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CSU is a text-based, self-hosted roleplay site created in 2013. It's set in Colorado at a fictional university. Register with your character's first and last name with proper capitalization. Unfortunately due to the presence of bots we've had to turn on admin validation of all accounts, so please be patient with us or drop us a message in the cbox to remind us you're here! Once your account has been validated, feel free to apply with a profile and join in the fun!

Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Hadley F. Madden


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Guest_Hadley Madden_*

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 04:10 AM

Student Details

Full Name:
Hadley Faye Madden


Twenty One (21)

Personal Assistant

Year/Faculty Position:

Marital Status:

Sexual Orientation:

Student ID

Play-by/Face claim:
Emelia Clarke

Distinguishing marks:
She has a small scar an inch long on her arm from when she clumsily ran into a sharp corner of her mother's dresser.

Hadley is of average height and build standing at about 5 5" tall. Her brown locks fall midway down her back and are in dire need to a trim. She has exchanting blue eyes, a trait that she jest "is all her grandfather Madden ever really gave her other then his stale coffee toffees". She has a very girly and comfortable style when it comes to clothing. Her go to everyday outfit are an oversized sweater, leggings, and a snug pair of sneakers.

Psychiatric Profile

strawberry green tea with strawberry jam on toast for breakfast every morning, strawberry everything really, walks in the park with trevor, that post-pilates stage of bliss after sitting in an uncomfortable office chair all week at work, sibling dynamics in big families, trying new types of cuisine at cultural restaurants, her close knit group of friends.

walking up a flight of stairs and realizing you're really out of shape since you're panting by level three, sweating like a cow while excercising, working in an office cubicle, when her electricity just happens to shut of on days when the biggest rugby game happens to be playing, being unjustly judged, that one girl in the office who complains just as much as she gossips, unnecessary conflict or drama.
meeting deadlines, working under pressure, versatility in changing enviroments, holding back smartass comments even when the lord himself is begging her to say them out loud.

consoling people who cry, little children, and eating everything she bakes.

failing or disappointing those she cares about and

biting her lips when nervous or tugging on her earlobes when she doesnt know what else to do with her hands.
Q & A with Hadley


what is your name? any special significance or story behind it?
my name is hadley and as far a significance goes, my parents picked it from a baby name book they found on sale for half off at the local bookstore three blocks down from my childhood home. There is no other particular story that i know of other then the fact that after they bought the book, my mum got a terribly itch for pickle juice so they made an emergency detour to some store on the way home from work. She claims this is the reason why i act so sour around her. Clearly, i beg to differ.

explain your major. do you like it?
I am currently finishing my last year at CSU majoring in Journalism. Back in grade school, ive always excelled in writing so it seemed like the most logical step to take when applying to the Uni. In all honesty, I am not very passionate about the subject. Now if i were to write articles and how to in the art of cooking, I could definitly stay more interested!

where do you see yourself in five years
I see myself paying my bills ON TIME! And with leftover money as well! Of course finding that special someone would just contribute well to reduce my ever growing obsession with getting the payments in a timely manner. But its alright my love, i wont just love for your money! Im sure you have other amiable qualities as well - whoever you are!

favorite childhood memory
Mind you, this is an incredibly hallmark answer but its till true: baking cookies with my grandmother every christmas morning. The smell of crispy ginger bread sitting in the oven waft throughout the house, creating that perfect christmas day aroma. My gran and i would start baking at 7am every morning starting with a batch of gingerbread just for the smell. "its not christmas without gingerbread sitting on the coffee table." gran would always preach. It was true. Since birth, my mother hadn't been to a single holiday party at grandmothers without a tray laying out on that ancient wooden coffee table. Of course after the gingerbread we would make crumpets, scones, and all the like for tea time that evening. It was from her that i found my passion for baking.

do you have a significant other? tell me about him/her.
Oh please, you make me blush! His name is trevor. Just thinking about him makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside! He is absolutely adorable! Not only is he loyal, he gives the best kisses in the world. We love watching movies and snuggling on my couch. Trevor also loves it when i rub his tummy while in bed, it really gets him in the mood. What can i say, i have the best dog ever.

do you want a family? or if you have one, do you want more kids in the future?
yes! If i could have it my way, i would have an entire brood of children regardless of the fact that it would pretty much mutilate my waistline. It seems like something insignificant when compared to all the love and memorable moments between you and your children to come. Of course, id have to find a husband who would even agree to having children, much less the four i want. I don't exactly like to make it known on a first date that id want four children. Id image most would cringe at the thought of all those diapers! But I'm sure anyone worthy of the title as 'the apple to my eye' would view it as a challenge to see how many times we can get it on till I'm thoroughly knocked up. Till then, i can feel my biological clock ticking away and my eggs drying up.


Background Check

Elain and William Madden (Parents)

Berkshire, England

Hadley's parents moved to berkshire after her father decided to retire from the Mason law firm based in London two years before hadley's birth. He is still a practicing lawyer but his new job required less demands leaving him more time to start a family. After Hadley was welcomed into the world, her mother quit her job to be a stay at home mom, leaving her father's salary to live comfortably off of. Hadley's parents did not concieve another child, leaving her as an only child. they still reside in Berskhire, her mother running a low key home bussiness while her father still practicing law.


Hadley decided for a change of pace after her sophomore year of college, with the small town rhythm in Berskhire no longer bringing her contentment. She spontaneously applied for a foreign exchange program to the United States. Fast forward a few more months and here she was in Steamboat Colorado beginning her Junior year. Thought she missed her family, attending Contennial State University was hands down the best decision of her life.

CSU Records


School Schedule:

Oliver Hall


Centennial Herald


Out of Character

Your name/alias:

Time Zone:
Central TIme
How did you find us?:
Caution 2.0

Roleplay sample:

"Sorry I'm late!" Hadley frantically bellowed as she let herself into the large spacious apartment. With a six pint pack of beer in one hand and a hefty container of cream filled crumpets she woke at up at the butt crack of dawn to bake before work so it'd still be fresh by five in the afternoon, Hadley had a difficult time closing the door behind herself. She settled with giving the door a nice shove with her bum, hearing it click to a close. She quickly removed her slip on shoes by wiggling her toes them headed toward the room with the flat screen telly. Ugh. Zach and all his money. She thought disgustedly. Hadley secretly pictured herself in a pristine white coat saving lives like she was jesus reincarnated. For some reason, it didn't really appeal to her taste. Zach and his broad shoulders filled out that coat much better. Not to mention he's quite the trooper when it came to stomaching the sight of blood. Hadley on the other hand would faint at the sight of even a paper cut, rendering herself completely useless in saving lives from the floor.


"I brought regular beer. I know you like lagger since it makes you feel all emasculated," Insert eye roll here. "but that stuff tastes like arse so i opted for the only other choice." she shouted from the kitchen, setting her goodies onto the table tops. She could hear the telly turned on loudly in the main room. The commentators for the summer olympics 2012 could be heard proudly broadcasting to the rest of the united kingdom. It was a incredible honor for London to be the host city for this year, making it the first city in the world to be the first to host the worldwide event for the third time. While she grabbed a plate to set her crumpets onto, Hadley's thoughts lingered to her mother. The old woman back in Berkshire was probably dragging her father to some olympic open ceremony viewing party at her mate's house. God bless that woman's soul. She still had her husband on a leash, a feat most married women of twenty five years envy.


A pair of hand suddenly grab her waist, left Hadley frightened and screaming like a child. The crumpets she had plated tipped of the holder and tumbled onto the floor with multiple thuds. She turned around to face the instigator with a murderous glare, ready to give him hell twice over.


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Posted 06 June 2013 - 04:42 AM

You have been accepted to Centennial State University!

Welcome to CSU. Before you get started, here are a few things you might want to fill out for our records:
If your character is involved in any extracurricular activities, be sure to fill these out as well!
Finally, you should stop by here to make a plot page. Be sure to read some others and reply! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you around soon.

#3 Melli


Posted 03 August 2013 - 05:52 AM


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Again, we understand inactivity, and we hope to see you back someday! Keep in mind that you're always welcome around here!


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