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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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plots angelas characters

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#1 Guest_Rachael Rivera_*

Guest_Rachael Rivera_*

  • Guest

Posted 10 June 2013 - 06:29 AM

twenty - junior - architecture



"judgmental, rude, takes most things a little too seriously, horrible temper, 
protective over the people she cares for, great with irrelevant insults"
  • Rachael doesn't have very many friends and she doesn't like having very many friends. She's a blunt bitch that doesn't really give a shit about anyone. She doesn't even give a shit about herself. All she cares about is leaving America and moving out to Spain for the rest of her life. She has a really bad habit of releasing her anger to everyone around her. Doesn't matter if it's her parents or someone she doesn't know, she will explode one way or another.
It's going to take a lot more than a simple hello to become friends with Rachael. She hates everyone she sees and meets. To her, no matter who the person is the first impression is always bad. You can be the nicest person in the world, but she'll still most likely hate you. It takes major dedication to become friends with her. When she is your friend, she may act like she doesn't care 80% of the time with her sarcastic and indifferent attitude, but she will protect you no matter what.
Rachael doesn't really have enemies, she just hates everyone equally. People may view her as their enemy, but to her, no one is worthy enough to be granted with the privilege of being her enemy. Her only enemy is her former and present -- Taco Bell managers.
Rachael doesn't know what it means to be in a relationship. She has had (drunk) hookups here and there, but never a sustainable relationship. Her last three relationships have ended quite badly due to the fact she hated always being the one to wear the pants in the relationship. Not that she really minded, but she loathes dependent people. She's not a frequent dater and it takes a lot of effort for her to even agree to go on one date with anyone.

✩ ★ 


[ Hannah Mitchell Dawn ]

nineteen - sophomore - acting (film)




"trustworthy, insecurity, handling rejection, loyalty,

having too much trust and faith in people, keeps promises"

  • Hannah is kind of like your average insecure teenager. Constantly wanting to be liked by everyone, worried about her looks, not wanting to displease anyone. To everyone else around her, she appears confident and perfectly sure of herself, but she's completely lost. She just needs someone to push her back up.
Hannah has no problems when making friends. She just wishes sometimes people would meet her half way instead of her being the only one fully committed into friendships. She has too much trust in people and is very open to second chances. People sometimes think she's insane, when it comes to the amount of hope she has in society. 
Honestly, she tries her ultimate best not to make any enemies. She hates being hated or disliked. If someone is rude to her or mean in anyway, she'll either back off or continue to be nice in hopes some sort of friendship will blossom. She'll hardly ever stick up for herself, worried she'll snap back into the bitch she was back in high school. The only enemies she has are the ones she had back in high school.
Although she has no problem in making new friends, relationships is another story. It's easy for her to fall in and out of love. One day she'll be madly crushing on some random guy she's seen once on the courtyard, but the next day she'll completely forget about him and find another guy to ogle.

✩ ★ 


[ Peyton Leigh Williams ]

eighteen - freshman - radio 




"optimistic, stubborn, frequent procrastinator, forgetful,

not easily offended, encouraging, humorous

  • There's just something about Peyton you can't describe. People wonder why she's so chill and isn't an angsty teenager like most in her generation. She's not overly happy, nor is she depressed -- she's just mutual with everything. In her mind, you should have a good medium and balance between everything you do. She's an extremely chill person and is also one of the most hilarious people you will ever meet. 


It's easy to be friends with Peyton. She's extremely chill and hilarious. She can easily cheer anyone up and is a great supporter. Rather than picking out the bad things about people, Peyton chooses to find and embrace the good things regardless of what they do and what they're past is. As long as they're super cool and nice to her, she doesn't mind. It's not like she she enjoys having a load of friends, but being on good terms with everyone is enough. 
Peyton doesn't really have any enemies. The person who is closest to being her enemy is probably her older sister, but they have a love/hate thing going on which most siblings have. To be her enemy, is very hard. There are people Peyton dislikes, but she doesn't really consider them as her enemy since she doesn't go out of her way to make their life a living hell. She has better things to do. 
To Peyton, relationships are a waste of time. She just goes with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. She doesn't have the motivation or the care to commit to a relationship. She'd rather continue to dream of being in a relationship with Bradley Cooper.


✩ ★ 


[ Cameron Diana Kelly ]

twenty-one - senior - marine biology




"looking pretty, thunderstorms, rejection, confident,

charming, smiling through any situation"

  • Undeniably one of the most gorgeous seniors gracing the CSU campus. Cameron used to be apart of of Beta Upsilon Tau from her freshman year up to the end of her junior year. For her senior year, she was expected to take over the sorority and reign the position of being president; however she was tired of her superficial lifestyle and thought it was about time for a reality check. It's taking time to adjust to her new life, but it's going a lot better than she thought.
Cameron loves people so it's generally easy to be friends with her, but to be her best friends -- you really have to click with her. After losing all her sorority friends, she feels extremely lost and abandoned around campus. Not many people are willing to be friends with her since they think her personality change is all fake, but really she's being as sincere as possible. She understands why people wouldn't want to be friends with her since she wouldn't believe herself if she were in someone else's shoes.
Cameron has a lot of enemies. The Beta Upsilon Tau members to name a few. Ever since she left the sorority everyone there looks down upon her and refuses to talk to her. Not to mention the amount of girls she used to bully when she was a Beta. She feels really bad about what she did, but not many people are willing to forgive her. 
She's been in quite a few relationships. Especially with some of the Omega Sigma Pi boys. She was the girl everyone wanted to date. But now, she's a bit closed off, focusing on building strong friendships rather than jumping into relationships that she knows she can't commit to. If it happens, it happens -- she can't necessarily do anything about it but she will try to prevent it as much as she can.

✩ ★ 

eighteen - freshman - undecided major


"brave, sarcastic, not that great of a listener,

loyal, trustworthy, outgoing, easily irritated, vulgar"

  • If you don't like hockey, it's best to keep your opinion to yourself around Stephanie Clarke. She will most likely fight you to the death -- just kidding, but she will be very butthurt about it. She's extremely chill about most things, but she is the type that can get quite argumentative. Just don't mess with her and hockey and you will be fine!
Stephanie comes off a bit strong when it comes to first impressions. She likes having a few group of friends rather than hoarding as much friends as she can get. She doesn't have the attention span to keep in touch and contact with everyone. If you're boring, she most likely won't remember you since she's quite forgetful with everything; you have to make an impact. When you are her friend, you'll have to deal with her temper and her weirdness. 
Since her strong personality can sometimes leave people a bit aggravated -- Stephanie has her fair share of enemies; especially girls from opposite hockey teams. She also doesn't like any of the Beta girls or the Omega guys since to her, they're all a bunch of pretentious spoiled pricks and will call them out any chance she gets. When Stephanie doesn't like someone, she will make sure thew whole world knows about her dislike for the person. 
Her one true love is hockey. The last thing she needs is a distraction. She doesn't mind a bit of flirting here or there, but she will never commit herself into a relationship until she achieves her dream in being a professional hockey player. 

✩ ★ 


nineteen - sophomore - sociology



"able to solve problems easily, short attention span,

slow reflexes, open minded, thinks way too deep in any situation"

  • Dylan is extremely cute and bubbly. She always seems like she's living in her own world. Always gazing off into the distance, zoning out and her incapability of focusing on one thing for too long. 
Not many people really want to be friends with Dylan since she's pretty weird. She thinks way too deeply on any subject and will say things that don't make sense to most people. You either have to be really smart or nerdy to be able to handle Dylan. Some people think she's high, but that's just a silly rumor since Dylan doesn't take any type of drug. When around her close friends she's really silly and acts like a total dude.
Her only enemy is the government because conspiracy theories have taken over her life and politics can kiss her ass.
Dylan's never really had a boyfriend. She e's never really thought about having a boyfriend or getting married or anything since all she wants to do is watch reruns of, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura or NASA documentaries. 
✩ ★ 
ninteen - sophomore - graphic design


"encouraging, loyal, extremely nice, open minded, 
can never really say no to anyone"
  • Scotty is a very happy guy. He's very blessed and grateful for what he has. He's a self-less an extremely considerate guy who has a really hard time saying no to anyone. Although he keeps all his promises, he has had a bad history of people breaking his. It's hard for him to not give second chances, but there's a time and place for when enough is enough. 
He's really nice, so it's easy to get along with him. He really values his friendship with each and every person he meets. As long as you're not too creepy or aggressive towards him, he has no problem becoming friends with anyone. He's extremely supportive and caring. He is willing to do anything for anyone's best interest, but he knows at the end of the day it's their decision.
Scotty has had a few enemies here and there, but once entering university, he's never really cared about hating on people. There's so many people on campus, even if you were to hate someone the chances of meeting that person again were very slim -- of course unless if they have the same classes as you.


He's had his fair share of relationships. He doesn't like insecure girls who attract attention towards themselves, but to his dismay that's the kind of girls all he's ever really dated. Any girl would be lucky to have Scotty as their boyfriend, but he's not going to stick around for long if you don't commit to the relationship as much as he does. Honestly, Scotty tries really hard to make any of his girlfriends extremely happy. He would never want them to feel neglected or treated badly by him.

#2 Guest_Jackson Dahl_*

Guest_Jackson Dahl_*

  • Guest

Posted 10 June 2013 - 06:43 AM

Yo we have a lot of characters with the same last name we should totes make them siblings or something idk

#3 Guest_James Vee_*

Guest_James Vee_*

  • Guest

Posted 10 June 2013 - 08:28 AM

all my characters become friends with yours bye!1!!!!!1!!!

#4 Guest_Rachael Rivera_*

Guest_Rachael Rivera_*

  • Guest

Posted 11 June 2013 - 05:06 AM

you guys are WEIRD

#5 Guest_Tristen Kent_*

Guest_Tristen Kent_*

  • Guest

Posted 12 June 2013 - 05:27 AM

Peyton & Brian: These two should become friends with time. Brian is in need of friends who kind of have Peyton mindset to inspire him to follow the same way of seeing things. In addition, he's not a big party social kind of guy and prefers to also be a socially awkward student rather than a spitting image of the others.


Rachael & Jonathan: Some kind of frienemies really between these two. The fact Rachael would probably insult Jonathan on the first occasion they meet and the fact she's Spanish would have Jon's attention. Jon isn't the nicest boy around and while he puts up a gentleman image with everyone, he'd throw subtle in a way polite verbal punches back at Rachael. So they could either grow to tolerate one another and even maybe like their back and forth jabs or just dislike one another and be unable to pass an opportunity to send an insult at the other?


Cameron & Jonathan: Jonathan has always been a bit of the prime example of a perfect Omega Sigma Pi man. He's a gentleman who is polite with everyone, but does all his ambitious moves and less gentleman manners behind curtains away from the public eye. He's been making waves in the Omega home since sophomore year truly. So he'd definitely know Cameron. Jon could maybe be one of Cameron's past flings/relations and a past friend? If they had something in the past, he'd still be nice to her even if she left the Beta's which could bring in a lot of confusion if we want to as to know whether he's truly sincere and still considers Cameron a friend or not?


Dylan & Ethan: Ethan is well informed on the world of politics, his father works for the UN and he's studying in political science. He's the revolutionary type of young man who wants to see politics change and society be more open to helping others. So at the end of the day, he's the perfect young man to go see to have a discussion on political philosophy. I could see Dylan and Ethan as friends who have numerous discussions on conspiracy theories and all.

#6 Guest_Stephanie Clarke_*

Guest_Stephanie Clarke_*

  • Guest

Posted 12 June 2013 - 06:34 AM

I really like all of the plot ideas! 


Peyton & Brian: I can definitely see them being friends. She'll be his little confidence booster here and there, making sure he's comfortable with himself. It would be a nice change for her to have a friend that's not so outgoing and not constantly on the go. Someone who she can simply talk to.


Rachael & Jonathan: Haha, Rachael would insult him right off the bat once he tried talking to her. I can see them having this love/hate type of relationship that Rachael always ends up having with any one of her guy friends. After a while, she would learn how to tolerate him -- even though she'd probably never end up admitting it.


Cameron & Jonathan: Past fling/relationship could definitely work since she's dated a few of the Omega guys in the past. Cameron would be a bit skeptical towards his kind actions; thinking it's some kind of act or assuming he's doing something for the Beta girls. But I really like this plot.


Dylan & Ethan: Dylan could for sure have some friends that have the same interest as her. Most of her friends think she's crazy, but accept the fact that she is a bit weird. I could definitely see them having long in depth conversations about the economy, government and conspiracy theories. 

#7 Guest_Shamil Zagirbekov_*

Guest_Shamil Zagirbekov_*

  • Guest

Posted 12 June 2013 - 08:50 PM

Shamil & Hannah  They would probably be friends, at least on a superficial level.  Shamil is a little more awkward, if not necessarily insecure.


Shamil & Cameron  I feel like Shamil would be rather intimidated by Cameron, at least initially.  Maybe he'd look up to her in a weird way, but he would have to overcome this aspect first.


Shamil & Dylan  They are made for each other.  They would be very close friends, and Shamil could finally find somebody as weird as himself.


Shamil & Scotty  Shamil would probably have a form of respect for Scotty, and he would probably view him as the nicest person he met at Steamboat Springs.

#8 Guest_Senna Masters_*

Guest_Senna Masters_*

  • Guest

Posted 18 June 2013 - 07:49 PM

Senna x Hannah 

I think these two would probably get along, and if
nothing else, they'd be friendly acquaintances
although I can totally see then being friends with
each other as well!


Senna x Peyton

Peyton also seems like a pretty chill girl, so they'd
most definitely get along! I could even see them
being best friends even, as always though I'd like to
thread them before anything's set in stone.


Senna x Dylan

They should geek out together! Although Senna will
find it really awkward and weird at first, once Dylan
starts talking about conspiracies I can see Senna
thinking that it's pretty cool and wanting to learn more
even if she doesn't actually believe in them.


Senna x Cameron

I would think these two would know each other from
the greek scene and at first Senna would be pretty
guarded since she'd think of Cameron as a stuck up
Beta. But I see no reason for them to not get along after
they actually get to know each other!

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