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The Great Gig in the Sky


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#21 Melanie Sirius

Melanie Sirius

Posted 07 July 2013 - 07:12 AM

Why she hadn't told Miranda yet was something that repeatedly ran through her mind. Throughout the week it made sense, considering it was finals week and she was insanely busy thanks to it. Studying, practicing all the time, working more just so she could have this one week off-- and what very little time she did have, she attempted to spend with Jackson. Usually that just entailed a few minutes after class or in the elevator or wherever else they could sneak a few kisses in, but it was still something. Either way, a text obviously wouldn't suffice. She needed to genuinely talk to Miranda about this entire thing, and she'd assumed Saturday would be the perfect chance.


Yet for some reason she kept chickening out. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that people kept popping in and out to help them prepare for the week-- Cricket in particular, who was unnaturally excited for this whole affair-- or perhaps it had to do with not knowing how to approach it at all. They'd agreed to keep it a secret, after all, and she wasn't so sure if he'd be okay with her telling Miranda. Regardless, she needed to tell someone, as she was bursting at the seams with this information. Not only that, but she wanted some advice in some form, as she had no idea how to navigate a relationship with a guy like Jackson without looking childish, stupid, and inexperienced. In a way this time away from him was good, as she knew she'd regroup, figure out a plan, and be prepared to do this right. Though she really did hate to be away from him for a full week.


Eventually she decided that the car ride up was the perfect time, but as Wes hopped into the backseat, she felt slightly disappointed. Shrugging it off along with Miranda's question about Simon (as she, too, was perfectly aware that he'd throw a fit no matter what they did), she sat in the front seat, wringing her hands. But as the music kicked on she, too, started bobbing her head along with it, and before she knew it she was singing right along far too loudly. She poked Miranda's arm in hopes to cheer her up and get her to join along, perhaps a little too eager in her attempts to forget about her worries entirely.


Besides, she had a full week to worry-- right now she just wanted to spend some time with her best friend.


#22 Guest_Miranda Antares_*

Guest_Miranda Antares_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 July 2013 - 07:27 AM

She'd noticed Melli's quietness after she'd gotten in the car. Though she didn't think much of it if only because it wasn't unusual for her cousin to be worrisome over anything and everything. She figured that just like her, she was worried about Simon's reaction, and she never really imagined the fact that she could possibly have some sort of big secret, she would have told her before hand. Still, it sort of bothered her if only because she was still lingering on her brother's reaction, and in a rare event Miranda was actually the one pouting and needing cheering up.


Though the music did always seemed to help and as Melli poked her in the arm it didn't take long for her to start bouncing in her seat and singing along, her mediocre beatboxing accompanying her cousin. Before she knew it she was in much higher spirits, bouncing in her seat throughout the whole drive. Before she realized it, the rest of the family seemed to be driving behind them and there was something about the whole thing about knowing that everyone(sans Teddy) would be there that excited her all too much.


By the time they arrived she'd all but forgotten about the little stunt they pulled as she was so god damned excited. She threw the car in park and got out, happy that they'd actually thought ahead and there wasn't too much setting up left to do. "We're here! Everyone's here. Oh my god, everyone is here!"

#23 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 07 July 2013 - 07:40 AM

There was little to no hesitation to agree to this camping trip. Unlike a few of his other cousins, this sounded exciting the moment it'd been mentioned. Normally he wasn't a big outdoorsy person-- he had fond memories of camping with his family, sure-- but something like this sounded both perfectly fun and perfectly... sabotagable. Not that he wanted to bring the whole campsite down in a fire, but he wouldn't hesitate to pull stupid pranks and was already plotting that shit the moment he'd been invited.


Despite Bridget's seeming rejection, Max recovered somewhat easily. It was on the back of his mind, but for the most part he let himself get excited over this camping trip. She'd be there when he got back, after all, and while he'd nearly given up during their pseudo-date, he'd psyched himself up in the past few days. Not that he'd arrive home and ask her out instantly, no, but maybe he'd summon up a little more courage to make his feelings a little more obvious. Then again, his courage gave out easily when she was around.


Upon arrival he dismissed these thoughts, however, and while he had the decency to help them bring some of the bags up to the campsites, he didn't help set up or unpack. Except for one bag, of course-- one single, huge bag that was rather heavy. He dumped it to the ground, spilling out water guns already equipped with water, and with little hesitation he grabbed one and began to pursue anyone in his general vicinity.


Obviously he was excited to be here, judging from the grin on his features and the way he tossed a gun to his best friend, as if they were comrades in a water war. Next he chased down his sister and sprayed her down as she squealed and yelled at him about getting shit done, but soon she'd joined in on it and so had Cricket. Setup could fucking wait.

#24 Guest_Bridget Carlson-Baylor_*

Guest_Bridget Carlson-Baylor_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 July 2013 - 07:54 AM

Truth be told, Bridget hadn't been looking forward to the camping trip at all. Not because she didn't want to do it. Her family had gone camping several times in the summers before she'd come to university, and she'd enjoyed herself for the most part even if she had no knowledge of the outdoors like her moms and brother did. It was the fact that for some ridiculous reason she'd agreed to come along with her sisters as soon as they'd asked. 


Almost as soon as the word yes had come out of her mouth she'd regretted that decision as she knew that these girls didn't give two fucks about her. It was strange, really, considering they weren't the camping type, but they'd mentioned something about bonding and becoming more close knit and spending time together and at those words she couldn't help but scoff and hold back a laugh because these were some backstabbing bitches and she knew it. 


Which left her questioning why the hell she'd agreed to it in the first place. They made her nervous. At one point she'd joined the sorority because she thought she'd fit in, she'd had hopes of college being different than high school and her actually making friends, but it wasn't until she actually received her bid that she realized how wrong she was and now she spent most of her time locked up in her room wishing she could just walk away from all of them.


When Max asked her to come along, she'd been dying to say yes, and the fact that she'd already made plans actually made her angry. She'd felt terrible for saying no, too, and she honestly couldn't stop thinking about it. Bridget could only hope that she'd at least get to see him at the campsite, though she wasn't trying to get her hopes up either. It was a big place. She thought of all of this as she drove in her own car to the site, not choosing to go along with the Betas in case she wanted to get the hell out of there.


She'd been unpacking her car when she saw Max and his entire family and it didn't take her long to say fuck it and turn the other way, following along and biting back a smile as she saw him with the water gun chasing everyone down. His back was turned to her when she approached him and she bit her lip a bit anxiously before tapping him on the shoulder. "Hi."

#25 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 07 July 2013 - 08:02 AM

Max was having a fucking blast already, what with chasing everyone down and spraying them, even if they didn't want to be sprayed. Already the Aldebarans were heading for the guns, which was just fine with him; he liked recruiting others in his little wars, after all. Simon looked like he was about to kill him, but that didn't mean Max backed off-- if anything he wanted a whole damn water hose to spray the guy down so he'd loosen up. Fucking jackass.


Either way, he was hardly paying attention to the cars that drove up. Honestly he was under the assumption that everyone was already here; there were a few additions to the bunch, like Nick's non-girlfriend and Brandon and Callie and other people he'd seen at the dinner table just last week, which led him to believe that this was it. This was the huge camping caravan that would be here. And while yes, it occurred to him that it really sucked that Bridget was missing out, he was trying to have a good time at the moment without that knowledge. Maybe he could text her later or something.


A tap on his shoulder had him stopping for a second, as he figured it was his brother or sister with some shoddy attempt at a prank back at him. Grinning, he pumped up his water gun to full blast and turned around quickly, pulling the trigger and letting it go off in one huge, though short stream. It could easily soak a person's torso just from one shot. It didn't occur to him until after he'd shot her that this wasn't anyone in his family-- this was fucking Bridget.


For a second his expression went blank, but slowly he started to blink, and suddenly he had this ridiculous urge to plant a kiss on her lips right then and there. Why was she here? Was she stopping on her way to the Beta's campsite? Regardless, he was so goddamn happy to see her that it reflected easily on his features, a huge grin spreading across his face as he practically jumped up and down.


"What are you doing here?" He asked, and before he could stop himself, he threw his arms around her and pulled her into a very wet hug.

#26 Guest_Bridget Carlson-Baylor_*

Guest_Bridget Carlson-Baylor_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 July 2013 - 10:08 AM

As she waited for Max to turn around there was a silly moment in her mind where she realized that this was absolutely right. As stupid as it may have sounded, being there with him and yes, even his family was what actually felt like she was meant to be doing. Not spending a week with a group of people she usually did her best to avoid. A group of girls she wouldn't have any fun with. The more she thought about it the more she realized what a stupid idea it had been to agree to come. What a stupid idea it had been to turn down Max's offer. The only thing she could hope was that it wasn't too late now.


That was one thing she was definitely a bit nervous about. She might have been oblivious to the fact that he liked her but she hadn't missed the disappointment on his face when she said she couldn't come along. It was a bit silly, but Bridget was anxious that he'd be upset with her for declining in the first place, and she couldn't help but bite her lip in worry as she wondered if she'd end up having to spend time with the Betas in the long run.


She'd psyched herself up for some sort of rejection, really. Set it up in her mind that he'd say something along the lines of their camp being too full or not having enough room. Every scenario passed through her mind. What she didn't expect was for her to get blasted with his water gun, the entire front of her shirt soaking thoroughly. For a second she just stood there sort of wide eyed, mouth slightly open as she tugged the shirt away from her. Had this been anyone else Bridget might have actually yelled at him, but she took one look at Max's face and forgot all about it. He was so goddamn cute and her heart did that stupid thing where it skipped and she was gone.


The hug had taken her by surprise as well, not that she was complaining. She wrapped her arms around him and grinned perhaps all too brightly at the contact. She'd missed him. Finals had left her far too busy and they hadn't seen each other since their not date. It was strange how much she liked his company. When she pulled back the grin was still on her face, and her cheeks were most likely tinged pink, her heart was battling against her chest and she felt anxious all over again but she shook it off and finally answered his question.


"I uh--I changed my mind." She said, looking at anywhere but his eyes. "I don't want to go camping with the Betas. I don't even like them. It's not too late is it? To stay with you?"

#27 Max Sirius

Max Sirius

Posted 07 July 2013 - 10:17 PM

So many thoughts were going through Max's mind at the moment that it might as well have been empty, as none of it came around to completion. Mostly these thoughts had to do with why she was there, what that meant, and general excitement that it was happening at all. His grin was damn near shattering, too, and it was all he could do not to start jumping around like an excited idiot. She was here. She came here to see him and spend time with him. That excitement alone was enough to cover up any conclusions as to why-- and it was enough to inhibit him, too. His hug hadn't struck him as overly affectionate at all, so much as expected.


"Too late? No way," he said with a vigorous shake of his head. For a second he glanced back at the camp, eyebrows raising, though he didn't like keeping his eyes off of her for very long. He was just that excited to see her, as if he was dreaming the whole thing up. Maybe he'd been smacked in the head with one of the guns. "So you're gonna stay with us, then? You're gonna stay with us?"

Before he could control himself, he hugged her again, but this time he picked her up and spun her around a few times. Yeah, he was way too fucking excited about this, but how could he not be? There was this weird part of him that was already sorting through what this meant in his mind, and it was absolutely a step forward from what he'd been thinking just a few minutes ago. It was without a doubt a positive thing. And again, he hardly saw anything wrong with that level of affection as he set her down, as he was just a shaking little puppydog by this point.


"Maybe you can stay in my tent," he said, grabbing her hand and leading her right into the fray, water guns alive from every side. They were getting soaked, really, and while no one was purposely targeting them, crossfire was inevitable, though he hardly noticed. "But we can figure that out later, right?" Already he was placing a gun into Bridget's hands, pointing out to the crowd of people running around, particularly the ones who were attempting to hide. "Come on, let's do this."

#28 Guest_Bridget Carlson-Baylor_*

Guest_Bridget Carlson-Baylor_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 July 2013 - 02:49 AM

His reaction honestly made her all too happy. Something about seeing that bright grin on her face and knowing that somehow she'd caused that made it feel as if there were butterflies inside of her stomach. Her presence had made him smile like that, she realized that now, and it was all she could do not to return his grin with her own face splitting one, because yeah how could that not be flattering after all. There was no regretting her decision whatsoever. She hadn't thought she would, of course, but seeing the way he'd responded to her presence had cemented that for her.


Her attempting not to show her own enthusiasm didn't last for long though as he told her it wasn't too late and her face broke out into a huge smile as she nodded. Already she was feeling much better about this whole camping trip. Being with Max, Bridget was actually sure she'd have a good time, she wouldn't be miserable with a bunch of people she couldn't even stand, and while she knew she'd be a bit anxious around his family, she'd be around him and that was all that mattered. "Yeah," she nodded, scrunching her nose at him. He was so fucking cute and it was honestly kind of painful. "Yeah, I'm gonna stay with you."


There was a point in which he picked her up again where she closed her eyes and sighed in contentment, because yeah, she'd already resigned herself to the fact that she liked Max, and while it was still scary as hell knowing that her feelings were in the balance like that, being around him made things all the better. She let out a tiny squeal as he spun her around, too, settling down on the ground and giggling like a ridiculous schoolgirl.


She didn't see anything wrong with that level of affection either, in fact, she welcomed it, which was a strange difference from when they originally started hanging out. So she wrapped her hand around his like this was the normal thing to do, and again it was something that felt completely right to her, and she followed him along nodding her head at his comment about staying in his tent and not even thinking about just how intimiate that might even be. In her eyes she wouldn't want to stay with anyone but him.


When he handed her the water gun, she looked at it curiously in her hand, and back up at him, a questioning look in his face. Bridget most definitely had a goofy side, it just didn't come out all too often. So she didn't even think about chasing down the rest of his family with him. Her target was right there. "Let's do what?" She eyed him with a raised eyebrow as she pumped the gun in her hand and pointed it right at his chest. "Oh, you mean this?" And just like he'd let it go in one short stream she'd done the same, all too bright a smile on her face as she took off running.

#29 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 08 July 2013 - 03:12 AM

Unlike her younger sister, Ruth didn't care one bit that they'd abducted Simon in so many words. Then again, she hadn't been there for the actual abduction process and hadn't even known about it until later in her drive, in which case she had to laugh anyway. Imagining the fit he was throwing was entirely too entertaining, though she did feel a little bad for Miranda, if only because she knew that she would be bothered by it. Her sister recovered easily, however, so she had little difficulty letting the issue go altogether.


That is, until they'd reached the campsite. She watched her older brother climb out of the van hesitantly, as if his hands were tied behind his back. He wouldn't help a bit with any of the unpacking so much as he just cursed at anyone who passed by, as if they'd had something to do with this whole thing. Fortunately most of the family knew to ignore him-- there were a few guests that didn't quite know how to handle his aggression, but he toned it down around them. He didn't like to seem too crazy, anyway.


Regardless, as the water guns came out, it was only natural that she went straight for him. After basically hosing him down, she ran off before she could absorb any of his curses, going straight for whoever else was around. After a few minutes she saw a familiar blonde head coming up the parking lot, and as silly as it was, it made her instantly gravitate towards Brady. While she did think his jealousy was unwarranted (Max would always love him the most, she thought), she couldn't help but feel sorry. And maybe she thought it was cute. Maybe.


So she sprayed him with two guns in hopes that he might direct his attention at her rather than Bridget, who was literally spinning around in Max's arms by this point. It was adorable, even she had to admit, but she wanted to distract Brady as much as possible. "Didn't realize you were coming, cutie," she said with a sideways grin, eyebrows raising. "Your soulmate invite you?" Shit, she probably shouldn't have mentioned Max.

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#30 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 July 2013 - 03:34 AM

Brady had never once in his life gone camping. Ever. Having grown up in a big city his own idea of camping was sitting in front of his tv for hours with bags of chips and bottles of freaking Mountain Dew and playing a Halo campaign. He wasn't by any means an outdoorsy person and when he'd originally heard about the camping trip he'd sort of scoffed and shaken his head knowing full well that he was going to spend his week between summer semesters doing absolutely nothing at all. Indoors.


Of course when his best friend asked him to come along he changed his mind completely. One, because it was his best friend asking of course, and two, if Max was going that meant he'd be all by himself for an entire week and unless he decided to show up at Justin's dorm to hang out or watch Ben get high--two things that weren't happening at all-- he'd be bored as all hell without Max around. So he'd agreed to come, a little hesitant about what the fuck he was going to do living in a tent for a week. He still didn't give two shits about camping. But at least he wouldn't be alone.


A part of him had thought about the fact that the rest of his family would be there, and yes, his thoughts had gone to Ruth momentarily, because she was pretty and she'd been nice to him but mostly he looked forward to spending time with his best friend. As gay as it was. It never actually occurred to him that Max invited his little girlfriend. She was a Beta after all, in his mind she would have been more out of place there than he would. 


And when he'd gotten there and immediately started a water fight with him he started having fun almost instantly. He didn't think about anything else except getting literally every family member with the super soaker and having fun with his bro. But at one point he stopped momentarily and spotted Bridget, and there was a tiny frown on his face that he couldn't control. He was trying not to be jealous. Really, he was. He knew his friend liked Bridget, and it was unfair of him to get upset over it, but it was difficult not to think about the fact that she was hogging all of his time.


There was something akin to a pout on his features which he tried to get rid of almost immediately when Ruth approached him, smiling at her slightly instead. It was okay. He'd be okay, right? "Yeah, Max invited me." He said, pointing his water gun right at Ruth and squinting one eye as he sprayed her back. It didn't seem as fun anymore. "I've never been camping before, I was just gonna stay home and play Halo and shit." He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw the happy couple shooting each other with water guns and shook his head. "Maybe I shoulda stayed."

#31 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 08 July 2013 - 04:02 AM

Gay. Gay gay gay. Ruth had trouble not smirking at the guy as he just straight up said "yes" rather than defending himself when she called Max his soulmate. Of course she didn't really believe they were gay-- their friendship was very platonic and even she could see that-- but the amount of jealousy was strange to her. Perhaps she was too easygoing, as she couldn't see herself being that jealous of anyone, not even Pippa. 


Likely it had to do with the fact that she was confident in her friendships. Also she didn't have a lot of friends, but those she did have she'd been friends with since childhood. So it was easy to conclude that new friends were no threat to her previous friendships, though she could somewhat see why Brady would be upset. Max had just completely forgotten the guy's existence in a matter of seconds.


Watching the two spray each other down made her scrunch her nose, as that was kind of sickeningly cute and a little gay too. She didn't watch long, though, as she knew Brady needed her full attention at the moment, and for some reason she didn't mind giving him that. After painting with him the other day, she was somewhat drawn to him in a very innocent way-- she just wanted to make him feel better, okay? That was the only reason she was hanging around. At least that was her justification.


"Halo hm?" She asked with an eyebrow raised; some of her cousins played video games-- Cricket in particular and even Melli joined in every now and then-- but she personally knew nothing about them. Other than that she let the subject drop, though, cocking her head as a pitiful expression made its way to her features. "Awww, don't say that. Who in the world would keep me company this whole time? Just think, if you weren't here I'd be bored all week. So stick with me, yeah?"

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#32 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 July 2013 - 04:26 AM

"Uh," Brady blinked, once, twice, and shook his head before he could even muster up the words to respond to Ruth. While he liked to think that he had a certain outward confidence, the truth was that he was really shitty at talking to girls. Most of the time he didn't even understand why they payed him any attention in the first place as he was kind of a giant dork and really really dumb when it came to situations involving them in the first place.


After the whole incident with that Delta girl, henceforth known as she who will not be named, whatever confidence he might have had went completely out the window. He didn't think of himself as charming and lovable anymore. Shit, after being ditched like that after he'd thought she'd liked him, could you really blame him? Needless to say that he wasn't really sure how to respond to Ruth flirting with him. Although he really wasn't sure if that was what she was doing in the first place. Maybe she was just being nice.


Either way, his cheeks went totally freaking red as she made mention of sticking with her, and his response was stuck in his throat momentarily. Because yeah she was pretty and nice and if she kept talking to him the way she did he would be fucking done for. So he nodded, grinning brightly at her, cheeks way too red still. "Well, in that case, I'm glad I came. Can't leave you off all to your lonesome, right?"

#33 Avery Aldebaran

Avery Aldebaran

Posted 08 July 2013 - 04:40 AM

Avery always became painfully excited when it came to family events. People were often surprised that he didn't schedule them himself, considering how enthusiastic and on-board he was with everything. When they were younger he attempted to every now and then, but for the most part in college he was happy to lean back and let the others take the reins. That mostly had to do with being busy with Alpha-- particularly Alpha president in the past year. His family had no chance of falling apart, he knew, so he made his organization his first priority.


That didn't mean he'd skip out on his family to go with them on a weeklong camping trip, not at all. While he was normally very optimistic and enthusiastic about his fraternity, even he knew it'd be a disaster with so many nerds involved. Then again, had he not been invited on a family excursion, likely he would have planned one with his fraternity-- though they seemed just fine with not going. He was sure they planned to spend their week raiding in WoW or doing whatever else those guys did, and while he'd miss participating, he was still more than eager to be here.


His last encounter with Kat had been incredibly successful, too, so much so that he didn't hesitate before inviting her here, too. And he hadn't been afraid to pull out his adorableness if he needed to; he'd since learned that he had a bit of an effect on her when he wanted to, and while he was normally rather sweet, he also knew to use that to his advantage. Besides, he was certain she'd have a good time out here in some way. Maybe she could make a few new friends-- she and Brandon seemed friendly enough, anyway.


The moment they stepped out of the car, he took a deep breath of fresh air and flashed Katarina the brightest grin possible. "This is gonna be great, you know?" He said to her, grabbing her hands for a moment to convey his excitement. Pretty soon he was getting blasted by water, though, and by that point there were no more water guns, so the poor kid was stuck without. "Hey, no fair!" He called after them, pouting a little.


#34 Guest_Katarina Mischenko_*

Guest_Katarina Mischenko_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 July 2013 - 05:12 AM

Jesus Christ. Why she'd agreed to come to this Katarina had no idea. Actually, she did. It had to do with the impossibly adorable fucking kid sitting right next to her of course. He really was difficult to say no to, and she damn well knew already that this was a lost fucking cause. How had she even gotten herself into this mess in the first place? It was crazy, really, if you thought about it. The fact that she was in a car with someone who was too damn optimistic for his own good, too damn bright and sunny and forgiving kind of blew her away. The fact that she liked him, actually liked him in the sense that her stupid heart started flipping when he was around, well that really sent her reeling.


Had you told her months ago that she'd be in some weird non relationship with someone like Avery she would have laughed dryly and rolled her eyes. Had you told her that she'd be going camping with the kid and his entire fucking family she would have told you you were god damn insane. Yet here she was, on her way to a week long camping trip only because Avery asked and ready to spend more time with his family, something that she didn't normally do at all.


And the funny thing was she was actually looking forward to it. Though Kat was sure she was looking forward to spending time with Avery, she really wasn't too sure about the whole family thing. That part still left her feeling a bit wary, because it was family, after all. But one look at Avery sort of took all those thoughts out of her almost instantly. She squeezed his hands,too, all too charmed by his enthusiasm and nodded at him, smiling softly. "I'm sure you're--" the spray from the water gun caught her by surprise and she narrowed her eyes at the direction it came from.


Normally, she wouldn't really find herself doing this sort of thing but Avery's pout had her acting otherwise. "C'mon," she tugged on his hand and snuck up behind the short curly headed kid that was talking to the blonde girl. It was strange that she would be so...playful with someone she didn't know, but hell, she wanted the kid to have fun and in one swift motion she had his water gun in her hand, eliciting a "What the--" from Brady in return. She tossed one to Avery, actually full on grinning and raised her eyebrows. "Have fun, kid."

#35 Avery Aldebaran

Avery Aldebaran

Posted 08 July 2013 - 05:40 AM

Avery hadn't expected the gun toss, but even if he had, he still probably would have dropped it. The gun fell right through his hands and to the ground, and he fumbled to pick it back up. For some reason it hadn't occurred to him to shoot Katarina of all people-- while he enjoyed playing games, he didn't want to piss her off. Yet as he picked it up it was literally accidental; his finger slipped over the trigger and sprayed her right in the chest.


"Oh, goodness-- I'm sorry," he said, eyes widening as he shook his head. He supposed she was already being sprayed, though, so he wasn't all that apologetic, and eventually he was being sprayed himself. Might as well join in on the fun, right? With that he sprayed her again, this time giggling a little stupidly and running off towards the campsite, a huge grin on his face. There was this stupid little part of him that wanted to play, as childish as it was, but this was sort of different. Different because he was... flirting, kind of.


#36 Guest_Henry Dahl_*

Guest_Henry Dahl_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 July 2013 - 06:02 AM

In hindsight, it was probably a terrible idea to invite his brother. Partly because he hadn't thought about the fact that Kaida was related to that Melanie girl--and he definitely didn't want his brother around her in another non school setting--and partly because inviting Jackson meant Tilly was coming along too and she was just a complete disaster. Not only that but his brother had invited his friend, as well, which only made Henry all the more nervous about this whole Jackson and Melanie thing.


Because, yeah, Henry wasn't stupid at all. He knew all about the guy's past with students, and while it was completely his business to deal with, something about it worried him. He was worried that he would encourage that sort of behavior in his brother. He'd seen the way Jackson had grabbed Melanie at the dinner table, the way they'd danced together and coupled with their mention in the gossip column and the way the'd come down covered in paint, it didn't look good at all. Perhaps he was too big a worrywart, too overbearing for a younger brother. It wasn't his business either, really, but he couldn't help but fret. It was what he did after all, and he just wanted the best for his siblings in the end. 


Despite that knowledge, he very well couldn't have come to this thing alone. And while yeah, Kaida would be there and he was kinda sorta looking forward to seeing her, the thought of himself camping all alone for a week with a bunch of strangers--because yeah, they were still a bunch of freaking strangers to him--scared the hell out of him. What if something happened? What if there were bears or someone drowned? What if there were spiders and mosquitos and there were just so many things to worry about that he'd literally been panicking the entire drive over. His fingers tightening against the steering wheel and his knuckles whitening. Yeah, he needed back up. Even if he'd have to keep an eye on every single one of them.


As he threw his car in park, Henry threw a cursory glance at Tilly and then at his brother before pointing his finger at both of them. "Don't get into any trouble, please." He looked over at Dan, too, and though he thought to say something about not encouraging him, he thought better of it. Better to not broach that subject at all. He left them to fend for themselves after grabbing his giant duffel bag full of anything and everything, because yeah, he'd come super freaking prepared. Better be safe than sorry, right?


Finally, he spotted Kaida and he sort of waved awkwardly at her, hesitating for just a moment on whether or not to run through the so called battlefield. He steeled himself though and sidled up next to her a bit of a weird grin on his features and he settled down next to her. "Uh, h-hey. I made it." He set down his giant bag by his feet and looked around. "I uh...what exactly does one do while camping?"

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Posted 08 July 2013 - 06:32 AM

Kaida agreed to go on the trip without much argument or fanfare; she was neutral to the idea, as she'd never been opposed to the outdoors, but she'd never been an enthusiast like some of her cousins. So as it was mentioned she shrugged, figuring she had nothing else better to do. The Deltas were going with a few of the Kappas (some of the Kappas had, of course, resigned to go on their own for some 'bro bonding'), but that sort of thing had long since grown boring. There was only so much bitching and flirting she could take in one day, much less a week, so agreeing to go with her family was hardly a decision at all.


What was a decision was texting Henry to see if he wanted to go. She'd only met him at the house while his brother was painting, yes, but she was undoubtedly curious to see more of the guy. This sort of behavior wasn't abnormal for Kaida; when she was interested in a guy she pursued him. Whether that was asking him out on a date or finding excuses to hang out depended on the situation, but in this case she figured it'd be best to play it safe. Either way, her interest was usually rather shallow, and she couldn't deny that in this case it still was. Just a little.


Because while he was physically cute, his little personality was cute, too, and she wanted to know more about him. Plus she figured (correctly) that if she invited him, he might invite his brother, who seemed to have a little "thing" going on with her cousin. Which she was actually shipping it, thank you very much, if only because her cousin needed to loosen up and do something crazy like hook up with her professor. Little did she realize that it had all but already happened-- god, what she would do with that information.


She waited patiently for him to arrive, though she hadn't noticed when his car pulled up. She was too busy laughing at her cousins and attempting to shield herself as they sprayed everyone, including herself, but she wasn't participating. It wasn't until Henry slid down next to her that she had any interest in participating, actually. "You came," she said, a big smile slowly spreading across her cheeks. "I'm surprised, you sounded so worried. I brought plenty of bug spray and sunscreen like I promised, though." She pointed out her own giant bag next to her, which might have sampled some of the contents of his.


"Hm... stuff like this," she told him, motioning to her idiot cousins in front of her. She took out the tiniest squirt gun, which she'd been hiding for a moment like this, and shot him right on his cheek. "It'll be fun, promise." She gave a wink to confirm it, hoping she could wind him down before the week was over.


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Posted 08 July 2013 - 06:47 AM

Truth be told, Henry just wasn't used to girls paying attention to him like this. There had been a time or two in the past, sure. Girls thought he was cute, and had occasionally flirted with him. Though it was typically very short lived as almost as soon as the guy opened his mouth and acted like...well himself, they were usually walking away slowly, thinking he was far too strange or worrisome or neurotic to be worth their time. While initially stuff like that had definitely hurt his feelings, rejection was never nice after all, he didn't so much fret about it anymore. 


It wasn't as if he had time for girls or relationships or hell even flirting(not that he knew how to flirt, he was as awkward and innocent as they came) but if he knew how to flirt, he'd be way too busy to get himself involved in that sort of thing. It was strange to him that Kaida seemed interest, and he would have been lying if he denied the fact that a part of hm thought she was just out to tease him. For the most part however, he didn't think much of it at all, after that brief period of time where he'd worried that she was just doing this for shits and giggles he didn't overthink the situation at all. 


The thought that the girl might have been interested in him, superficial or not, didn't occur to him beyond that point, which was perhaps why he'd agreed to come in the first place. He could afford to make new friends after all. Even if he was kind of leading himself into a deathtrap full of bugs and possible bears and other carnivorous animals. Plus there was the fact that she was really really pretty. That, too.


The smile on her face honestly made Henry glad he'd come, though he was sure he'd waffle on that mood far too often during the week. Still, at that moment he nodded and returned the smile, rubbing the top of his head in a nervous gesture. "Y-yeah, I told you I would. I wouldn't lie." There was something really sweet about the fact that she'd brought stuff along, too, and at that moment he didn't think she was making fun of his overly worrisome self anymore. He nodded in gratitude, smiling once again. "You really didn't have to. I-I mean I brought a lot of stuff. B-bug spray, first aid kit. Sunscreen..." He trailed off not really wanting to see too silly. Truth be told, Henry had practically brought an entire freaking pharmacy. You never knew when someone was going to need NyQuil, right?


He hadn't been expecting the water gun at all, so he jumped up, just slightly as she shot him with water in the cheek, his hand rubbing against it. Jesus. He was already so awkward and silly, how the hell was he supposed to survive the whole week? "Oh..kay. I believe you. I uh...well...I guess I won't know unless I give it a try, right?" He looked at her though he didn't much wait for her to answer. Already he was spotting a familiar head of red hair wearing an annoyed expression and attempting to carry a tent. "I brought my family. I hope that's okay."

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The way he rubbed the back of his head alone was painfully cute and sweet all at once, and she wanted so badly to lean over and squeeze his cheeks. It was an odd reaction for her to have; she was honestly used to guys who weren't like him at all, and normally she might not have paid him any attention. But he was there to keep her company outside the bed and breakfast, and considering he had information she wanted to have, she'd given him a chance. That was enough to make her think he was ridiculously cute, so it was only natural that she'd invite him places.


Not that she had some silly crush on him or anything-- she still didn't know him well enough for that. But if he continued down this road of being ridiculously sweet, there were no guarantees that she'd keep seeing it on friendly terms. In which case she'd jump in full force; there was nothing shy at all about Kaida Altair. Regardless, at the time she was completely alright with just smiling at him and being... friends. It was odd, too, for her to have a guy friend-- or a friend at all, really, that she wasn't constantly internally eye-rolling at.


"I brought stuff in case you forgot anything," she said with a nod. "Since it sounds like you've never been camping. I even bought some of these." She held up a little mosquito candle, giving it a wave. Figuring it wouldn't hurt to get started, she went ahead and lit it, turning to him and smiling in a mixture of satisfaction and reassurance. "I promise I won't even let you get bit."


Despite part of her motive for inviting him being because she wanted his family to come, she didn't even think about it until he mentioned it. Blame it on his unintentional cuteness, but either way she smiled a little wider, hoping she wasn't giving her not-so-innocent intentions away. She smiled and waved at his sister, completely ignoring her somewhat annoyed expression. "Oh, I don't mind at all. The more the merrier, hm? Should we be helping her?"


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Whoops. Was he blushing? He was most definitely blushing. She was so god damned nice that he was a little taken aback by her interactions with him, though honestly it didn't take much to get his cheeks red. Again, it wasn't so often that pretty girls paid attention to him, especially like this, and not only had she gone out of her way to invite him but she'd recognized his worries and concerns and had taken precautions, too. 


She'd been right about him never been camping. There had never been any time for that either. Or money. Or interest, really. Their mom was always working and he was always taking care of Tilly and Jacskon was always in school. There were never opportunities to do things like that. Family events, gatherings. Not like this family that was for sure. Everything he knew from camping he'd learned from TV or books, which was perhaps why he was so damn paranoid about getting eaten by bears or mauled by mosquitos."No, n-never. Neither of us I don't think." He shook his head and eyed the candle curiously, taking it in his hand carefully so as not to burn himself. "You really didn't have really didn't have to do all of that," he said, a touch flattered that she had. He turned to her though, and nodded. "You should put on some bug spray, too. I w-wouldn't want you to get bit just cause you're worrying about me."


Not for one second did Henry think Kaida had other interests in mind. Sure, she'd reassured him that Melanie and Jackson were cute, something he didn't agree with at all, if only because cute didn't mean his brother got to keep his job, but he never thought that she mind be interested in knowing what was going on between the two of them. So he didn't pick up on her tone whatsoever, instead he shook his head as she offered to help his sister and looked over at Tilly curiously. He actually wouldn't have been surprised if she had been camping before as she'd been known to assimilate herself with different types of people from time to time. Maybe she'd gotten herself involved with a bunch of nature lovers. "M-maybe Tilly has actually. Gone camping I mean." She seemed to be struggling with the tent, clearly unhappy, brow furrowed and eyes narrowed. Of course for all he knew that could have been an act. He ignored her at that moment, unsure if she was tricking him or not. If she really needed help she'd seek it out, she wasn't shy after all.


He shook his head though, not really sure that he wanted Kaida to be privy to his sister's insanity and waved his hand nonchalantly. "I think...I think she'll be okay."

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