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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Corra "Sparrow" Finch

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#1 Corra Edison

Corra Edison

Posted 22 May 2013 - 11:32 PM



Student Details

Full Name:
Corra Ariel Finch
Sparrow-- she introduces herself as this
Year/Faculty Position:
Marital Status:
Sexual Orientation:
Student ID

Play-by/Face claim:
Felicity Jones
 What is first noticeable about Sparrow is her incredibly bright green eyes. They're always full of life and reflect everything she's thinking. She's rather small, standing at a height of 5'1", and she's very petite as well. Her hair is long and brown, though usually she ties it back a little on either side with bows. Her bangs hang just above her eyes.
Psychiatric Profile

 being outdoors, children, animals, playing games, learning new things
 being told no, bullies, having her feelings hurt
 very creative, compassionate, pretty good at fishing/swimming/pretty much anything do to outside
 no common sense, sometimes not the brightest crayon in the box, trusts people ridiculously easily, sometimes too compassionate
 thunderstorms, spiders, snakes
 humming to herself, laughing randomly as she remembers a joke
 To sum it up, Sparrow is incredibly excitable. When something goes her way, she practically turns into a little chihuahua, jumping and clapping and even squealing a bit. This excitement can be triggered by the tiniest of things-- a gift, good news, things of the sort. She's easy to make happy, too, so in that sense she's pretty agreeable, so long as people can handle her constant energy.

She's talkative to a fault-- people usually tire of her fairly quickly, though she doesn't seem to get the point at all. She'll keep talking and talking and talking until someone is blatant with her, and then the poor girl gets her feelings hurt. This cycle can be quite annoying for potential friends, but she is a wonderful friend when it comes down to it. She's willing to take a bullet for just about anyone who is nice to her, honestly, as she's just that kind. She values anyone and everyone, and is far too trusting for her own good. She's always able to pinpoint something good in everyone, and as such can befriend some of the most irritating of people.

It goes without saying that she's extremely optimistic. She isn't easy to anger, either; she's more likely to blame situations on herself than anyone else. It's easy for her to see the other person's side of the argument, and as such, she's a bit of a doormat like her sister. That's okay with her, though; unlike her sister, she doesn't let it bring her down. She doesn't have many self-esteem issues at all, actually-- she's just too optimistic for it.

She's a ball of energy, too, in that she absolutely cannot stop moving for any length of time-- people often wonder if ever sleeps, though those close to her know that she is a very deep sleeper. Anyone who dares bother her when she's sleeping like this knows that this is the only time her anger is triggered-- and then she can become almost violent. So just don't wake her up or bother her when she's sleepy, trust me.

Sparrow is painfully childish, to the point that it's hard to explain adult concepts to her. When presented with difficult situations, she'll give advice that seems rather easy in nature, but it's very naive. It's not "that" easy, and she doesn't seem to understand that. Really difficult situations just confuse her, really, to the point that she seems to go on some sort of brain overload. She's a good listener, though, and she truly cares about others.

She's really a child at heart-- her room is full of stuffed animals, and it seems like you've just walked into a ten year old's room. She seems to fangirl over silly things, too, and practically "ship" her friends with each other. It's a little goofy. By the same token, however, she has no idea how to handle romance on her own, so she prefers not to think about it. Being in a relationship would confuse her to no end.



Background Check

 Celia Finch, sister, senior
Greers Ferry, AR
CSU Records

School Schedule:
Summer 2013-- intro to music, beginning french i
Oliver Hall
gamma mu rho
Out of Character

Your name/alias:
Time Zone:
How did you find us?:

#2 Melli


Posted 22 May 2013 - 11:33 PM

You have been accepted to Centennial State University!

Welcome to CSU. Before you get started, here are a few things you might want to fill out for our records:

If your character is involved in any extracurricular activities, be sure to fill these out as well!

Finally, you should stop by here to make a plot page. Be sure to read some others and reply! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you around soon.


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