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The Lengths

ruth antares

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#1 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 09:07 AM

Brady was still, unsurprisingly enough, acting like a petulant and jealous child. Okay, he was trying. He was, really. He was at least starting to think that it was good for his bro to get a girlfriend or...well whatever the hell she was. Why he hadn't asked her out yet when they were spending so much damn time together honestly sort of baffled him. Seriously, if Max was going to let her take away all their brotime he might as well make if fucking official, right? The fuck was he even thinking throughout all of this.


Regardless of his inner monologue. He was actually starting to think it was cute. And that it wasn't bad for the guy. He was trying to not be a bitter bitch and pout over it. Max deserved someone nice after all, he was cool people, but it was difficult for a number of reasons. The first being the obvious, that all of his free time was being taken away. All of his attention was being focused on someone that wasn't him--no, they weren't gay, okay-- and that the last few times it was supposed to be Max and Brady it had become MaxnBridget and...Brady.


But it was okay. He was trying. He really was. There was just a small part of him that felt lonely. A small part of him that was jealous not because Bridget was taking away his best friend but because he'd found himself a girl that liked him and he was still lonely as hell. He couldn't help but think back to Erin and wonder what the fuck he'd done wrong then. Had he come on too strong? Was he too much of a fucking nerd? He'd liked her, without a doubt, and being ditched and kicked to the curb had bruised that ego of his far too much.


But he was trying. Honest to goodness trying not to pout over the two of them. It was difficult. It really was, as he still felt a little hurt over the whole thing but he thought he was doing better. Too bad there had been too many thoughts just running through he back of his head and festering there and the reason it wasn't too bad was because he had no one to vent them to.


Though there was Ruth. She seemed to be there for him a lot and he liked that a lot. She was nice and pretty--really, really pretty--and honest as hell. And truthfully, she intimidated him a hell of a whole lot. Strangely enough Brady found himself spending quite a bit of a time with her and he hadn't noticed quite yet but there something like a crush forming there. Poor kid wouldn't know what hit him, honestly.


Because he'd spending so much time with Ruth he only found it natural that he should seek her out the night of the fireworks. Even he realized that watching fireworks with his best friend was a little fucking gay, okay. Plus he'd already looked for the guy and seen him with the other blonde so even if it wasn't like taking a night trip to Rainbowland it wouldn't have been able to happen. But Ruth was by herself. And she was nice and pretty and he liked spending time with her, so it was inevitable that he found himself walking over to her, right before the fireworks were meant to start and sat down right next to her.


Except now that he was sitting next to her he had no idea what the hell to say. Because yeah, she was still intimidating. So he just mustered up a smile and nodded his head at her in that typical but stupid dude greeting. "Sup?" Thankfully almost as soon as the word left his mouth Brady realized how fucking stupid he sounded and he shook his head as his smile turned sheepish. "Do you wanna uh--do you wanna watch the fireworks with me?"

#2 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 20 July 2013 - 10:00 PM



Admittedly the only reason (or at least the main reason) she'd started to hang out with Brady so much was because of his cute butthurt over the Max situation. And maybe, just maybe, she liked the attention; she'd never really been the type of girl to hang around a guy simply for validation, no, which should have been a tipoff to begin with. But it was easy to fall into a routine of hanging out with him when he was simultaneously cute and ego-boosting, and it wasn't until around Wednesday morning that she realized she really, genuinely enjoyed his company.


He slept late that day. Ruth was usually a heavy sleeper, but it was difficult to do so when there was so much light and commotion outside. Melli and Miranda were entirely too loud while cooking breakfast, and the smell of it alone was enough of a draw to get her up anyway. Normally she was a night owl, but thanks to the lack of curtains and shades, she'd managed to get herself on a good schedule. As such she was up by seven almost every morning thus far, and usually Brady awoke either shortly afterwards or a little before. And then, on Wednesday morning, he wasn't there.


And he wasn't there for a while, either. At first she pinned her loneliness on the fact that everyone was paired off, but Pippa and Raj both seemed pretty receptive to her company. There was nothing third wheelish about them at all, actually, but it didn't change the fact that, for some reason, it wasn't as fulfilling. She wandered around the campsite, stopping by Simon to see if that would help, but he was grumpy and irritating as usual. Wes was silent, Tilly was strange (Ruth never found people intimidating, but this girl evoked a similar feeling), Kaida was whiny, Roxxie was suspicious, Chase was too goddamn normal. Melli and Miranda were both too preoccupied with facilitating the whole trip (and mysteriously disappeared for a few hours every night after dinner, only to come home in the morning once), Max and Bridget were so damn attached that she felt like a creepy mom, Nat was distracted, and so on-- everyone was either doing something else or just not entertaining. 


But the longer Brady stayed in his goddamn tent, the more she realized that she sorta kinda missed him. It was totally stupid, as this was just a camping trip, but she had to be honest with herself. It wasn't just loneliness. It was him, really, and the fact that she liked being around him. The fact that she really liked their friendship of sorts, even if there were a few undertones to it that made her uncomfortable. Because yeah, she could pick up on the fact that something else was happening, but neither was she sure what to think about it.


Ruth was hardly a worrier, but that evening she had these thoughts on her mind. Not that she had any interest in discussing them with anyone-- she wasn't the type of person that had to reflect on someone else to understand herself-- so mostly she was quiet that day. It wasn't until Brady sat down next to her that her attention was finally drawn to him, in which case she smiled, unable to not react naturally to him.


She tucked her arm into his, completely forgetting about her worries already. There was something about his cute sheepishness that made it fade away momentarily. "Hi," she said, smiling as she bumped her shoulder into him. "Yeah. That'd be cool. Do you wanna stick around here or try to find somewhere else?" It didn't occur to her that she was asking whether or not he wanted privacy to hang out, just the two of them. Besides, they were past being nervous about that sort of thing... right?

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#3 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 21 July 2013 - 05:54 AM

Had Brady known that Ruth had actually missed him that morning when he'd been sleeping, the kid would have most likely scrambled out of his tent in a sleepy state and planted himself right next to her, a smile on his face and ready to keep her company. It wasn't just that there was a bit of a crush budding there, though yes, that would have been a pretty big reason, but he was eager to please by nature, he was one of those people who willingly made himself look like an idiot to make his friends laugh and feel better about themselves and knowing that she'd been lonely and had noticed his presence gone would have been something unacceptable in his mind.


He'd had absolutely no idea though, and he'd slept that entire morning--uncomfortably but enjoyably-- as if he hadn't slept in fucking weeks. Because yeah, the kid was lazy as fuck and this was summer and he wasn't meant to be working hard at all. The tents and sleeping bags weren't exactly the most luxurious thing on the damn planet either so they made sleep kind of a pain in the ass anyway. Though, admittedly the dorm beds weren't that much better.


Still, he'd actually been having a good time that week, enjoying himself and Ruth's company and a good majority of the family despite the pouts he seemed to put on when Max was spending all of his time with Bridget. From water fights and swimming(jesus fucking christ was he never going to forget about the swimming) to bonfires and breakfasts, it had been a nice time. But the poor kid was fucking exhausted as really he'd never remembered doing so damn much on a "vacation" in his life. What the fuck? 


So he'd slept. Almost all damn day, too, the sounds outside of his tent loud but barely even bothering the kid. He'd always been a deep sleeper after all. And he'd woken up feeling refreshed(and a little sore) and with no idea that someone had been looking for him the entire day. Had he been in the same position he wouldn't have known what to do as everyone was coupled up together and it was so damn strange to him that it made him scratch his head. Where the fuck had all these people come from anyway? Brady hadn't known Max too long--though yes it felt like years--but every time he spent around his family it had always been there. Now suddenly they'd multiplied and it he felt like he needed a key to keep up with them before this was far far worse.


Everyone pairing up and being all cute and adorable and shit made it all the more noticeable that his best friend as off in fucking la la land with Bridget. It made it all the more obvious that he was on his own, a third--or seventeenth--wheel in a sense. He'd come there to hang out with Max, he'd been sure that it was just going to be bros and family for a week and she'd shown up and swooped him away. So it was only natural that he gravitated to Ruth. As in his eyes everyone else was kind of well...not only did they already have someone else but he didn't think he'd get along with them as well as he did her.


And it was so damn nice that she was so willing to be around him, too. That she seemed to like his company as much as he liked hers. He couldn't deny that his heart flipped over in his chest when she said yes and when she suggested going somewhere else--privacy--to watch them. He gave her a short laugh and a bright grin before he answered. "Uh--I mean there's a lot of trees here you know, I mean we'll still see them I guess but it might be better somewhere a lot clearer? Plus your uh...your family's kind of loud might uh--might ruin the moment or something." As he finished his sentence he trailed off, feeling idiotic for even saying something like that and he looked down at the ground, at his feet and his cheeks reddened.

#4 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 22 July 2013 - 06:30 AM

At first, Ruth expected her dynamic with Brady to be something like a younger brother, but as time went on, it became increasingly apparent that that sort of thing wasn't possible at all. The way he was adorable wasn't growing on her like that. It was growing on her in a way that made her think about him sometimes when he wasn't there, in a way that made her want to reach out and make physical contact in some form. Hug him, squeeze his cheeks-- there were a million ways in which Brady was cute, and sometimes she wanted to tell him every single one.


But it was still mostly on a friendly level. She wasn't getting in over her head or thinking about him as she fell asleep at night; she wasn't holding his hand or smiling at him as if she was absolutely taken with him. Sometimes she actually enjoyed it more when he wound down and wasn't as "cute" or whiny or worrisome as usual. She liked it when he was more of a peer than someone she felt like she needed to look after, and as time went on, those moments were becoming more frequent. After this week she likely would still seek him out sometimes. 


Actually, this week forged a friendship between the two of them that she wouldn't break so easily. With her few friends she was pretty loyal, after all; while she could be lazy and distant at times, she never forgot about them and was the type to be there for them as soon as they needed her. She already considered Brady among these few friends, so long as he didn't come attached at the hip with Max, anyway. She loved her cousin dearly, of course, but he could wear down her nerves at times. So it was a bit strange that she'd taken such a fondness for Brady so quickly.


She grinned at his words, though, leaning forward with her chin in her hand as she processed what "ruining the moment" meant. While she'd never played the games herself, she'd certainly been around while her younger sister and Melli went through that little Harvest Moon phase. And she'd seen the way the characters would watch the fireworks all romantically with one another, as the two of them would drag her out and make her look every goddamn time. Ruth had never been terribly romantic at heart-- she wasn't cynical, no, so much as it just never appealed to her. Being doted upon wasn't the sort of companionship she wanted. 


Regardless, she knew his comment was mostly harmless, but she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows at him anyway, teasing him. The way he blushed was painfully adorable, too, and it was all she could do not to reach out to him all over again. "Come on, then," she said, rising quickly and already starting in the direction of the woods without much fanfare. She didn't grab his hand, despite the urge to, and barely gave a glance behind to see if he tagged along.


"So is Max still with his girlfriend?" She asked, hardly joking by this point. They were together, even if they weren't aware of it yet. There was just no way they could spend that much time grinning at each other like that not to be. Idiots. "Guess it'd be kinda weird for you to watch them with him anyway, huh?"

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#5 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 23 July 2013 - 05:27 AM

Truth be told, Brady hadn't been sure what to expect out of this whole thing with Ruth, either. Considering the fact that he'd known Max's family for a slightly shorter time than he'd known him, he'd always remembered finding her ridiculously intimidating. Pretty, yes, but intimidating nonetheless. He could recall numerous times when she and the tiny yet scary brunette had torn that family apart. They were relentless and downright terrifying at times and he hadn't imagined himself ever actually talking to her in the sense he did now.


Had you told Brady a few months back that he'd be hanging around with her like this, actually seeking out her company and wanting to spend time with her, he would have laughed in your face. He spent a lot of time avoiding her gaze, a lot of family events spent quiet or way on the other side of Ruth and Pippa just so he wouldn't have to be a victim to that sort of scrutiny. He'd never actually imagined her being so friendly to him, never actually imagined that he'd ended up...well that he'd end up with a ridiculous crush on her of all things.


Even after realizing at the bed and breakfast that she was actually kind of nice--still scary but nice--he really wouldn't have imagined himself in this scenario. There was was something about her that still kind of made him nervous, as much as he liked to appear outwardly confident with her around. But she wasn't bad at all. She was cute and funny and really really outspoken. Poor kid still felt the heat on his face when she'd complimented him and called him hot(and because she'd been wearing that bathing suit, that too.)


But for the most part he'd enjoyed her company. With Max so preoccupied with his little girlfriend he truly had spent quite a bit of time around her, and he'd definitely liked every single minute of it. Somehow she was able to take his mind off his stupid, irrational jealousy and the fact that he was being a pouty, whiny, little bitch. It had all come as a surprise to him but he found himself liking Ruth more and more as the time went by.


Which was, to be perfectly honest, a pretty bad sign. Judging by the last time Brady actually liked a girl the chances of him getting his little heart completely crushed were pretty big. He wasn't sure what to do, first of all; just because he carried some sort of outward confidence didn't mean he knew how to deal with girls in that sort of sense. As soon as they paid attention to him in the romantic aspect he sort of turned into a blushing, stuttering, lovesick idiot who was not good for anything at all. Thankfully it hadn't gotten that way with Ruth, which hadn't stopped him from hanging out with her, but he was already developing a crush on her, he had no idea how the hell he was supposed to keep himself in check.


He gave her a cursory glance as she mentioned Max and Bridget, his lips turning down as he shook his head. "Yeah, I think so. He's been with her all damn week. So much for brotime." He shrugged, heaving out a heavy sigh and looked up at Ruth. What a whiny little bitch he was. "Nah, we weren't gonna watch the fireworks together, we're not gay, but I've barely hung out with him all week." Brady hardly walked much on the campsite, as soon as he found an empty spot a good distance away from every one else he plopped down and crossed his legs. He wasn't about all that walking. "Here's good."

#6 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 24 July 2013 - 03:19 AM

Ruth really did feel sorry for him, in a way. Not that she completely understood where he was coming from; having always been a level-headed person, she didn't quite experience jealousy like other people did. She didn't judge it in other people, no-- at least not to Brady's extent, since he was harmless-- but she didn't understand it if only because she was that confident in her friendships. Hell, her best friend seemed to make a rather close friend recently and she hadn't bitched about it; Raj wasn't so bad once you got past his strange mannerisms, and even she enjoyed hanging out with them at times.


Regardless, when he went into pout mode, she wanted to reach over and hug him or do something to cheer him up. Instead she wordlessly followed him, watching his expression as she joined him on the grass. It was, at least, a sign of how much he cared about Max, and she wondered whether or not the kid appreciated it. Max was pretty talented with looking a gift horse in the mouth, after all, and he hadn't exactly approached this situation with much sensitivity. She'd all but decided to have a talk with him at this point, though that could wait until they got back. 


"Brotime," she echoed, eyebrows raising, and she wondered absently what in the world something like that entailed. Certainly not carrying on like she and Pippa normally did, anyway. She stared at him thoughtfully for a while, cocking her head. "So what are you most jealous of? The fact that he's otherwise preoccupied or the fact that he's got a girl at all?" Thus far she hadn't quite deciphered that. For the most part it seemed as though he just wanted to genuinely spend time with Max. But sometimes there were undertones about something else, and it was only in her honest nature to outright ask.


"Because, y'know, you could probably talk to him about the first issue. You mean a lot more to him than he's letting on right now, he's just... twitterpated, you know." She smirked at her own clever usage of the word, that stupid Monday movie night coming to mind. Admittedly she'd participated a lot when Melli and Miranda were forced to do it over the phone, and maybe she missed it. Maybe.


She raised an eyebrow, pulling her knees up to her and resting her arms on them. "But the second issue is not so hard to resolve either, y'know." Ruth watched his expression, curious; surely the boy'd had something like a relationship before. He was too cute not to.

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#7 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 July 2013 - 03:47 AM

There was a part of Brady that was starting to feel really fucking silly about this whole thing. Not that he didn't already feel like a complete moron for having these dumb issues to begin with. He couldn't help but feel ridiculous at the fact that he was pouting over Max having a girlfriend. He should have been happy for his best friend. And in a way, he was. He was happy for Max, really. Just for some reason he couldn't seem to get past that petulant, pouty demeanor he was displaying. Poor Brady could only hope it would get better, but the fear of him losing his bro to a girl was just kind of fucking ridiculous.


The part he felt silliest about was acting this way around Ruth. She was, after all, the only person who'd been witness to his childish whining and while he could tell that she wasn't judging, there was still something about her teasing that made him feel like a complete fucking idiot. Because, yeah, he realized she was right. That was it was stupid. That he was being an idiot. And he was trying, he really was trying not to be a jealous little bitch. He wasn't succeeding, but he was damn sure trying. He wanted to get over himself at least and that was what mattered after all.


In all honesty, had Ruth not been around to witness this bitch ass behavior of his, he might have never realized it himself. In a way, her teasing, though he realized wasn't malicious at all, was what made him actually acknowledge the fact that he was being a little silly. That scary side of her came to mind, too, and he realized that she could have been a lot harsher about things than she was really being. For that, he was relieved. Though he still didn't know how to respond to her sometimes. And he sort of blinked his eyes at her several times as she asked her question before shaking his head. "Dunno." He said with a shrug, not even bothering to correct her about the jealousy like he'd done before. "I guess both. We've barely hung out and I didn't even think she was comin' y'know? But I guess...after what happened with that Delta chick, I guess maybe I kinda want a girl, too."


His cheeks reddened considerably at this confession and he couldn't even stand to look at Ruth after saying something like that. Jesus fucking christ he could really be such a dork that it was kind of painful. Instead of looking at her as he responded to her he just sort of stared at his hands, willing the color in his cheeks to drain. "I don't wanna be that guy. I don't want Max to be mad at me or some shit and I really am cool with the fact that he's got a girl you know? I just don't wanna have to make a fuckin' appointment to hang out with him just because he's spending all his time with her."


Brady finally glanced over at Ruth as she spoke of the second issue being resolved. He blinked, an incredulous look on her face before he shook his head. "I told you what happened with that last girl. That was the last time someone was interested in me. Girls say they like nerdy dudes but no one wants to kiss some geek who dresses like fucking Link a a Delta party." He sighed heavily, frown forming on his face. At the time he'd thought those costumes were bad ass but now he was starting to realize that this side of him wasn't very appealing to girls. "Sucks."

#8 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 24 July 2013 - 04:45 AM

Ruth wasn't really meaning to tease him, not anymore. In the beginning he was amusing, admittedly, and it was fun to watch him get worked up over his semi-gay friendship with his best friend. But now that she'd gotten to know him a little better and genuinely enjoyed his company, she actually didn't want to hurt the guy's feelings any more than she had to. She'd always also been painfully honest by nature, though, so it was only natural that it would come across that way. That her smiles would seem teasing, maybe a little too observant. It was all with good intentions, though; she honestly just wanted to hear him out.


Which, to some extent, Brady was an exception in that situation. While she could be a good listener and give good advice every now and then, she hardly liked to hear about the shallow affairs of others. In her mind, however, this wasn't a shallow matter. He was actually upset about spending time with his best friend, and because of that she couldn't help but feel concern for him. He wasn't some silly girl in the bathroom bitching about a shitty situation she'd asked for; he wasn't talking behind someone's back and expecting no repercussions. He was trying to be a good friend, and she respected that.


She wasn't taken by surprise when he admitted he wanted a girl, though. That was easy to see based on his reaction to that Delta girl. She couldn't help but wonder what in the world that girl took from him; had he really been so invested in her? Or was it simply the first time a girl paid attention to him? Which brought to mind why in the world girls hadn't paid attention to him before, but she let the subject drop. If he wanted a girlfriend, he'd find one, she was certain of it.


"It's alright, Brady. You aren't that guy. I get it." She smiled softly, reaching out and gently placing her hand on his shoulder. "He'll come around, promise. He cares a whole lot about you, too, y'know. Pippa used to debate whether or not he was gay for you." She winked, as she was totally lying by that point, but hopefully she was helping nonetheless.


She laughed humorlessly, though, shaking her head as she stared at him. "Come on. Are you serious? Twenty bucks says a girl has been interested in you before. No shit a Delta isn't gonna pay attention to you-- they're too caught up being bitches to do anything but get into shallow relationships. You're way too damn sweet for that. Don't look in the wrong places, Brady. You might find a sweet girl who wants to play video games with you all day and cook for you and do all kinds of silly things. Actually, I know you will. You're incredibly attractive and funny and any girl would be lucky to have you." It occurred to her, in the back of her mind, that she wasn't the girl she'd described at all. And maybe it occurred to her for the first time that she was bad for him. That he was too sweet for her abrasive, honest type of personality; that he didn't deserve to be on edge all the time like he was. Her smile didn't fade, though, so much as her brow furrowed ever so slightly in the center. She wasn't sure why she was thinking these things, after all.

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#9 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 July 2013 - 06:33 AM

Shit. The minute those words came out of his mouth he was regretting them. He really shouldn't have said that at all. Granted, Ruth already had been privy to what had gone on with Erin, he'd already pouted over that to her, but something about his little confession made him feel stupid and childish. What the fuck was he even thinking? For some reason he was under the impression that she would laugh or scoff at him for being such a fucking idiot, or worse that she wouldn't care at all about what he had to say.


Before this week had gone on he would have wondered to himself why the hell Ruth's opinion mattered so much, though truth be told, secretly a lot of people's opinions mattered a lot especially when they were Max's family members. Before it had been about the fact that he wanted to fit in. Max was his best friend and this was his family, they were cool and he wanted to feel like he belonged, much like he would have liked him to belong around his siblings. But now he was realizing that he was probably in way over his with his little crush on Ruth and that it needed to stop right fucking away.


It was one thing thinking she was pretty, one thing liking her company and the fact that she seemed to pay attention to him. There was no doubt about the fact that her presence had made the week all the better for him, especially with Max busy with the girl, but he realized that it had made his crush on her grow from a harmless little thing to actually liking her and he was mad at himself for letting it happen. 


Ruth didn't make it easy for him to not like her either, as she was overwhelmingly nice to him. Nicer than he imagined that was for sure. He imagined that she would have eventually tired of his whining that eventually she would have gotten fed up and found him absolutely aggravating. Several times he'd pictured her doing that thing she did with Pippa and it scared him to think that she might actually find him that irritating. But she hadn't done so, despite the fact that she'd teased him, she'd been reassuring nonetheless. And it was just damn hard to stop liking her when she was like that. He laughed at his comment, though it was half hearted more than anything as he shook his head. "We aren't gay," he said, straightening up his shoulders and clearing his throat as i this would make him appear more manly.


But her next words left him completely speechless, a mixture of disbelief and embarrassment was what he was experiencing and for awhile he couldn't say anything at all. He sort of blinked at her, stunned and wide eyed as his cheeks reddened again. It was only the fireworks in the distance that brought him back to reality and instead of acknowledging all the nice things she'd just said about him he just shook his head and acted like an idiot. "Uh--um, show...the show's starting. Fireworks. Yeah."

#10 Ruth Antares

Ruth Antares

Posted 24 July 2013 - 07:08 AM

Ruth wasn't stupid. She'd picked up on his attraction to her long ago. The way he acted like a little puppy around him was enough evidence of that; as much as she thought he deserved better, there was no denying the fact that he'd developed some sort of small crush on her. And her him-- that was something else she could hardly deny to herself. As much as she didn't want to, her heart stirred a little when he was particularly cute, and she had some sort of strange urge to want to take care of him. When he was upset she wanted to hug him-- when he was smiling he wanted to keep it that way. It was impossible not to like Brady Moretti. He was likable in every sense of the word, and for the first time it occurred to her that Erin was an idiot for passing up this opportunity.


Despite being level-headed most of the time, somehow any rational thought processes left her mind when the fireworks show started. Somehow he was the only thing on her mind. It was easy to blame it on just cheering him up as she leaned forward, but the closer she got to his face, the more warmth she felt radiating from it. The closer she came to him, the more she began to lose control-- her heart was damn near jumping out of her rib cage, her breath caught in her throat. Now that she was right in front of him, she realized for the first time just how attractive he was. The way his lips were shaped, the color of his eyes, even the imperfections in his features. 


Even if that moment felt like minutes, it was short. It was merely a second, if even that, before she pressed her lips to his. And while in the back of her mind a siren went off-- this was a horrible, horrible idea-- it was incredibly quiet in comparison to the loud, heavy way her heart beat in her chest. Involuntarily she pressed a hand to his cheek and brought him in closer, and in that moment she realized entirely too many things.


First of all, this wasn't something simple. This wasn't just a silly kiss underneath the fireworks to make him feel better. This was something a lot more to her; the only thing she could concentrate on was the warmth of his lips-- the heady, but exhilarated feeling she got from being so close to him. She held his face to hers for a short while like that, lips moving against his far too firmly for this to be construed as innocent.


But suddenly she drew back as if injured, her eyes wide, the realization of what she'd done hitting her like a ton of bricks. For the first time, she wasn't intimidating, honest Ruth anymore. For the first time there was a hint of the scared girl underneath-- the one who went silent when her mother died, the one who blocked off any sort of feelings for fear that she might end up in the same shoes as her father. This was absolutely terrifying. This was the closest she'd ever been to a person-- her first kiss-- and she'd shared it with some kid who didn't deserve to be taken advantage of like this. He barely knew her and she'd managed to lose control.


There was an apology in her throat, an explanation, maybe even an honest confession-- but nothing came out. For the first time since she was a kid, she was truly speechless, and the notion bothered her far more than it should have. There was a long sigh, a breath she'd been holding in for a while, and suddenly she was on her feet so fast that it was a surprise it didn't give her whiplash. With that she was gone, running through the woods and back towards the campsite, her heart still in a flurry. She left him there to watch the rest of the fireworks alone as her guilt tore her apart at the seams.

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#11 Guest_Brady Moretti_*

Guest_Brady Moretti_*

  • Guest

Posted 25 July 2013 - 04:48 AM

Poor kid was still flushed beet red from her words. It was too much. She was too fucking nice and he really hadn't expected it. He just wasn't used to a girl paying this much attention to him, not like this, not after they knew what he was like. It was one thing to be charmed by him because he was a little cute and incredibly goofy but truth was, he was a fucking nerd and he knew it. It wasn't anything he was ashamed of necessarily, as he was the one that suggested dressing up in cosplay for Halloween to a Delta party but neither did he think it was appealing whatsoever.


It hadn't been before, that was for sure. Brady might have been good looking, he might have been surprisingly athletic(considering he didn't do a lick of fucking exercise) but he was a doofus, plain and simple. He was used to it, used to getting brushed off for dudes like his brother Justin who were kind of complete and total dicks, he was used to getting strange looks when he started talking about comic books and video games and headshots and shit. He'd resigned himself to be forever!alone far too many times for his own good.


He was the type of person who got his hopes up far too easily though, which is probably why he ended up liking girls so damn quickly. He was damn convinced Erin had been his soulmate when she'd kissed him, absolutely fucking gaga over the girl only to get his heart shattered. It wasn't nearly the same with Ruth as he'd learned his lesson not to be so damn eager about things, but yeah, the fact that she was the way she was with him, the fact that she paid attention to him and thought he was cute and a good guy and that he would get a girlfriend made him pine for the girl even more.


Instead of thinking about her being right, about him getting a girlfriend that would do these things with him, he thought about what it would be like to take Ruth out. What it would be like to show Ruth to play video games, what it might be like to be close to her and know that they were together and not have to push down his silly little crush on her because it was wrong. Her flattery of him only made things worse as he could only think about her being his girlfriend now, he could only think about holding her hand and poor Brady was almost kicking himself at every thought that crept to his mind. He was supposed to be putting a stop to this not letting it grow worse.


So he tried to take his mind off of it, tried to look up at the sky and concentrate on the fireworks show but it wasn't working. And then, then it was only worse. It happened before he even had the chance to process it, she was kissing him. Ruth Antares was kissing him and he thought his heart was going to explode and that he was going to pass out right then and there. For a moment he was stunned, eyes wide for a brief second until they squeezed shut. Her breath was warm and sweet and the feel of her hand on his cheek was so soft and soothing that it was the only thing he wanted to feel for a long time. He was a lost cause then and there, if there was any hope of him suppressing that crush of his it was long gone right then and there because she was kissing him and Jesus fucking Christ it was so incredibly unfair.


And he just wanted to keep kissing her. He wanted to pick her up and swing her around and kiss her repeatedly, her forehead, her cheek, her nose, her lips. This was what he wanted to do all damn night, fuck the fireworks, fuck everything else but Ruth and kissing. But then she pulled back and while the smile on his face was ecstatic it quickly fell when he saw how she looked. Before Brady had the chance to respond she was on her feet and he was completely stunned and alone. All he could do was touch the tips of his fingers to his lips and bury his face in his hands, a loud groan the only sound that escaped him. What the fuck.

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