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Swallowed in the Sea

Ginger Lemond Andy Wolfe

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#41 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 24 March 2014 - 08:38 PM

For some reason her muffled voice had an effect on him. It was stupid, considering how high she was and how inappropriate this situation was in its own right (this wasn't exactly your typical romance novel), but it stirred something nonetheless. Even if he knew better than to think of a girl like this in this context, it was difficult to keep his stupid little crush at bay. Even if he knew he likely couldn't help her, that she was more in need of professional help, he was invested now. He had to see to it that she was alright. And while he knew that was dangerous-- incredibly so-- he simply couldn't turn a blind eye.


So he strapped her into the passenger's seat of his car, which was parked somewhat near the Kappa house. He'd been wise enough to park there and walk to her dorm. Not that he planned to drive if he was at all intoxicated, but he never knew if he needed to make a quick exit, and he was surprised that that wisdom came to some use. Part of him knew it would be smart of him to take her back to her dorm, but he also knew that he could be spotted by an RA and kicked out if he stayed late enough. And he certainly wanted to stick around to make sure she was alright.


It didn't take him long to crawl into the driver's seat of his car, in which case he didn't hesitate, cranking it immediately and backing out of there. As he drove he was silent, turning to inspect her every now and then though otherwise leaving her be. Eventually he reached his apartment-- it wasn't a far drive at all-- parked, and opened the door. "We're here," he told her as he reached the passenger's side; he wasn't sure what being high was like, so he thought an announcement was safe.


And, of course, he waited for her to get out for a moment before realizing that he likely needed to carry her again. His arms hadn't quite stopped aching from carrying her before, but he mustered up the strength anyway, one again gathering her precariously in his arms and making his way up the steps towards his apartment. For once he was cursing living on the second floor; his legs shook with every step, though eventually he reached his front door, pulling out a key and unlocking it quickly.


For a moment he considered leaving her on the couch, but neither did he want to deal with any questions from his roommates. They would understand, he supposed, but it was easier to avoid that. So instead he carried her to his room, laid her down on the bed, and sat next to her. "You feeling okay?"

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#42 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 24 March 2014 - 10:01 PM

The car ride was unexpected but smart. It took a while to get her thoughts all on the same track but she realized just how far away the dorms were from the frat house and it was a much longer walk than Andy could have done carrying her. Keeping her eyes tightly shut and hugged her knees to her chest, Ginger did her best to not noticed the slight bumps and sways of the road, hoping that she wouldn't end up getting carsick all over the seat she was sitting in.


Ginger vaguely was aware of the heat from the air vents in front of her slowly fading and then a blast of cool air hit her from her right. Andy's arms wrapped around her again and this time she easily curled up into his arms, nuzzling her face into his neck and breathing deeply. She didn't notice it yet but the personality she tried so hard to get rid of, to hide, was showing through the cracks that deepened and spread open every minute that she spent not trying to fix her high.


Neither were aware of just how bad her withdrawals were going to get in just the few short hours of the night that they had left before the next day's first classes began but Andy was soon going to get a taste of just how deeply of a hole Ginger had dug herself into with the drugs and self-destruction. The shakes were beginning to subside, though they would never fully go away until she was under the influence again. Or until she was completely purged of all substances in her body, but she had already accepted long ago that she wasn't strong enough for that. 


Andy's voice made her smile, the pitch and tone sounding comfortable and relaxing to her as she relaxed into the covers that smelled just like the hint of musk and body wash that seemed to linger on and hug his skin and clothes. "I'm fine, little fox. Did Sophie-" She stopped herself mid-sentence and furrowed her eyebrows, casting a glance up at him as embarrasment and shame curled into her gut. She was having a hard time focusing her eyes, a dull pain starting up in the back of her head and seeming to pulsate forward until it came to a point between her eyes and at her temples. In fact, her joints also had begun to ache, yet the pain only had just become noticeable. "I always forget when I'm drunk and tired." she said, her voice almost turning sharp but the slurs from exhaustion and intoxication kept it at an acceptable level. Ginger knit her fingers together and pushed them between her thighs, trying her best to keep the cold, clamminess at bay. "You're not going to let me use anything while I'm here, are you?

#43 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 24 March 2014 - 10:39 PM



There was that name again. He didn't ask questions this time and he wasn't sure if it was a good idea now, but he at least was starting to figure out the source behind... this. Behind why, exactly, Ginger was using so much, though even then he was only starting to understand. He figured it was a plethora of other things, as well, as he didn't understand how close they were. 


He supposed, however, that he could sympathize. Not truly understand, as he couldn't relate in any sense of the word, but he had his own friends that he adored and followed around like a puppy. Both of them lived in this apartment, actually; had he lost both or one of them, he might have found himself in a dark place. Not that he could imagine himself ever using, but he still wasn't judging her if this was her true reason for using. People had weak moments and he understood that. He just hoped Ginger would start to move forward in some form.


"No, I'm not," he told her, still trying to decide if he wanted to address Sophie, to find out a little more about the girl he'd taken home. He supposed she was drunk and might not remember, but he didn't want to take advantage of her in any form whatsoever, even if only for information. Still, he readjusted next to her, something clearly on his mind, his mouth opening though nothing coming out at first.


Finally he found his voice, though. "Is Sophie-- a friend? Sister?" He fidgeted, knowing he was pushing the topic too far but still hoping she wouldn't get angry with him. He almost asked if she was the reason why she used, but he kept it to himself. Maybe he could segue to that topic.

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#44 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 25 March 2014 - 04:57 AM

Ginger closed her eyes and let her fingers find the pillows under her head, bunching them up closer to her. Andy's questions were probing but there wasn't any fight in Ginger without a fresh stream of drugs or alcohol tainting her blood. Though the annoyance was clear across her face, she was at least hoping that that would be able to hide the hurt that always accompanied thoughts of Sophie.




Ginger felt possessive when Andy said her name. Jealous. That was her Sophie, the only person she has so rawly loved with almost all of her being. The only good thing in the world she ever had a chance to cherish. And while the anger was so easy for her to grasp on to and use as a weapon against Andy for stealing Sophie's name from her lips, she knew that Andy's intentions were not what she thought they would be. He was curious and that was one of the main reasons she linked him to the Tod, the fox. 


"Sophie was everything." Ginger said quietly as she swallowed the irrational fear that she has always carried around. Always afraid that speaking about Sophie and all the memories or feelings linked to her name and her person would cause Ginger to lose everything that she loved about her. Even while she tried her best to keep her thoughts from fleeting away too fast or dipping into their dark, seething anger that she always carried around, she knew that Andy was not a thief in any sense. "When I'm sober, I can still see her blood on my hands.


Ginger was still very much under the effect of the alcohol from the party, yet it still didn't explain why she admitted what she just did to Andy. With her eyes still closed, she pulled the pillows closer towards her and buried her face in them as best as she could as she sought a comfortable position. 

#45 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 25 March 2014 - 05:32 AM

What she said made him slightly sick to his stomach if only because he wasn't sure how to handle it. Having never experienced loss in his own life, he wasn't sure how that felt. The idea that she felt so strongly about her friend had him frowning deeply, and he looked down at his hands as she mentioned her own, wondering how that felt. Neither did he have any clue how it happened, but it was clear to him that Ginger experienced some sort of self-blame. And while he wanted to ask, he left it well enough alone, knowing it wasn't a good time. Nor was it any of his business, even if he couldn't help but wonder.


So he didn't say anything as she tried to adjust, simply sitting next to her for a few moments as he thought. Eventually he took the covers and tucked her in, pausing a moment to pull her hair out of her face. It was a ridiculously intimate move to make, in a way, but he just wanted to comfort her in any way now that she'd spoken to him so candidly. He wasn't sure if she'd brush him away or act like he was ridiculous, so for the most part he kept silent, hoping his attempts at being comforting wouldn't backfire.


"You need anything?" He asked her, realizing she probably needed to sleep. "We have uh-- we have gatorade which might help you avoid a hangover tomorrow. Or I could get you hot tea or orange juice or anything, really." He meant it when he said anything. If she asked him to go all the way to a store to buy her something, he'd do it. He was so worried about her at the moment-- even if he barely knew her-- that he was willing to go to great lengths to make her comfortable.


Regardless, that slight judgment he might have passed over her using was completely gone. Instead he just wanted her to be alright. "Next time we shouldn't go to a party, yeah?" He said, not realizing that she might not want a next time.

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#46 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 25 March 2014 - 06:58 AM

Although Ginger was quickly approaching sleep, she still had enough of a conscious mind to steel herself against what she thought was going to be a barrage of questions and curious probing statements. Yet, once again, Andy proved to be so much better than what she made him out to be in her mind. It was a repeating fact that scared Ginger half to death. She wanted to get used to the way he treated her, and well for what it seemed, how he treated everyone. But there was a part of her that was terrified of getting as close to someone as she was with Sophie. Loving someone in the ways that she loved Sophie. Only to have that source of happiness ripped from her violently. 


Ginger's eyes opened and she pulled her eyebrows down as she tried to focus Andy into one solid object in her head. She stared at him for what seemed like minutes but was surely just a few seconds. She wanted to ask him everything. To tell him to get away from her because she was a lost cause. To ask him to help her get back to normal. To beg him to stay and make her feel normal again like he had been periodically all night. 


Yet Ginger just couldn't bring herself to do things that she felt would be considered weaknesses. Caring for someone. Letting your heart, no matter how big or small of a piece of it, sit between their palms. Ginger lowered her head back to the pillow but kept her eyes on Andy. "Milk?" she asked, her gaze still as intense as the moment before, trying her best to figure out just how to come out of the situation, whatever it was, unscathed and as uncaring as before.

#47 Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe

Posted 25 March 2014 - 06:14 PM

Andy had no reason to lock people out like Ginger did. He had no reason to think that anything would go awry, and for the most part he didn't realize that she was thinking along those lines. Sure, he understood that part of the reason she used was because of this issue in her past, this grief she hadn't quite moved on from. And he understood that she'd dug herself into a hole so deep that she might find it difficult to crawl out. But never did he realize that she didn't know how to trust him fully if only because she'd had someone ripped out from underneath her before.


If she explained that, he would understand. But neither would he back off. Even if he barely knew the girl, he couldn't turn a blind eye to her now that he'd gotten involved with her in some way. There was something oddly rewarding about seeing her trust him momentarily anyway; typically he had no messiah complex, but in this case a weird one seemed to be surfacing. He liked to see her calm-- even if he was worried about her state of being-- and he liked to see her at least attempting to listen to him. Maybe he could make some more progress with her over the course of the next week or so.


There was one slightly good thing about seeing her like this, too; he'd have no issues calling her up or texting her. Sure, there would be a moment of self-doubt every now and then, but no longer was he worried about seeming "too desperate," as now he wouldn't be calling just because he had a crush. Now he'd be calling because he was worried. Here was hoping she wouldn't get sick of that part of him. 

Her mention of milk had him smiling, as that was oddly cute. It was a stupid thing to think, too, but the thought was there nonetheless. "Sure," he told her, standing almost immediately and going into the kitchen for a glass. Even in the few moments he was away from her he worried, already wanting to be back in the room with her. Soon enough he was handing her a glass of milk, eyebrows raised as he looked over her. "Here. Maybe this'll make you feel better."

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