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Toby Aldebaran

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#1 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 23 July 2013 - 07:51 AM

Toby was constantly torn between having a good time and being pissed off. On one hand, he was having a damn good time just hanging out with family; everyone was up to something and he was constantly amused. Even when things got a little boring, he was able to hang out with Jack and Brandon, as luckily he hadn't quite caught sight of his bro hanging out with Cricket. But on the other hand, every now and then he'd noticed two absences in particular, as it was glaringly obvious when Miranda and Melli weren't around. Both Monday and Tuesday night so far consisted of them disappearing into the woods, and by no coincidence both of those old guys had conveniently disappeared.


By this point there was no doubt in his mind that something was going on. It was just too weird for both of them to hang out with these guys in particular. Miranda, maybe-- she surrounded herself with all sorts of people every day, if Raj was any indication-- but Melli was sometimes selective about who she befriended, much less disappeared into the goddamn woods with. He tried to keep a level head, though; surely she would know better than to get herself caught up with that guy.


He worried about both of them nonetheless. Even if that Dan guy seemed harmless, he couldn't shake the image of Miranda crying out of his head. If that happened, he'd have absolutely no problems punching a professor in the face, even if it meant expulsion from the school during his senior year. And even if he figured Melli knew better, he couldn't help but recall certain stupid decisions she'd made in the past. She was emotional, he knew, and he wondered if that translated into relationships.


On that Wednesday they'd disappeared yet again, and pissed off, he went searching for them without Nat this time. He even ventured into the woods for a while, turning up with no results, and he was so goddamn pissed by this point that he had trouble not throwing some sort of childish fit. Brooding, he went back to the campsite, and for some reason he spotted Callie in particular first.


He sat down next to her, brooding in place for a moment. Clearly restless, he kept moving his legs and adjusting his position as if to get comfortable. Eventually he bursted with words, though, his voice a little too loud to be calm and collected like he wanted it to be. "Have you seen Melli or Miranda?" He asked, expression all too serious. "They keep fucking disappearing, and it's not cool man. Isn't Melli your friend? Have you guys been hanging out and shit?"


#2 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 23 July 2013 - 08:59 AM

Callie, actually was having a good time and had spent no time pissed off. Not that she was surprised, mind you. She hadn't come into this with a negative outlook after all. Though, she had thought Toby would be there and had been wary about his presence she still figured she'd end up having a good time. Cricket had invited her after all, and she wasn't even the only person in the family she was friends with. So regardless of her original hesitation, she still expected to have a good time, and her expectations had seen through pretty well.


Granted, she had very nearly drowned, and she'd found herself clinging to the dude's back and accepting his help despite the fact that she really wanted to splash water in his face. There was a part of her, that stubborn, brash, competitive side of her that didn't want his fucking help, thank you very much, and felt really defeated when she'd had to accept it. Somehow, she'd found herself taking swimming lessons from him, too. His hands all over the place and it was kind of ridiculous how much she couldn't find herself disliking it, no matter how hard she tried.


Nonetheless, that had been one, teeny tiny, isolated incident. She hadn't actually drowned at least, and the rest of the week had both been fun and relatively uneventful. She spent a good amount of time with her other redheaded friend, too, as she couldn't find Melli and Miranda most of the damn time. Callie was already suspicious about her and that professor dude, really, could you blame her after the way they behaved in the bed & breakfast and the fact that they'd been together in the gossip column of all things--she wasn't fucking talking about the gossip column though, hell nah--but she decided she was going to give the girl the benefit of the doubt.


Still, regardless of that, Callie couldn't help but notice the fact that this camping trip was weirdly exclusive, as in, there were a lot of fucking couples there and it was hard to turn a corner without someone looking at someone else as if they'd hung the god damn moon, so on one particular afternoon, when she couldn't find either Cricket or Melli and Miranda, she'd ended up in front of her tent instead. Legs crossed in front of her, kindle in her hand. 


Not that she could actually concentrate on what she was reading of course. It was hard to focus when everyone around her was so playful. Even then, when Toby came to sit by her she still kept the thing in front of her face, eyes scanning the same three lines over and over again as she couldn't help but feel antsy just by his behavior alone. She waited though, and finally he burst, she laid the kindle down on her lap and looked at him a mixture of amusement and curiosity on her face. "I haven't seen 'em, no. I was looking for them earlier actually but like you mentioned she keeps disappearing. And yeah, she's my friend, but I've been hanging out with Cricket mostly." She regarded him for a moment, taking in that broody expression on his face and she raised her eyebrow at him. "You okay, dude? You're not gonna Hulk out or some shit, are you?"

#3 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 24 July 2013 - 03:59 AM

Toby did notice that she was already preoccupied with her little... electronic thing, but neither did he care. She was probably playing some dumb game on there or something, in which case he didn't mind interrupting. Wouldn't be the first time, now would it? Though, considering the circumstances, he hoped this round would go differently. The first time hadn't exactly been... friendly, to say the least, despite his attempts otherwise.


Which was funny, really, as this encounter was somewhere along the lines of friendly, and he wasn't even trying to be charming. In fact, his overly protective douchebag side was showing, and she wasn't chasing him away like she'd done at the table. He still wasn't quite aware that he'd been a smarmy asshat at first, as he'd gotten away with being one for so long that it'd never been a problem before. In a way he was still butthurt about it, but teaching the girl to swim was a bit of justice, at least.


Either way, he had nothing against the girl, and still might have considered her something like a comrade in the Melli-situation, even if she didn't consider herself the same. Her answer took her by surprise, and he gawked at her for a moment, mouth open and eyes wide. "Wait, you haven't been hanging out with them much this week?" He asked, though he supposed he should have noticed somewhere down the line. Then again, he wasn't the world's most observant person to begin with. For a moment he considered going off on a tirade about how she was supposed to be their friend, but he knew watching after them wasn't her responsibility.


Sighing, he shook his head. "No, I'm not fucking okay. Those douchebags keep disappearing with my cousins, man. They're super innocent, too, so I don't want them coming back-- y'know--" He wasn't sure how he was going to end that sentence, so he just made a face and let it drop. "I mean, they're fucking old guys. What the fuck are they doing here, and what do they want with Miranda and Melli?"


It was clear that he'd been bottling this up for a while, and he didn't find this amusing at all. In fact, as he stared at Callie, he started to bristle up a little bit, though he managed to put a cap on it. "They're probably like, I don't know, fifty or some shit. That isn't weird and totally creepy to you? You aren't worried about that at all?"


#4 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 July 2013 - 04:21 AM

Surprisingly enough, she didn't mind the interruption this time around. It wasn't nearly as grating as it had been the first time. At the very least, they were somewhat getting along then, even if she did enjoy bickering and bantering with him(no, not flirting, never flirting) far more than anything else. Callie still thought he was a bit of an insufferable douche bag, yes, it was hard not to with the way he'd acted as he'd thrown her in the stream, and well, the way he'd acted in general, but at least she wasn't ready to walk away or tell him off this time. 


The girl did realize that having to rely on him to learn how to swim of all things had given him some sort of stupid advantage. That was definitely her competitive side showing, as she was definitely someone who liked to have the upper hand and the last word at all fucking times. But she said nothing, because she figured that even that sort of thing would leave him feeling smug as hell and with something to hold over his head. Shit, he should have given her swimming lessons considering he was the one who'd nearly fucking drowned her after all.


Either way, she was starting to...adjust to his personality. Though she still wasn't aware that she was actually finding him tolerable. Or even liking him, that sort of thing was buried deep deep in her subconscious, she didn't mind the fact that he'd sat down next to her whatsoever, even if was being kind of a prick. Though she didn't hesitate to raise her eyebrow at him, and give him a look that said dude seriously? at the way he was acting, either. She just shook her head and shrugged at his question as if it was so fucking ridiculous. "Nah, but that's not weird dude, we're not like attached at the hip or anything."


Callie didn't see the big deal, she wasn't really following his line of thinking until he mentioned the older dudes. In which case realization dawned on her. Though she still thought he was fucking overreacting by a bit. "How do you know they're douche bags? Because they're older? What do you think is going to happen dude?" He was so damn irritated that for a moment she wanted to reach out her hand and pat his back, but she kept them folder in her lap as something told her that was a stupid fucking idea.


A part of her did have some concern for her two friends, though she was of the opinion that they could handle themselves pretty well. She nodded though, and shrugged at his question. "I guess it's a little weird but I mean, they're not that old, I think you're exaggerating a bit and I'm pretty sure those two can handle themselves you know? You really think something bad's gonna happen when their whole fucking family is right here?" Her brow furrowed as she really did have a hard time imagining either of those two getting themselves romantically involved with professors, but she concentrated her concern on Toby instead. "Look, don't take this the wrong way, but it's not really any of your business what either of them do with their free time. They're both really fucking smart you know? I don't think it's them you have to worry about."

#5 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 24 July 2013 - 06:18 AM

Toby had already realized that he technically had something to lord over her in the future. That was part of the reason he'd taught her to swim, after all. The other part was surprisingly innocent, though; he actually did want to help her out, if only because he thought swimming was fun and missing out on it was shitty. It'd suck if she wasn't able to get out in the water for the rest of the week like everyone else, so he was happy to teach her. The last reason wasn't realized until he was already helping her-- it was even creepy to realize in the first place-- but he kinda liked touching her. He liked having the excuse, anyway. He was a guy, alright?


Not that he'd ever admit that part so openly. He was aware what kind of reaction she'd have to that. Besides, he wasn't thinking about his advantage quite yet; honestly the only thing on his mind was how to put a stop to this whole professor situation, and she didn't even seem fucking concerned about it. In fact, she seemed the opposite way, like she wanted him to calm down. Was she fucking blind?


"Oh, I don't know-- maybe they could get their hearts broken?" He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, throwing his arms into the air. He was quite melodramatic when he wanted to be, but it was clear that he actually gave a fuck about his cousins. This wasn't a power trip for him; this was genuine concern, and he didn't want those assholes corrupting his cousins into someone else. Into someone like him, who emptily slept with people whenever he wanted to. He knew they couldn't emotionally remove themselves from a situation like that, and what else could an older guy want with his cousins?


"Right, they can handle themselves." He scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back into his chair, clearly fuming. "I don't know if you've been informed, but Melli technically dated that guy once upon a time," he said, pointing over at Brandon, "and Miranda actually trusts him. Like legitimately trusts anyone. I'm not saying they're stupid, but the idea that they can emotionally handle themselves is total fucking bullshit, Callie. You can't blame me for being protective, someone's gotta look out for them every now and then."


He stopped, not as angry anymore if only because the thought worried him. It'd be easier if they were someone like himself or Nat, but he knew fully well that they were damn near polar opposites. And he appreciated that in them; he didn't want to see them tainted by some assholes who just wanted some younger tail. "Well who in the hell am I supposed to worry about?" He asked, turning back to her. It suddenly occurred to him that there might be someone else, and his expression sobered up as he leaned forward, his eyes serious. "What do you mean? Is something else going on?"


#6 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 July 2013 - 08:37 AM

It wasn't that she wasn't worried for her friends. That really wasn't it at all. Of course, in the back of her mind, Callie always had some sort of concern for the two girls as no one truly liked to think about the fact that someone they were close to would get hurt. She hadn't realized that Miranda had ended up following around Dan until recently, as she saw them getting close to each other the previous night and wondered subconsciously what the hell was going on there, but even back at the bed and breakfast she'd curiously wondered what the fuck was going on between Melanie and Jackson.


So yes, there was some concern there. She'd watched them quietly during the week. It was strange to her in the first place that both Jackson and Dan were there in the first place and even odder that they seemed so friendly with the two younger girls but despite that, despite that worry she tried to give Melli and Miranda the benefit of the doubt. She knew the two of them were smart and truth be told she thought that if anything  was going on it was the men that had to worry about getting hurt. Not those two.


Because in her eyes, the age difference wasn't a problem. Sure it might have been problematic the fact that they were professors but they weren't their professors, were they? So while she understood Toby's concern, in a sense, she still thought he was overreacting. She raised her eyebrow at him before she shook her head and sighed. "Look, I don't think it's gonna happen to them, I don't, but if it does then you can't stop it. No matter how much you want to, no matter how pissed it makes you, it's not gonna work. The only thing you're gonna do if push them towards those guys even more, you realize that, right?"


Admittedly, she did understand that they were a bit naive, but as always, she trusted women to make intelligent decisions. These two included.  At his words she had to shake her head and take a deep breath as she didn't want to get angry with him. "Dude, listen to yourself, you can't make decisions for them, they're grown ass women, no matter who they trust or dated, you can't just decide that they can't emotionally take care of themselves. That's total fucking bullshit right there, Toby." She rubbed her temple and sighed before pressing her lips together. "I don't blame you for being protective, but what do you expect to do exactly?"


In a sense, she was trying to calm him down, though she realized she wasn't doing a good job at it. "What? No, nothing else is going on, just...christ dude," her eyes were wide as she shook her head in disbelief. Truth was, there was something else going on, but she wasn't completely sure. She'd seen Cricket and Jack together a time or two but that was it. No need to get him even more upset. She blew out a huff of air and nudged him in the shoulder. "C'mon dude, take your mind off of it."

#7 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 25 July 2013 - 04:49 AM

Callie was being absolutely infuriating, though he wasn't quite sure what he expected when he came to sit here in the first place. It wasn't as if they were the best of friends, after all; there had been a few exceptions here and there, such as the swimming lesson, but she usually regarded him with an eyeroll and an attitude, and this case was no different. She was downplaying something he thought was a very, very big deal, and it was all he could do not to lose his shit over the fact that she wasn't agreeing.


Who else could he talk to, anyway? Nat was nowhere to be found, Wes wouldn't do shit despite Nat making it sound like he would, and everyone else didn't really give a fuck. It occurred to him that he could tell Chase, but he was constantly hanging around with that blonde, and for some reason he didn't feel comfortable spilling out family concerns around her. Max was too damn preoccupied with his new girlfriendish Beta person, and Miranda's siblings probably wouldn't pay a second of attention. It was all on him, in his mind, and he was failing miserably. Callie didn't get that.


He leaned forward, running his hands through his hair as he let out a loud, frustrated growl. It was clear that he was on the brink of losing his shit, actually, judging by the way he was constantly moving his legs and the way his eyes moved back and forth around the campsite, as if watching carefully for when they arrived. "I get that, I do," he shot back, clearly anxious, "I get that they're going to make stupid decisions and shit but I can't just sit back and not do anything when I think they're gonna get hurt. That's like-- like I don't know, like saying 'hey that kid is gonna get a burn if he touches the stove' but then not even trying to get him away from it."


That was actually a shitty comparison, but his mind wasn't working very well considering his worry and frustration. "I'm not just deciding, Callie. Maybe they are-- congrats if so. But could you imagine those two heartbroken?" He pointed in the general direction of the woods, as he actually had no clue where they'd disappeared off to. "I just don't want to see it, is all. They're-- they're just--" Really precious, he almost said, but that was way too nice a thing to come out of Toby's mouth. Especially when he hardly acknowledged their existence back on campus.


Through this irritation, though, he did manage to conclude that she was right about one thing. Well, two things in particular-- the first being that, if he did continue this bullshit, he probably would push them further towards those guys. He'd been riling Melli up since the day he could talk, so the fact that he was finally riled up about something would be a card for her to play. She would undoubtedly use it without thinking about the repercussions, too, in which case those guys won. But the second thing she was right about was the fact that he needed to get his mind off of it, as he was doing absolutely no good just sitting here brewing.


"Well what the fuck should I do exactly?" He asked her incredulously, though he really was looking for suggestions.


#8 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 25 July 2013 - 06:46 AM

Callie literally gave no fucks about how she was acting towards him. She wasn't the type of person to promote that behavior in someone else at all and truth be told, she thought Toby was being kind of a dick about this whole thing. It was fucking ridiculous in her eyes, because while yes, she could understand his overprotective side, she still didn't think he could do much about it other than piss the girls off with this sort of attitude. At the very least she wasn't voicing those concerns out loud, they'd come a long way from their first meeting as she would have wasted no time telling him to shut the fuck up and stop being such a douche bag had she not...well had she not spent a little more time around him like she had now.


What she felt about this whole Melli and Miranda thing was honestly conflicting. In a way, she was on his side, she didn't want her friends to be heartbroken, no person would ever want that, after all, but there was another part of her that sort of entertained this idea that the two of them were having a relationship with the older men and that it was good and sweet and honest. She was a closet romantic and sometimes the notion that these things happened, that people met their soul mates like this came to her mind and she couldn't help but...well...swoon at the idea.


Not that she would ever admit that. Hale nah. She liked having that air of not giving a shit about romance and relationships, she didn't have time for them regardless, but there was that teeny tiny part of her that thought it was sweet. It was difficult to think about that when he was right next to her being so fucking anxious though and she couldn't help but bite her lower lip in worry, it was rubbing off on her and she was starting to feel the same way. And she couldn't deal with that at all. She shook her head at his comparison, eyebrow raised as she rolled her eyes. "That's a really terrible analogy, Toby, they aren't idiots, you know, and again, even if you wanted to do something about it, what would you do?"


She wasn't trying to be mean about it, she was trying quite hard to get Toby to think logically, and she was making her best attempts at not being harsh in the way she spoke with him. Regardless she kind of wanted to smack him in the back of the head because the way he was acting and she had to fold her arms across her chest to keep her from doing so. "I get it, dude, I do. They're my friends, you think I wanna see that shit? But like I said, what are you going to do? You can't just march up to them and demand they don't see them, you know? You have to let 'em learn shit on their own."


Truth be told, she had absolutely no idea what the fuck to do to get his mind off of his worries, and she shrugged, shaking her head at a loss for words. But she knew she had to do something because there was no way she was going to let him make her this fucking anxious about something. "I dunno," she said, hand waving in the air. An idea struck her, one that made her eye twitch at the realization of what she had to do, but she went with it anyway. "That flag football game's tomorrow, right? Teach me to play."

#9 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 25 July 2013 - 09:17 AM

Admittedly, Toby was a bit of a closet romantic himself. That certainly didn't stop him from his womanizing behavior; he didn't have a problem with satisfying his "physical needs" every now and then, so perhaps he wasn't the best closet romantic. But he did have a strong desire to settle down and have a bunch of kids one day-- he was a bit like a typical girl in the fact that he had a stupid fantasy of white picket fences and football in the backyard and the family dinner table. Babies gave him this strange urge to hurry up and find a girl who could stick with him and deal with his bullshit. And, in a way, he envied those guys who'd found their girls already. He didn't envy the whipped portion, no, but he certainly wished he'd already found something like that.


Not that he was looking for it. Honestly he was so concerned with himself most of the time that he wasn't in any kind of emotional place to treat a girl properly, much less be in a serious relationship. Besides, he feared commitment; regardless of his desire to eventually settle down, the way his father treated his mother was repeatedly brought to mind. The way she was trapped in a shitty marriage, though it was by her own volition, was something that rang in the back of his mind often. Sometimes he was bitter about marriage, as he wasn't so sure how long two people could last.


But he wanted to believe in it. He wanted to believe in the idea that he could be simultaneously best friends with a person while being in love with them. Maybe it would happen eventually. Maybe it'd sneak up on him when he wasn't looking; it hit him head on and he wouldn't know what to do (with his hands). However, these thoughts didn't transfer to his cousins. Sure, he wanted them to fall in love and have a bunch of babies, too, but he liked to think they had a very specific type.


Miranda, for instance, needed to find some prince to sweep her off of her feet, just like in those Disney movies she loved. Someone who would take care of her, fully appreciate that precious side of her and be patient with her. Someone who would understand her family values and share them. And Melli-- well, he always figured she'd settle down with some brilliant nerd, if only because she seemed to plan things out that way to begin with. Some doctor or med student or some shit. Hardly some sociology professor, though he'd seen the way she sighed at those Disney movies, too. At any romantic movie. She was likely to get in over head-- which just brought him back to his concern.


"Fuck, I don't know," he answered, momentarily being derailed by those thoughts. "That wasn't the plan. I wasn't going to forbid them from seeing them, I'm not that much of a douche." He gave an eyeroll; she really didn't know him, did she? Though he supposed he could see why she would assume that as a course of action. "I don't know what I was gonna do. Maybe warn them, y'know. Those guys-- I know those types." He made a face, as he recognized the womanizing-challenge thing in his friends. What shitty people he surrounded himself with.


Toby snorted at the idea of a flag football game, though, shaking his head. "Yeah it is, but look at you, you're tiny. You should just be a cheerleader or some shit." He smirked lightly, an eyebrow raised-- yes, that was a challenge.


#10 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 26 July 2013 - 02:32 AM

Despite that closet romantic side of hers, it wasn't much like Callie to really dwell on things like relationships. Sure, there was that part of her that secretly swooned at things that could have been seen in that light, she did want someone to sweep her off her feet, and her parents marriage was something she admired, something she wanted to have. Very much in the future, of course, way, way in the future.


But it wasn't something she thought about often, it wasn't like her to seek it out. She wasn't looking for companionship--she wouldn't have shied away from it had it happened organically, no--but the girl didn't spend her time thinking wishing she had a boyfriend. Relationships to her, were actually something that was incredibly, meaningful, too, something that she wouldn't get herself involved in unless it was right and special and worth her time. She was by no means a casual dater. Which was why she'd involved herself in so few of them in the past.


Much like Toby though, she was a firm believer in the fact that she was going to be best friends with the person she fell in love with. There was no other way to really share herself with someone if they weren't that person, after all, and she was certainly not looking to be the type of person who got herself caught up in some sort of puppy love relationship with someone she hardly knew. That wasn't her style at all.


In a way, she wondered if that was what Melli and Miranda were doing. The fact that the men were much older did give her cause for concern upon that realization but Melli was very mature, she knew that much, not the type of person to let that happen to her, and Miranda...well, it was true that Miranda needed to find her prince to sweep her off her feet, but it wouldn't have surprised her if it was someone older who ended up being that person.


So she didn't let it worry her. For now she wanted to focus on calming Toby down, hopefully if she could take his mind off of it he'd relax and stop thinking about where the two had run off to. It was worth a try after all. She, too, rolled her eyes, at his words, giving a derisive snort. Maybe she didn't know him that well but it was difficult not to think of him that way when he'd stormed up like that. "Good, you shouldn't do that." She did nod at his words though, actually agreeing with him there. "There's nothing wrong with warning the, but you really gotta think about how you go about it, because let me tell you this vibe that you're giving off, I can't imagine that'll go over well, at all."


His reaction to her suggestion made her narrow her eyes, and she turned her body so that she was facing him completely, her eyebrow raised as she gave him a look that clearly said, bitch u srs? "The fuck is that supposed to mean? Dude, I bet you I'd be awesome as hell at football. All you gotta do is show me and my team will kick your team's ass." She smirked a little too proudly, too, challenge completely accepted. Nevermind that he was, you know, the captain of the fucking football team.

#11 Toby Aldebaran

Toby Aldebaran

Posted 26 July 2013 - 04:13 AM

Had Toby thought about it, he might have realized that there were very, very few guys in the world that would match up to his standards of who his cousins deserved. That he could search to the ends of the earth and find very few candidates, all of which might be super weird, but at least they were safe. Because above all else, that's what he cared about-- he cared about preserving their feelings, their spirit, and their hearts. Honorable, really, considering how much a douche he came across as.


Had he also thought a little longer, he might have realized that older men were more along the lines of what he wanted for them. Obviously he was taking in only the negatives, refusing to see the positives in it; guys his age would be the shallow, creepy, puppy love kind. Usually older guys were better adjusted, a little less sleazy (well, not in all cases), and a little more experienced in life. Most of the time they knew how to spend their money, how to deal with actual issues that life brought, and who they were to begin with. Perhaps that was the inherent flaw in him realizing it, though; he still didn't have any of that experience to draw from. He thought he was pretty damn mature, actually, though the way he was handling his situation just went to show how childish he really was.


"I'm not just gonna grab one of them and demand they not see them anymore," he said with a scoff and an eyeroll. "I'm not fucking dumb. I'll just-- y'know. Casually say that they should be careful. That'd go over, right? I mean, come on-- Callie, that Jackson guy is the Kappa sponsor." He motioned towards no one in particular, wishing he had the visual. Perhaps it was a bit hypocritical for him to say-- he was the motherfucking Kappa president-- but neither was he preying after younger girls. At least not today.


He shook his head, trying his best to dismiss it in favor of her suggestion. "Y'know what-- forget it. It's fine. Forget it." He wasn't sure why he'd attempted to come over here to begin with. Maybe because, in a roundabout way, he did want some sort of distraction. Arguing with Callie wasn't along the lines of what he was looking for, but perhaps competition would work.


"You'll kick my ass?" He asked, stopping for a second to legitimately laugh. "You're serious? Listen, I've been toning down the 'I'm awesome' act since our first meeting, but there's something you should probably know." He scrunched his nose, shaking his head in something like fake pity. "I'm on motherfucking TV for football. You know, dudes on ESPN fucking know who I am. I'm a god, alright? Ain't no way your ass is gonna beat me at football." He was already rising, though, holding out his hand to help her up. He was smirking, still laughing under his breath. "Get your ass out here so I can rub your nose in the dirt."


#12 Guest_Callie Sutters_*

Guest_Callie Sutters_*

  • Guest

Posted 27 July 2013 - 03:32 AM

Callie was feeling a little exasperated with the topic at hand. As much as she loved her friends and as much as she didn't want them to get heartbroken, as much as she was wary of what was going on with them at the moment and she wanted to look out for them, she thought Toby's worries and reactions were a little ridiculous. Truth be told if she could have she would have reached out and shook him and told him to get his shit together, considering that this sort of attitude was going to make the two girls extremely angry with him. Not only that, but he was making her ridiculously anxious with his fidgeting. She really did think he was going to hulk out.


While she did understand him being protective, she didn't really get why the extent of it. Perhaps it was the fact that she didn't have a big family like this, that her only sibling was a younger brother and that she'd grown up with the idea that people could take care of themselves. Had she had a relative that did this to her, she wouldn't have been happy at all. In a way, she was looking out for Toby, too. She didn't want the two girls mad at him for being a dick about this whole thing, she was trying to get him to calm down, not dismiss it completely.


Because truth be told, while she thought he was an ass and sort of a douche bag, she could at least tell that there was some sincerity behind his concerns. At the very least, she realized he wasn't being a complete jerk in his intentions, even if every time he opened his mouth she couldn't help but roll her eyes. "I didn't say you were dumb," her lips set into a straight line as she sighed, though she nodded at his words at least agreeing with how he was going to put things. "Yeah, yeah, I think that sounds about right." Though she did raise her eyebrow at his last words, a little uncomfortable at that fact. "Wait--really? Like he's....he's one of you basically?"


Maybe with that fact she could see why he might have been so hesitant about the whole thing, though Callie's only experience with Kappas was Toby, so she might have been a little biased. EIther way she shrugged as he said forget it, hand raising. There was nothing she could do from there really, though she was trying to take his mind off it it. She was being fucing nice as hell.


And even then she kind of wanted to smack him upside the head, though what she'd said had been meant to rile him up a little and there was the ghost of a smirk on her face she had to snort at his words. "I said my team would kick your team's ass," she corrected, one finger in the air, though he kept going and she had to look at him incredulously for a second before throwing back her head and laughing. "You're a god? Jesus Christ dude do you ever listen to yourself before you talk, you're such a douche sometimes it's unbelievable." She stood up though, tossing her kindle in her tent before following him. "You're fucking ridiculous."

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Toby Aldebaran

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Had this been any other situation or context, he might have reeled back at her words. One of him-- what was that supposed to mean, exactly? But at the moment that was exactly the reaction he was hoping to evoke out of her, and he nodded vigorously, throwing up his arms. "That's what I've been trying to tell you this whole time! What kinda guy becomes Kappa sponsor, right?" He asked, though that could very well be turned around on him; what kind of guy became Kappa president? But again, he knew what sort of guy he was, and he knew he wouldn't like someone like him around any of his cousins.


But she seemed intent on changing the subject, so he didn't harp on it any longer so much as he rolled his eyes and finally let it go. The more he spoke the more he got worked up, anyway, so there wasn't much use in continuing it; besides, even finding Nat at this point would be no comfort. So maybe he'd come to the right person after all-- not that he'd openly admit that, of course, but it was definitely easy to let his worry for his cousins fade when there was a competition at hand.


"Same difference," he said, his insufferable smug smirk growing even more. "And yeah, I do hear myself. Nothing wrong with being confident in my skills." A little overconfident, to be sure, but admittedly he was pretty good. For some reason he enjoyed seeing her reel back at his cocky attitude, too, as he just liked riling her up that much. And maybe he was kinda, sorta glad to see that she wasn't hating on him as much as she'd done back at the student center. That she was starting to tolerate him in some way or another.


He nodded out to an open spot and jogged towards it, only stopping long enough to grab a football and some of the little flags. Once he found a nice spot where they were free to run, he threw the supplies down to the ground and turned to Callie, hardly wasting any time before getting to the point. "So do you know anything about football?" He asked, one eyebrow raised, and while he was trying to be non-douchey about it, it might have sounded condescending. "Like, you know, from sitting up in the stands during marching band or whatever. Did you pick up on any of the rules? Because that's the most complicated part."


He looked down at the region in which they had to run, which was completely unmarked, but he figured they could make it work either way. With the whole family playing they usually grabbed someone to play referee, anyway, like Avery-- who was always willing to participate, but no one wanted him on their team. And referee usually appeased him just fine.


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No shit she'd been intent on changing the subject. Pretty much ever since he'd sat down next to her and started ranting and raving had she been dying to get him to stop thinking about that and while her brow furrowed in concern, just slightly, over the fact that the guy Melli was mostly likely with was the Kappa sponsor, she let it roll of her shoulders, still having full faith in the girl that she could take care of herself. Had she not been so adamant about distracting the guy she would have definitely made a comment on him being the Kappa president however, because really, was he fucking serious?


It was almost ridiculous how much he riled her up, honestly, though she didn't think of him as badly as the first time they'd met. Before she wanted to wrap her hands around his throat. He'd legitimately made her incredibly angry, insulted her and been completely disrespectful in the way he'd tugged those headphones out of her ear. When she'd walked away from him that afternoon she was pissed and annoyed and just so completely irritated that she never wanted to see him again.


The second time they'd run into each though had surprisingly gone much better and though she'd never ever admit it out loud, a part of Callie was a little glad that he'd been there when she'd agreed to help paint. He was kind of fun to banter with, okay? He was still a dick, she still wanted to smack him in the back of the head, but there was something about arguing with him, there was something about him that she didn't mind having around. 


Not that she stood back and let him be a dick, hale nah, she still called him out on his bullshit even if she doubted it had no effect, and she let out a derisive snort and shook her head as his words. "Nothing wrong with being confident in your skills, no, but you're ridiculously cocky dude, not a good look on you." Admittedly, Callie was quite confident in her own skills but that didn't stop her from calling him out on his own douchebaggery.


He had her on one thing though. She knew fuck all about football. Just because she'd been in marching band for years didn't mean she paid attention to it at all, though this was just flag football, how hard could it be, right? So she shook her head and shrugged, scrunching her nose up at his question. "Nah, I don't really pay attention," she admitted and raised her eyebrows at him. "But I bet it's really easy if you can do it, right?"

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Toby Aldebaran

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Toby's opinion of her hadn't changed all that much, honestly, though he hadn't been all that put out by her presence to begin with. Sure, she pissed him off the first time he met her, but he was hardly the grudge-holding type and was mostly indifferent with her by the next time he saw her. That indifference continued through the dinner and until the gun fight, when he admittedly started to see her as a little fun to be around. The swimming lesson definitely left an imprint on his brain, and even if she was irritating him a little at the time by not worrying with him, he thought of her in mostly a pleasant way.


Still, his change in thought process hadn't been all that radical like hers. He was perhaps a little too confident in himself, though; while he was fully aware that she was annoyed by him, he thought she kinda liked him underneath. Rarely did she betray signs of that, save for those moments when she loosened up and got a little competitive with him. He saw it as flirting, when it reality it was mostly just her nature. Regardless, he wasn't all butthurt and on edge like the first time he met her, as he had something to back up his confidence.


"Any look on me is a good look," he said with a cocky grin, though he was mostly joking by this point. Arrogance was simply his mode of being, though; sure, sometimes he could be humbled and down-to-earth, but those moments were few and far between. When competition was in the picture, his arrogance shined as bright as the motherfucking sun. "Come on, you're really irritated with my confidence now? What am I supposed to say? 'I guess I'm decent.' No, you challenged me. No shit I'm gonna be a cocky asshole towards you."


His voice was hardly irritated, though, as he was still grinning like the douchebag he was at her. "Oh yes, it's very, very easy," he said sarcastically, waving her off. "All I did was walk on the field and they gave me the QB position, of course. Super easy." He smirked at her, shaking his head; she'd never give in and say anything nice about him, would she? Then again, she didn't need to, as he didn't need his ego inflated any more than it already was.


"Anyway, typically on a football field there's 100 yards, each divided up by five. That's why you've got your precious little lines to walk on during halftime." He flashed a sideways grin at her. "I guess you'd know that. The goal is to get the ball to your side, which means getting through the defense. You have four tries per ten yards. So on the first down, if you make a pass and your receiver gets ten yards, you're on another first down-- or turn, if you will. If you only get like, two yards, then you'll have to go to a second down, but you only have to get eight yards. You following?" He asked, not quite done with his description, but he wanted to make sure she got most of it.


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Callie's competitive side was...well, it could get the best of her at times. There was something about competition, any kind, really, that seemed to get her blood boiling and she was constantly eager to get into some sort of match with someone and constantly confident--sometimes too confident--in her ability. She didn't seem to hide this side of her at all, it was often far too obvious in the way her eyes lit up when she did something that was the least bit competitive. From video games to board games to battles of wit, it was all ridiculously thrilling to her and truth be told, she could get kind of fucking crazy whenever she ended up in that sort of environment.


Maybe, just maybe, she liked bantering with Toby because of that. Because it was a battle of wits. And because as smarmy as he was, as much as she thought he was a fucking douche bag and ended up rolling her eyes at most things she said, there was part of her that was aware that sometimes her made her smile. Sometimes she was amused by his antics. She couldn't deny the fact that at least while he could come off like a total dick, he was certainly someone who returned her sarcasm with his ease and yeah, there might have been a part of her that liked that.


Never did she see it as flirting though. Even when it was actually her flirting in some strange, convoluted way, but she wouldn't lie and said there hadn't been times where she'd had fun with him. The water gun thing had been nice in a sense, because it let Callie know that he wasn't a dick all the time. He might have been growing on her, just a little bit, though that certainly wasn't something she'd ever reveal to him. She wouldn't stop rolling her eyes at him no matter what. Which she did again at his words, though there was a hint of a smile on her face. She was amused, without a doubt. And maybe he was right about one thing, she was sure a lot of looks suited him. "You're insufferable, you know that? Do you ever get humbled?"


She wasn't irritated though, her amusement outshining that emotion completely. It really was a sign that he was strangely growing on her, though she didn't like to think about it. She outright laughed at his comment, too, shaking her head as her hands went to her hips. "Right, right, the QB, my bad, I'm sure you're really good otherwise that ego would be for naught." She shrugged, holding off her digs there. It was true that she had yet to say anything nice about him but she didn't want to be outright mean, either, so she held her tongue.


Admittedly, though, she didn't understand a damn word from Toby's mouth. It all went over her head, though she nodded at his question, pretending she knew what the fuck he was talking about. "Yeah, uh-huh, got it. What about the flags?"

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"Sure I do," Toby answered her first question, though perhaps with a little less spirit than before. He was still smiling smugly, yeah, but there was a small shift in demeanor at his answer. Either way, humbling was definitely something he was familiar with every now and then; sure, he was a bit invincible in school, but going home was another experience altogether. In that household it was clear that everyone had to abide by his father's rules, and there was absolutely no room for an ego when he went home. His father's ego was enough for six households, honestly, and he didn't like having his authority challenged.


Not that his father was violent or anything of the sort. He was just... an asshole, to put it lightly, and never bothered to think of his family before he took any action. He was the epitome of an egocentric bastard who thought he was invincible to any and all consequences. The worst part was that he was. The worst part was that his father got away with a multitude of things just because he was a goddamn pastor and used it to his advantage. Just the thought alone made Toby's nerves work up in a much different way than they'd been riled up before, but he evened himself and let it go. It wasn't as if Callie knew any of this, anyway, and besides, they were having a nice time.


So the feeling faded quickly as he reminded himself that he was the shit in football; perhaps that was why he had such an ego to begin with. Yeah, it was a bit hereditary in a way, but a lot of it was brought on by the fact that he had to remind himself that he was a worthy person when he was younger. Nick didn't make it out as lucky as the rest of them. Regardless, he smirked over at Callie, the subject all but forgotten. "Really good. You'll see me on the field once the season starts," he said with a wink, hoping he was right. He wanted her eyes to be trained on him at all times.


He scoffed under his breath and shook his head as she skipped right over his steps and to the flags. "You gotta listen if you want to understand how to play. Just grabbing at flags isn't how to do it, and you're not gonna know what you're doing when you're on offense if you don't get the rules," he lectured, eyebrows raised as he looked down at her, as if looking over invisible glasses. "Anyway, the flags come into play on defense. Everyone's got one in their back pocket, you see," he said, placing one in his back pocket and letting it hang out.


"In regular old American football, you gotta either tackle the guy with the ball or run him out of the playing zone to end a down, right? And wherever you tackle him or run him out is where the yardage lies. So like, if I made it two yards from this starting place before someone tackled me, I'd have eight yards left to go on my second down, you got it?" He was rehashing, but he wanted to make sure she got it. "If I got ten before someone tackled me, then we'd be back to a first down. Anyway, there's no tackling in flag football. The equivalent is just pulling out the flag from their back pocket. So you can play co-ed and it not be as dangerous."


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Sadly, Callie didn't know Toby well enough to interpret the change in disposition. There was still that insufferable smirk on his face, the one that constantly had her eyes rolling and wanting to reach out and slap the back of his head. She hadn't gotten to know him well enough yet where she could tell such a thing and so there was no difference in her eyes, he was still as smug and obnoxious as she constantly found him and yet again she found herself scoffing in disbelief.


Admittedly though, she wondered what sort of things did humble him. There was an underlying curiosity there. She'd already seen him over protective of his family, angry and upset over the choices Melli and Miranda were making and that in and of itself had made her realize that at the very least he wasn't a selfish douche bag. That at the very least there were people he cared about--his family--and that it wasn't all about him all the time.


It was honestly a nice thought. The knowledge that he wasn't completely insufferable. That he had redeeming qualities and could actually be nice in his own smarmy way. He'd taught her to swim after all, that should have been a sign that he wasn't all bad, and with this knowledge she had to admit to herself now that she was starting to like him just a little bit. Though, not like-like as that was silly and he wasn't her type at all, if she even had a type.


But she wasn't minding hanging out with him. She wasn't minding being a distraction to his thoughts and doing this sort of shit with him. She couldn't deny it wasn't fun, there really was something about the back and forth with him that she enjoyed a bit too much. "What makes you think I'll pay attention?" She raised her eyebrows at him and smirked a bit too amused. Honestly she'd never really paid attention to the football games while on the stands, probably why she knew nothing about football to begin with. Now though? Well, she might.


Her lips twitched as he told her to pay attention and she held her hands up in defense and nodded at him once. "Yeah, yeah, I'm paying attention, alright." Though she narrowed her eyes at him in the end and placed her hands on her hips. "Because girls can't take a tackle? Is that what you're saying? Cause I'm sure it would hurt just as much for you when you weren't wearing all that shit you do, you know." Maybe she was a little bit defensive, honestly, but she couldn't help herself. Still, she jumped over it quickly, grabbing a flag and putting it in her own pocket as he'd done. "So, how fast can you run?"

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Toby Aldebaran

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His smirk only widened slightly as she all but denied the fact she'd be watching, his eyebrows raising in something like private knowledge. "You'll be paying attention," he said with a wink, being even more insufferable than usual, but he wasn't fucking blind. He'd picked up on her attraction to him back when he didn't have a shirt on, as he looked for that sort of thing to begin with. Not that he thought anything would come of it; they were friends, after all, and he could be friends with a girl and recognize attraction at the same time. Because yeah, she was sort of cute, too. In her own little dork way, of course.


He let that statement sit for a few seconds before he "clarified," though she likely knew quite well that this next bit was bullshit. "I've explained the rules, so of course you'll be interested in seeing how it plays out, hm? Just try not to cheer for the other team, I don't know how well I'd take that." In a way he hoped she'd cheer him on. That she'd make herself hoarse from yelling so loudly, even if he couldn't hear her. That he might catch a glimpse of her in her dorky band uniform among the crowd and grin, just for a second, at the fact that her eyes were trained on him. But something about that thought made his heart jump a little, and he let it go before it got out of control.


That feeling definitely faded as she got touchy over the co-ed subject, and he rolled his eyes and shook his head. "I didn't mean any shit by that, Callie, don't get fucking ridiculous. I just mean biologically guys are bigger than girls, and you can't deny that it's sort of shitty for a guy to tackle a girl on the hard fucking ground when he's 6'2" and she's like 5'0". It's an unfair advantage. The flags take that advantage away. It's not a-- whatever. Girls are allowed to play fucking football, you know, it's just that flag football is something that doesn't require all that equipment and people don't break their fuckin' necks." He hadn't lost his temper so much as he'd gone into lecture mode, as he was all too familiar with this ridiculous attitude from his sister.


It wasn't that he was sexist, not really. He considered himself sensible in this fact, as sometimes people just got their panties in a wad just from the facts. It wasn't his fault that this was a "thing"; it wasn't as if he'd invented flag football for the sole purpose of that himself. It was just something he was passing along to her. He almost offered to tackle her himself to see just how invincible she was against a college football player, but he knew that was a super douchey move and it wasn't as if he wanted to do it anyway. He hated that idea, actually.


"Pretty fucking fast," he said smugly, flashing her that sideways smile again. "Listen, I know you're competitive and all, and I'm sure you could beat me at some other shit, but this is something I've had years of practice in." He waggled his eyebrows at her all too confidently, as he was pretty damn good.


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Callie was starting to realize that this...relationship of theirs was really based on banter. He knew what to say to get her eyes narrowing and honestly, he was good at getting under her skin. Not that it meant she let him get away with most of the bullshit he said, she definitely wasn't one of those girls that was fawning over him just because he was Kappa president and Captain of the football team, nor was she going crazy because he was hot--not outwardly anyway. Sometimes it was hard to get that image of him with his shirt off out of her mind.


Nonetheless, she hardly let a beat pass before returning some sort of snappy retort. It wasn't like her to let something like that go untouched, after all, and she was more than willing to at least try and cut him down to size every time he said something egotistical. It didn't seem to work most of the time as he still kept on that smarmy, insufferable smirk on his face most of the time, but she attempted it. That was something. Sometimes, though, there was a bit of a smirk on her own face, amused by his own antics she couldn't help herself though she did her best to cover it up. "Yeah, but I could just pay attention to someone else, you're not the only player on the team after all."


She shrugged, knowing full well that she'd probably cheer him up if their weird little path to friendship continued, and for that moment she realized she wouldn't have actually minded being friends with Toby at all. Though, she didn't think she was the sort of person he would outwardly be friends with and that...well it actually made her kind of sad. Not that she would change at all for him, but at that moment Callie realized that well, she was a dork, she was fucking proud of it, sure, but this dude wouldn't want anything to do with her in school and she had to deal with that.


So her own mood changed after that dawned on her and she raised her hands almost giving up at his lecture. For some reason she'd enjoyed hanging out with the dude a bit too much, enjoyed their bantering and their flirting and now she was realizing that they'd go back to not knowing each other and he wouldn't acknowledge her at school. She was assuming, yes, but could you blame her?


Either way she shook her head, hands going back in defense again as he lectured. "Yeah, I get it, just forget I said anything." And her expression went stony for a moment before recovering. Whatever, right? She could hang out with him for the remainder of the trip and be alright. She'd never wanted to be friends with him in the first place, why did it matter now.


By the time his own smirk was back, her expression returned, eyebrows raised a challenging look on her face. "I'm not competitive, maybe I just wanna knock your ass down a peg, huh? I could be pretty fast too."

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