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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 09:10 PM

Greek Life

Greek life is a major part of the student body at CSU. There are eight greek organizations on campus, four of which are fraternities and four of which are sororities. Each of these organizations embody a different ideal, philanthropy, and unfortunately stereotype of the students at CSU.

Alpha Xi Nu

founded in 1985.
Alpha Xi Nu was the geeks' retaliation to being denied bids consistently to the other greek organizations on campus. Having been founded in the eighties, their values, quotes, and ideals are usually comprised of pop culture during the time-- they like to think of Yoda as their founding father. The brotherhood is pretty tightly wound in this house, as they're all picked on by the other fraternities and hardly ever have dates. As a matter of fact, they're often called the virginal fraternity, and this estimate is actually rather spot-on. Members are usually comprised of sciences and creative fields, though they're all usually very smart, and they take their coursework very seriously. Most fundraisers and community work they do is specifically for the university itself rather than the surrounding community. Occasionally they may have a party, but their idea of a party is a bunch of brothers sitting around a television screen playing video games until four in the morning. Rarely do women step foot on the lawn of Alpha Xi Nu, much less the house. Their sister sorority is Gamma Mu Rho, though they usually don't recognize each other as such.

Beta Upsilon Tau

founded in 1943.
The girls of Beta Upsilon Tau (commonly referred to as the Betas) are the top girls of the school, and as such are comprised mostly of the beautiful and rich. Seriously-- they may ask you how much your parents make per year during Greek Week, and don't be surprised if it comes up on bid night. The inside of the house looks similar to a castle, and the members are few enough that every member is able to live inside the house. It has the best interior decorating of any of the greek houses, and better accommodations than likely most students' parents. They often hold charity events, such as charity balls and things of that sort, for philanthropy. They wouldn't dare be caught doing community service-- they might break a nail! Their brother fraternity is Omega Sigma Pi, and usually they will only date within that fraternity. The other boys simply aren't good enough!

Delta Theta Iota

founded in 1955.
This sorority was founded as grounds for true sisterhood. Too bad that seems to have mostly collapsed since; the girls, while they paint a happy face on the outside, usually fight like catty animals inside the house (usually over boys). The members of this sorority focus on social status and events, and usually are the bouncy cheerleader types around campus, as they're absolutely full of team spirit! They're the biggest sorority on campus, with a member count at around 50, and very few members are lucky enough to live inside the greek house, and have earned the reputation as the "easy girls" of greek row. They participate in lots of charity events and fundraisers to raise money for communities around Colorado, and occasionally may do some community service as well-- surprisingly, this sisterhood is very philanthropic in that sense, as they're always up to something. Their brother fraternity is Kappa Zeta Epsilon.

Gamma Mu Rho

founded in 1996.
Gamma Mu Rho (called teasingly the MOOs) is easily comprised of the misfits of Centennial State University. These girls are usually the "nerds" of the campus, and as such, don't focus on social events so much as steering very clear of them. Their sisterhood is not too tightly-knit, considering most of them are a part of the organization if only to be a part of something in their college careers. The members are usually comprised of girls in the scientific, agricultural, and creative fields, and their member count is surprisingly high for being such a sad sisterhood. Occasionally a member may rise up to try and strengthen this sisterhood... but usually the efforts fail. Like Alpha Xi Nu, their philanthropy focuses on the university itself rather than the community surrounding it, and in particular they focus on the creative arts. Their brother fraternity is Alpha Xi Nu.

Kappa Zeta Epsilon

founded in 1956.
Kappa Zeta Epsilon was founded, first and foremost, by the irritated male students of the school who felt as though they deserved some sort of brotherhood. And brotherhood they made-- the members of this fraternity take their brotherhood very seriously, and as such, hardly have friends outside of their organization. This is likely the biggest fraternity on campus, as well, with a member count at around 60, and they easily hold some of the wildest parties. The house itself is almost always stocked with beer, and there's always someone around to hang out with, as most of their members don't go to class. This fraternity is usually composed of the jocks and "cool guys" of the school. Occasionally they might hold a drunken fundraiser and donate the proceeds to charities around Colorado, but for the most part, they're pretty much useless. Their sister sorority is Delta Theta Iota.

Lambda Eta Psi

founded in 1973.
Lambda Eta Psi is usually comprised of the quieter, more subdued personalities around campus. They come together as a tightly knit sisterhood, and usually come from darker backgrounds than most of the girls in the other sororities. As such, they are a very secretive organization and often participate in odd rituals. Other greek organizations often call them a cult, and that wouldn't necessarily be far from the truth. They have an almost religious devotion to their ideals and sorority. Don't insult them unless you want nightmares for a week... Their philanthropy usually consists of community service, as they're not afraid to get their hands dirty. As a matter of fact, they're excellent workers, and as such are one of the most dependable greeks on campus. Their brother fraternity is Omicron Phi Chi.

Omega Sigma Pi

founded in 1942.
These guys are the top dogs of the school, both academically and... economically. Their parents are perhaps wealthy donors and, as such, membership is only offered to the rich and elite. Name-dropping is just about the only way to get yourself a bid to this uppity fraternity. However, they do a lot of good around the community, when they're not looking down their noses at it. Instead of coordinating and participating in fundraisers, the members of this fraternity usually donate their own (parents') money, and as such donate to a lot of charities around Colorado. Their parties are by invitation only, and they're usually rather epic. Being invited to the Omega Sigma Pi house is like being invited to the White House. Their sister sorority is Beta Upsilon Tau.

Omicron Phi Chi

founded in 1968.
Omicron Phi Chi is easily the most philanthropic fraternity on campus, as they participate often in community work. However, they're also known as the rough-end of the bunch; usually they're from the wrong side of the tracks, and as such don't get along with the other two fraternities on campus. Their members are usually rather intelligent, though not top dogs in their departments. Usually this fraternity is comprised mostly of creative, artistic minds, and drug use is not uncommon in the house. The parties thrown here are a bit seedy, and as such, most students steer clear. Their sister sorority is Lambda Eta Psi.


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