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Up in Flames

Ginger Lemond mika

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#1 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 05 June 2013 - 04:48 AM

Andy's time at Centennial State had been... uneventful, to put it lightly. If you wanted to be honest, it was outright boring; the most he'd done was hang out with his friends from high school, as the only friend he'd made since his time here had been Grace. He'd had bigger plans for college-- he wanted to live exactly as he'd seen in inaccurate, fictional depictions in movies and TV. And while he was finally aware that things didn't happen that way in college, he knew that there was something more interesting than his current lifestyle. Surely.


Spring semester ended without fanfare and soon the summer semester was rushing in before he knew it, and while he originally intended to take a break, he figured it'd be boring to sit by himself all day anyway. Might as well do something productive with his time, even if he hated himself for getting up so early in the mornings for a shit class. Regardless, he put up and shut up, though his routine was hardly any different than it'd been the previous semester. In fact, if possible, it was even more boring.


He'd gotten into the routine of staying up way too late playing video games and sleeping just for a few hours before his class, and afterwards he'd finally crash for longer. Which was sort of shitty for his social life, too, as his roommates were usually out and about by the time he finally awoke. Yet he also had no interest in fixing it, as he was so exhausted with everything by this point that he figured it wasn't worth it. On this particular day he was sluggish, trudging through the courtyard after his last class and dreaming of his bed back at his apartment. He was hardly paying any attention to what was in front of him, though, so it came as no real surprise when he stumbled head-on into another person.


"Shit, sorry," he said, perking up for the moment as his eyes widened. "I was-- uh-- shit. I'm sorry." As he noticed that the person he ran into was a girl-- a very pretty one, at that-- he became even more tongue-tied, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to think of some sort of explanation.

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#2 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 05 June 2013 - 05:36 AM

If Ginger were to be completely honest, she hated college. Having to get up every day and go to classes that were just clouded over with the hunger and drive to get back to her small dorm and get high. Which is what she was doing at the moment. Her final class of the day had just let out and she was in the process of hurrying back to her dorm, the itch to get high always much worse on Wednesdays, when she had two classes instead of the usual one. Because the thing about Ginger was that she would never turn up at class stoned or coked out. Sophie wouldn't have wanted it that way. 


Sophie was actually the only reason she was still in college. They started college together and were roommates since freshman orientation. Fast forward two years and Ginger had a dorm room to herself that pushed her to the absolute edge to go into. The entire NYU campus had bothered her so much that she eventually moved out and away without even a goodbye to her family, finally settling in Steamboat Springs and applying for a transfer to CSU. It wasn't a coincidence that her major had changed to astronomy. Sophie had wanted to study the stars. 


While CSU had been great to her for the past year and a half, if you don't count the insane drug habit that the blonde had picked up, her grades were on a slow spiral to failing. Her drug habit was getting worse by the month, her range of highs including drugs from all over the spectrum. To be short, Sophie's death had pretty much put a death sentence over Ginger's head as well. 


Walking towards her dorm with her eyes gazing up at the rooftops of buildings and the clouds as they disappeared behind the structures, Ginger didn't even see the redheaded boy in her path until it was too late. The two bumped into each other, Ginger getting knocked back only half a step, but it was enough to catch her attention. She turned her eyes down towards the stammering boy, watching as he tried to apologize his way through the encounter while his mouth mimicked that of a fish.


"Don't you watch were the fuck you're going, dude?" she asked, taking in his appearance. He was redheaded, but not the type that usually get made fun of for their aesthetics. His hair was dark, almost an auburn, really, if he wasn't standing in the sunlight. His eyes caught her off guard almost, a deep brown instead of the blue or green that would accompany his shade of hair. She opened her mouth to tell him to fuck off, but caught herself doing the same movement with her mouth as he was. Shutting it, she looked away and crossed her arms. "I'm pretty sure you bruised my arm. Where the fuck did you even come from? 

#3 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 05 June 2013 - 07:47 AM

Andy was quite a clumsy guy, sure, but he usually at least watched where he was going. Every now and then he might have lightly bumped into someone, meriting a dirty look or a scowl, but very rarely had he ever collided with someone like he'd done with this girl. This pretty girl, from the looks of it, though she didn't seem too happy to be in his presence. Which he couldn't blame her, really; it was his fault that they'd run into each other, and he already felt increasingly stupid for having done it. Poor kid could barely get out an apology.


"Uh-- yeah--" He started, though he was sure that was more of a rhetorical question than anything. The more he stood here, the more he was aware that he looked like some kind of huge idiot, though he couldn't really help himself; his experience with girls was minimal at best. Usually he just turned into a human version of a golden retriever, eager to please and loyal to a fault. Which was, of course, why he was usually friend-zoned so damn much. He just didn't have it in himself to be an asshole in any sense of the word.


With her last question he finally found his voice, at least for a moment. "Class," he answered, deadpan, though that probably wasn't how she meant the question. Shaking his head as if to clear it, he tried again. "Sorry-- I didn't mean to uh... bruise your arm or anything. I was just heading back from class and I'm kind of tired and I know that's not an excuse but it was a total accident and I totally won't do it again," he said, though now his words were coming out in a rush; it was almost as if he either couldn't talk at all or talked too much.


While this might have been a good time to get the hell out of dodge, he was just sort of... planted there, staring at her. "Sorry," he said again, adjusting his backpack over his shoulder, though he still made no efforts to leave. "Did I actually bruise you? You okay?" 

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#4 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 05 June 2013 - 08:17 AM

Ginger was almost absolutely sure that she had frightened the guy standing before her. He looked almost panicky, his brain obviously working overtime to find something to say back to her. She was expecting him to get an attitude with her, like most everybody else on campus did when she found herself snapping at them in response to the ache for drugs that her brain had. He was thinking of a comeback, and she was going to bite down on her tongue and let him. She, honestly, made it a game with people these days. Throwing insults back and forth and seeing who was superior with their wit. 


But then he spoke, his words soft and apologetic. Ginger's eyebrows rose in response, the encounter turning from hostile to shocking in a matter of seconds. Never had she yelled at someone and had them apologize for something that was, if they were to actually talk about it, as much one's fault as the other's. There was a beat of silence as Ginger weighed her options. The thought of being nice was quickly over shadowed by her memory of Sophie and she set her jaw. "Yeah, no. My arm is fine."


To prove it to the redheaded boy in front of her, one that she would never admit she found cute in a geeky sort of way, she rolled up the sleeve on her white long sleeve shirt. Her shoulder was barely pink from where they had bumped into one another but that wasn't the place that someone would look when a girl like Ginger uncovered the skin. She barely dabbled in drugs that were inhaled one way or another, only taking to the route of intravenous solutions when times were tough. There were a handful of scars lining the crease of her elbow, one having a red overglow to it that made it pop out. She had shot up almost two weeks ago, on the day of Sophie's death, which was always the hardest for her. 


Rolling her sleeve back down, she blinked at him, not even realizing that she had just secretly admitted her drug use to him and she barely even knew him. For all she knew, he could have been the dean's son and she could be expelled as early as tomorrow morning before her eight a.m. class. "Do you always apologize for every fault that appears in your life? Because if you do, kid, you're gonna have a hard time."

#5 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 05 June 2013 - 08:47 AM

Andy expected to be yelled at a little more; considering her initial reaction, he'd started to prepare himself for the worst. In high school girls had torn him limb from limb, since he wasn't traditionally cute and was hardly a "cool" kind of guy. Things had been different in college, but those memories were always on the back of his mind, resurfacing every time he was faced with a situation such as this.

However, her vicious words never came, despite the fact that she was still obviously irritated with his presence. That he could handle-- for a little while, at least. "Good--" he started, though as she pushed back her sleeve to prove it, his words locked in his throat. Whatever else he planned to say immediately escaped his mind, as his eyes focused immediately on her scars. While he'd never been around that sort of thing before, there was no doubt as to what he was looking at; this girl was a drug user, which troubled him more than it should have, considering she was a stranger.


But neither was he the type of guy who poked his nose into business that wasn't his. Clearing his throat, he immediately averted his eyes and felt thankful when she rolled her sleeve back down. It wasn't as if she'd asked for his opinion, but words were bubbling in his throat anyway, as he just couldn't understand why people did things like this. He'd dabbled in alcohol, of course (he was in college, so beer was basically required), and he'd actually tried marijuana a couple of times (which was niceish), but he'd never had an interest in heavy drug use such as that. And judging by the number of scars on her arm, she was a frequent user, too.


"Uh--" He started, aware that he needed to at least say something in response to her. She'd asked a question, so he tried to focus on that instead. "Yeah, sorry-- I mean, not sorry. I just... yeah. That's kinda what... what I do." He'd been told that many times before-- stop apologizing, stop apologizing-- but he never seemed to grasp the concept. Again, he was like a golden retriever; he just kept apologizing until whoever it was seemed appeased with his presence and gave him a metaphorical pat on the head.


But now that things were falling quiet, his mind returned to the scars on her arm. In efforts to keep himself from saying something about it, he tried to go find something else to say. Unfortunately he hadn't quite thought it through thanks to his embarrassment and exhaustion, so it didn't come out right. "How are your name?" He asked, and it took him a full beat to realize what he'd said. "Shit-- I mean, I was like... asking how you were and then I decided to ask-- uh--"

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#6 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 05 June 2013 - 01:14 PM

The redheaded man was already pissing Ginger off. Sure, his cute act had been...well, cute at first. But cute and nice wasn't something that Ginger enjoyed, especially not when it was directed towards her. Of course, this kid was just being himself and was blindly making a stranger hate him for it. It wasn't something he could have avoided. It wasn't something she could ignore. It was just what was going to be and Ginger had learned long ago to stop trying to stop things that happened, because it will just be worse in the end. 


"I'm pretty sure you just had a stroke, dude." Ginger laughed, her dimples showing for the first time during the conversation. She would never admit that she found his horrible way with words weirdly attractive. In fact, she couldn't admit it because she was too busy trying to make herself hate him, just like she did with everyone else on campus, that she wasn't aware of the subconscious way that she switched her weight to the her right leg, mimicking his stance in a way that was used to wooing a mate in the animal kingdom. 


"I'm Ginger. Don't call me anything else. Don't try to be cute and unique and give me a nickname. I'll single-handedly rip your throat out if you do." Her eyes cut into his, the smile from her laugh just seconds before lingering on his face and making her entire expression stand out in an odd way. Ginger cocked a challenging eyebrow and lifted her chin higher, shaking her hair away from the sides of her face. "And you are...." her eyes took in his appearance, narrowing as she went from his feet up to his red hair. There wasn't anything that stood out about him; besides his red hair, he was honestly just someone who could blend into crowd if he wanted. 

#7 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 06 June 2013 - 03:25 AM

God, why did he have to be such an idiot? He internally smacked himself right across the face, though his irritation with him might have displayed itself through his expression. He looked disappointed, flustered, and it wasn't helping much that his cheeks were lighting up a bright red the longer he stood there. Why she was still hanging around rather than storming off in laughter wasn't something he understood, though he did at least allow his eyes to look at her for a moment. She was laughing, but he couldn't decide if it was good or bad. Either way, he couldn't help but notice her cute dimples, which didn't help his embarrassment, not at all.


"Ginger," he echoed, testing it out, and somewhere deep down he found it funny. He couldn't count the amount of times he'd been called ginger when people didn't know his name-- hell, even teachers did it in the middle of class sometimes. Yet this girl was ridiculously blonde, and she actually possessed the name. Fortunately his humiliation with the situation kept any laughter or smirk at bay, and he settled with a slow nod.


This girl was ridiculously intimidating. He took her threat very seriously, and it took him a few moments to regain his composure long enough to say something. "Andy. Andy Wolfe." Whether or not she made up some sort of clever nickname wasn't something he cared about, honestly; he was far used to everything in the book by now. "Nice to meet you."


And again, he internally punched himself; this conversation hadn't gone well at all, so how could he claim such a thing? Though at least he didn't seem like an abused puppy anymore, which was a step forward-- he was able to turn and face her fully, his eyes locking on her face. 

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#8 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 06 June 2013 - 04:37 AM

Ginger ended up watching the reheaded guy in front of her for a long time. He was a squirming, someone who was so uncomfortable with certain situations that he literally squirmed as he tried to think of something to say or how to present himself. Those types of people were few and far between and it made Ginger excited to find someone like that on campus. She loved to make people squirm, to make them as uncomfortable as she felt inside around people that flaunted their friendships. It was a refreshing moment, watching him, and Ginger tried her hardest to not feel bad about enjoying it. 


"Yeah. Ginger. Sounds innocent at first but then," She gestured to herself with an over-exagerated smile. "You get this. Much like the root they use in foods." Of course, that was far from the reason why she got the moniker in the first place. Sophie had given it to her in their junior year of high school. Sophie had red head and Ginger had blonde, and as sort of a joke to confuse people, they named each other words that played off of their own defining characteristic. She was Ginger and Sophie was Honey. 


Ginger gave him another look, eyes playfully narrowing at the sound of his name. "No. You're hardly a Wolf. That just doesn't make sense." she said, even though there was no way he could have picked his own last name for himself. It was just something people were born into. She crossed her arms, biting her lip in a look of thought. "You're more of a Tod. Yeah. Tod." Nodding to herself only made it more official. He reminded her of a fox. Foxes were playful, and under the right circumstances, extremely domesticated compared to other wild animals. She wouldn't outright tell him that she had nicknamed him after the fox from the movie Fox and the Hound, but she figured if he was clever enough to figure it out, she might be able to stick around and play with him some more, in the most innocent sense of the word. 


With a slight tremor growing in his hands and a pain in her stomach surfacing, Ginger glanced back towards her dorm building in the direction that she had originally been heading. "I'll make you a deal. If you can figure out why I blessed you with a much greater name of Tod, you can accompany me to the frat party this weekend." Quickly pulling out a sheet of paper from the satchel around her shoulders, she scribbled a seven digit number onto it. "Don't text me stupid shit about how my day is going either. Only if you figure out that nickname, Tod." 


Ginger handed it to him quickly, stuffing the pen in her pocket in a hurried motion as the need to get high strengthened and fought against her every muscle to move. Without even so much of a goodbye, she turned on her heel and continued on her path towards her dorms, leaving the intriguing 'Andy Wolfe' right where he was standing. 

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