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Otherside [Closed;; Self]

ginger closed

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#1 Ginger Lemond

Ginger Lemond

Posted 24 June 2013 - 08:49 PM

Setting; An apartment off-campus owned by her friend/dealer Benji

Date; September 24th, 2012




After her third line, Ginger sat back and smiled. While her mood had been pissy just moments before, Benji asking if he could bump off her stash until his friends showed up, the drugs were immediately causing the desired effect on her emotions. She loved this kind of high. Where the slow high that the weed they had smoked just half an hour before was mixing with the fast high of the cocaine that was already making it's way into her bloodstream and dilating her almond shaped eyes. It was a rush, honestly. To go from a high that made her motor skills slowed and delayed to one that was completely rushed and almost twitchy. She loved it, all aspects of it. Even the blackouts that usually followed the mixing of the two drugs for her. It never affected Benji in the way that it affected her. His moods and his actions never seemed to change with the usage of drugs. It was odd, but Ginger wrote it off as a high tolerance to both.


It didn't take long for Benji to pull Ginger into his lap, both passionately attached to each other and the feelings of fingers grazing across sensitive skin. It wasn't romantic. In fact, while Benji had a odd type of attractiveness about him that would attract any girl to him, he just wasn't someone she was interested in being in a relationship with. Hooking up while under the influence of mind blowing drugs? Now that was different. 


Benji's friends showed up soon after, not even bothering to knock, although the sight of Ginger and Benji harshly grinding against each other on the couch wasn't something that was surprising for any of them. By now, Ginger's mind was so heavily phased and blurry from the drugs that she just didn't really care about anything other than feeling that amazing release of her muscles and seeing the fireworks behind her eyelids that sex usually produced. 


She barely noticed when Benji pushed her off of him onto the empty part of the couch and got up. The drugs had her too far gone at this point, her tolerance nowhere near Benji's since she had only been experimenting with drugs for a couple of months now, that she didn't really pay attention to anything going on besides wanting someone to touch her skin and rock her world. In all honesty, she couldn't even put names to the correct faces anymore without a great deal of concentration.


A few minutes past, Ginger swaying on the couch as her speeding thoughts rushed up and swallowed her. Then, someone was grabbing her hand and all she could think was a happy chirp of Benji Benji Benji. As the hand led her to the bedroom, alarms were going off in the back of her head. Benji didn't wear rings. Benji didn't smell like smoke and mildew. Her eyes darted around and a dull thought crossed her mind. Benji is on the couch. Benji has his own bag of cocaine now. I'm not with Benji. Her sight of Benji was soon obscured by the fake wood paneling of the bedroom door and soon the alarms that were screaming that this was bad, that this wasn't Benji and she shouldn't be doing this, were drowned out by the need for sex. 


The next thing that Ginger remembered was waking up alone in Benji's bed. Glancing at the clock, she cursed loudly. She was late to her first class of the day by about 7 hours. Quickly, she jumped up from under the covers and got dressed, throwing on clothes in a hurry even though it was apparent that she wasn't even close to being able to make any of her classes for the day. 


She found Benji passed out on the couch, which she found weird considering she was positive they had both occupied the bed just the night before. At least that was the last thing she remembered before she blacked out; him leading her into his room and fucking her until her drug riddled mind couldn't take it anymore. 


Without even glancing back at the mess that surrounded Benji, she was out the door. If she had looked, she would have noticed the new bag of cocaine laying on the table, right next to the money that Benji had said he was fronting for the drugs. She would have questioned why he still had the money if he was now in possession of the drugs. It probably would have made the previous night more clear to her, made her remember that Benji wasn't in the bed with her last night. But she didn't look. So she didn't know. 

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