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Best Fire Ant Killers

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Posted 04 April 2019 - 01:03 PM

It is warm and all the sleeping insects begin to Wake up and annoy us with their presence. And that's when You got the ants? Then You are "lucky" today just talk about how to get rid of domestic ants !
Home ants, residents of houses and apartments can penetrate anywhere: where food is stored and even in closets with clothes. But the most unpleasant thing is that they can become carriers of infection. The question arises:
Interesting history of getting domestic ants in Russia. Their homeland Ethiopia. And they were brought by merchants with Ethiopian goods and Oriental sweets. But, despite the fact that Russia is a cold country, they have adapted to life and for several centuries feel almost masters.
Domestic ants multiply constantly, especially if you find a warm and humid place. For example, in the bathroom or kitchen. And where rarely cleaned for them in General Paradise: a lot of food and water. They hide in the cracks of the walls and behind the baseboards. The surprising thing is that they are omnivorous. In food them go not only products and bond, but and specks of dust, and even clothing. There were cases when ants damaged even the insulation of electrical appliances.
17 Best Fire Ant Killers: The Comparative Review of Gel Baits, Dusts and Insecticides

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How to get rid of domestic ants
If You have never fought against ants, then You really should know how to get rid of domestic ants. Here I have collected some practical advice and recommendations.
In order to get rid of unwanted guests – home ants, there are several ways:
 Take a teaspoon of sugar and half a spoon of boric acid or borax, dilute in water. Bait place in places of accumulation of ants. Change the bait in two weeks. Within a month, the ants will disappear from your apartment.
 You can also mix honey and dry yeast. And also spread out as bait. Now you can watch as the ants gradually disappear.
 Two tablespoons of any minced meat and boric acid will also help. But this bait should be changed regularly, because the smell of it over time can become unpleasant not only for ants, but also for people.
 Can help and professional means protection from bugs. This pencil is "Masha". Outline the route of the ants to return to the entrance. Ants do not cross this line, walk in a circle. And over time, they just go back to where they came from.
 You can also use drugs "Taiga", "Hangar" or "DETA". After triple treatment with such drugs, the ants are leaving the house.
 If this is the problem of the entire entrance, you need to agree with the neighbors and carry out this procedure all at the same time. Otherwise you will have to repeat this procedure repeatedly, and ants simply turn into nomads on flats.
 You do not need to increase the amount of boric acid or borax in the bait recipes. It is important for us that the ants bring this bait to the nest and feed its brethren, then the result will be obvious.
 If there are a lot of ants in the house and you need to save the products from them, then there is one way. Products to put in the pot and the edges of her coat with vegetable oil – it will not allow the ants to products.against the whole anthill. For the same reason, traps are not used. When functioning the nest containing the uterus livestock insects quickly reproduced.


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