 2013 - 03:56 AM

Even though Nat was more than familiar with her brother's antics by now, it was still easy for her to get irritated by them. It didn't much matter that she should have known better than to come to him for help, and that she should have been expecting this sort of response from him, she was still a little pissy that he was such an ass about it. Although, that much could be said for her in general. It was easy to get her angry as it was pretty much her default mood nowadays, she could usually let it go when it involved her family at least. But she did give him one hard glare despite it all.


"Whatever," was all she said with a huff and a roll of her eyes. There was no point in dragging on the subject any longer. She'd have to grin and fucking bear it. And learn her lesson to never make bets with Brandon again. Especially bets that involved her one and only prized possession. Of course neither of those things would ever happen, considering Nat wasn't one to take things sitting down, she'd probably be keeping a close eye on Kepler anytime he drove her truck. And she was damn sure she'd end up in another fucking idiotic bet soon. "It's all Nick's fault, anyway."


She sort of gave a slight nod at his words, as if to say she agreed, but she was still side eyeing the shit out of him, too. Kate was hot, that much was true, and she couldn't really fault Toby for hooking up with her. Surely it had been before she'd moved into Nick's. Still, her having hooked up with Toby being weird or not, Nat was damn convinced that she'd end up with her other brother. "Yeah, I'm not asking Brandon shit." Her pride was a little wounded, yes. There was no doubt that she was a prideful person and her ego was more than a little bruised over it. "You should go over there and flirt with her. I think Nicky would have a fucking conniption. I'd ask her out but..." She trailed off, not mentioning the blonde she'd met in the student center the other day that she was interested in.


"I can't believe Avery didn't fucking tell me, he tells me everything." She pulled her phone out of her pocket and sent him a text asking him about his date before she looked back down at Toby. "Blackmail? Really? I'm gonna fucking murder him. I don't want anyone fucking with the kid's feelings."

#12 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 07 June 2013 - 05:25 AM

Toby openly laughed at the idea that this was Nick's fault, but he didn't have anything to say about it. There was something undoubtedly comical about how butthurt Nat could get about things, and as such he found her pretty much constant entertainment, even if they didn't get along all the time. With two personalities like theirs in the Aldebaran household, there was no doubt that they'd end up rolling on the floor, literally pulling each other's hair as kids. And it would be no surprise if they did that now, even as adults. 


"But what?" He said, eyebrows immediately quirking. Toby knew his sister better than his other siblings if only because, underneath, they were basically the same person. And rarely did Nat hold back on asking a girl out, especially in this case. He took his feet off of the desk and leaned forward in interest, though he was quite honestly under the assumption that she didn't want to mess with Nick's feelings. It didn't occur to him that she might actually like someone.


He never doubted it was a girl, either, since Nat's sexuality wasn't something that had ever bothered him. In fact, he'd known it long before he was "officially" told. So growing up he never even thought about sexuality; he was attracted to girls and so was Nat, and he thought that it didn't need any sort of definition to it. Disney princesses were really cute, so he couldn't blame her for not fawning over the princes. It wasn't until he was older that he realized there was even a stigma to it; one morning he was sitting in the church pew and his dad was going on about how it was wrong, and he couldn't help but reject that sort of thinking. Perhaps that was the first thread to unravel in his tumultuous relationship with his dad.


"Hell, I don't know. He didn't tell me either and usually he irritates me with every single detail about girls that don't even like him. Not that I know for sure if this girl does, but..." He sort of flinched back at Nat's hostility against Brandon, though, shaking his head and placing his hand on her wrist before she could tell Avery about it. "No no no. Kid needs some kind of experience, don't you think? Besides, maybe the girl's into him. You know how Brandon is-- he exaggerates."


#13 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 June 2013 - 06:07 AM

That much was true. Nat didn't hesitate on asking a girl out. She might have not been a doubebag like her brother was, but she never really held back on doing so, even if it was a girl that Nicky liked. If her brother didn't take the initiative to go after someone then she would more than definitely do so. And while yes, she didn't want to fuck with her brother's feelings this time around, and she thought that this Kate would actually be pretty damn good with her brother. So, yeah, a part of her was holding back because of that. And the other part. Well, it might have had a little to do with wanting to chase after a pretty blonde cheerleader. Might have.


She shook her head at his question, shrugging her shoulders. "I'll tell you later, I promise." Her and Toby were pretty fucking open with each other. Despite the fact that they definitely fought against each other a lot, he was the one she could easily come to. Even though he'd already known it, he'd been the first one that Nat had come out to. So she figured he'd understand and believe her when she said she'd tell him eventually. It was true of course. She just didn't want to jinx herself.


It was probably that factor that made Nat go to her brother about this truck thing in the first place. Sure, he knew how to get under her skin, and really well, too, but in a way Toby was the one she trusted the most out of everyone. It was easy to go to him first, even if he was a massive douchebag. She'd always end up going to him first rather than Cricket or Nicky or Avery.


"I'm not gonna fucking tell him she was blackmailed, relax, I just wanna know why he didn't tell me he had a date." She shook her head, pocketing her phone. Avery could be irritating, too, but she couldn't help but be a little butthurt that she hadn't been told. She couldn't help but wonder why it was such a big secret. "If the girl was into him then why did he have to blackmail her in the first place. It's a good fucking thing Avery's so fucking easy going about shit. I want to know who this bitch is that's dating my brother though, if she had to be blackmailed I can't imagine she's good news."

#14 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 07 June 2013 - 07:19 AM

"Right," Toby said, his voice carrying a hint of suspicion. His expression stayed passive as he leaned back in his chair again, though he was clearly surveying her, trying to figure out her little secret. Why later? Then again, Nat wasn't the type to keep secrets, so he could be patient-- for now. If she didn't spill the beans eventually, he couldn't guarantee he wouldn't stomp right into the Alpha house demanding answers.


Because, in a way, he was the big brother type with Natalia. While on one hand he wasn't protective of her like most brothers were their sisters (he knew for a fact she could hold her own, though if she couldn't he'd be there in a heartbeat), on the other he always wanted to know what she was going through. Being blind to any of that really troubled him, as in a way they functioned as a team, even if Toby was a dick most of the time. So perhaps he was protective of her in an emotional sense rather than a physical one, as he couldn't stand the idea of her needing help and not getting it. 


It occurred to him that this might have something to do with their father, but he pushed the thought away before it could form. Surely Nat would tell him if that was so. Besides, there was a different sibling at hand-- and he wasn't sure if he could worry about all three at once. He seemed slightly appeased that she wouldn't tell Avery the secret, though had he thought enough of it, he might have wanted to rip that bandaid off quickly, himself.


"Shit, I don't know-- that's a question for Brandon," he said with a wide smirk, knowing full well she'd either have to suck up her pride to ask or deal with the lack of knowledge. In all honesty, he didn't really know either. "You know how he is, though. Probably something stupid like who she hooked up with at a party. But Brandon said he wasn't gonna get involved anymore past that first date, and Avery seemed like he thought there might be another one or something. I don't know. Go snoop for us." He wasn't even kidding about that last part; he, too, wanted to know who this bitch was.


#15 Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

Guest_Natalia Aldebaran_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 June 2013 - 07:49 AM

Nat honestly didn't think much of keeping this whole thing from Toby. In her eyes she wasn't really keeping a secret, considering there wasn't much to tell just yet. It was more of something she was holding onto for herself until she knew it was a sure thing. She really would tell Toby. Sooner than later, too. Secrets between them weren't really a thing. "There's not much to tell yet, okay, soon as there is you'll know." She said finally, hoping that at least that would manage to keep him at bay.


There was no doubt about the fact that Nat loved her family fiercely. She loved people with every fiber of her being even if she didn't get along with them on the regular. And though she could have walls upon walls shielding herself from others, that was one thing that would always be a constant. She trusted her brothers, Toby especially, considering their similarities, with everything. It was why it had been so easy to just tell him that she was gay. She knew she was afraid of her father's reaction. Knew that it would bring her nothing but grief, but Toby? She would have felt wrong not telling him.


"Fuck you, not happening." There was no way she was swallowing her pride. She'd have to deal with it. She would have never lived it down otherwise. Even though she was terribly curious as to why he'd blackmailed the girl and that curiosity was probably going to drive her insane, she was going to have to suck it up. At the very least, she knew Avery would give her literally any other detail she wanted to know.


She sort of scoffed at Brandon saying he wouldn't get involved, though she knew it was probably somewhat true. Already she was pulling her phone back out of her pocket, too, ready to drill Avery on every question possible about this girl. Even though she was happy for him in a way, the thought that no one was really good enough for her brother didn't leave her head. " I can't believe she's gonna go on another date with him. I want to fucking say I'm glad for the kid for finding someone who'll put up with him but if Brandon had to blackmail the girl, I don't fucking know if she'll be trustworthy, you know?" Nodding, she pulled up Avery's name again and typed up a reply. "Yeah, yeah, I got you. You're gonna flirt with Kate though, right?"

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Toby shrugged his shoulders, appeased enough with her reassurance. So long as she wasn't in any sort of trouble, he supposed it was okay to wait or whatever it was that she wanted him to do. Hell, Avery was living with her, so he could always survey the kid later to figure out what in the world was on her mind. So he just let it go for the moment, though he wasn't the type to forget, despite his seeming nonchalance about most things.


Perhaps he wasn't a model brother, though, as he didn't really care a whole lot about Avery getting his feelings hurt. Maybe because he knew it wasn't quite possible to truly hurt him; the kid was outright irrational in the way he saw things, and while he might have had small spells of sadness every now and then, he bounced back incredibly easily. He was pretty sure the kid could last through anything, honestly, so why not let him try?


"Snoop if that's what you wanna do," he said, eyebrows raised. "Though I'm pretty sure the kid can handle himself." Of course, he meant emotionally-- in the department of decision making, he wasn't quite so sure. "But yeah, sure. I'll flirt with her." It wasn't really a difficult task flirting with a girl, though with Nick he was a little more concerned than with Avery. Nick was the kid's polar opposite, as one tiny thing could bring his whole day down.


Yet Toby wasn't a very good brother there, either, as he wasn't sure if he could find it in him to care. He was doing this to help the guy out, right? No reason for Nick to get his little feelings hurt over a little flirtation. "I'll do it later this week or something," he said, looking down at his phone and texting their other brother. "So we split to do this and regroup next week? Discuss what we figured out, yeah?"


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Aside from Cricket, Nat probably was the most protective over Avery. Sure she realized that he did bounce back from things ridiculously easily, something that even after being around him all her life she still couldn't get used to, she really had a hard time controlling that side of her when it involved him. Because when it came down to it, eternal optimism or not, he was ridiculously fucking innocent when it came to a lot of things and he was incredibly easy to take advantage of, too. The saddest part was that the kid would hardly realize he was being taken advantage of.


So, yeah, it was pretty damn hard for her to let things go when it came to his date and the fact that she was blackmailed. She more than definitely was going to snoop and lucky for her that it wasn't too terribly difficult considering she could usually get Avery to tell her everything. Already she was texting him trying to find out more about the girl. She sort of cursed herself for being mad at Brandon at the time, as really he was the best fucking source to get accurate information. There was no doubt about the fact that as soon as she found out who this bitch was she was going to make sure she didn't fuck with her brother's feelings.


She nodded, smirking slightly, considering he'd just asked her to snoop for him, too. "Yeah, I fucking want to, and I know he can, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to make sure this bitch doesn't take advantage of him. What if she's like a fucking hooker or something?" she said, arms crossing over her chest and nodding at him. In her eyes this was a pretty good fucking plan. Maybe once Nick realized that there were other people who were interested in Kate, he'd get his head out of his ass and actually ask the girl out. "I'll text you and let you know, but if you don't fucking hear from me, I'm probably in fucking jail." And with that, she was out the door before Toby got another chance to laugh at her misfortune like the dickbag he was.

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