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Music makes the world go 'round

aiden berkeley plot page max zheng abe cleary alice tatum kalinas characters

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#1 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 July 2013 - 05:29 PM



Aiden Berkeley


  • Sophomore
  • Music Theory/Comp Major
  • Lives in Oliver Hall
  • Musician/Guitarist
  • Shy and sweet

Aiden's shy and scared of attractive people, but he's a great friend to have. He's struggled with self-hate and self-harm in the past, so he's really sensitive to other people's struggles. He doesn't judge anyone, and tries to avoid conflict whenever possible. He enjoys learning about music, but he's getting a little frustrated with all the gen-ed credits he has to finish up. While not exactly a partier, he'll attend parties and drink a little, but doesn't get drunk too often. He doesn't smoke weed, but some of his friends back home did, and he likes hanging out with stoners. He smokes cigarettes, though. He loves coffee and tea, and drawing. He also likes to play video games and read. Aiden enjoys lively discussions, but hates heated debates and arguments, cause they stress him out. In high school, Aiden was bullied for his bisexuality, so he doesn't tell people right off the bat.


Friends: Aiden loves people, as long as they don't come off as aggressive or rude. Even then, he'll still act nice, but won't go out of his way to see them. He has girl and guy friends, and gets along with both equally well. He needs friends who can put up with his quiet personality, and will occasionally help him through a bout of depression. He can't stand it when his friends judge him, and he tends to withdraw from them if they express impatience with his struggles. He loves to play music with other people, and loves artsy people with eclectic tastes. He tries to see the good in everyone, so he's willing to give almost anyone a shot.


Enemies: Aiden doesn't have a lot of enemies. Mostly just the people in his past who drove him into depression and self-harm. He doesn't get along with block-headed, bigoted people who pass judgments too quickly. 


Relationships: Aiden hasn't been in a relationship in a long time. He briefly dated a girl in his freshman year, but at the time was still stuck on a guy from his high school. He's gotten over both, but he's not one for one-night stands. He tends to crush on people from a distance, but is too shy to say anything, usually. I'm totally open to bringing a romantic interest into his life, though. 







Max Zheng 

  • Junior
  • Dance (Ballet) Major
  • Lives off campus (witch Acer Noble)
  • Dancer and Martial Artist
  • Charming and suave

Max is an athlete, but not your typical athlete. He's a ballet dancer, and he's been working on this since he was 6. He's friendly and personable, but it's tough to get to know him as a person. Max has always been a bit of an elitist, thanks to his above-average intelligence and athleticism. He doesn't mean to be a snob, but sometimes he can't help it. He likes people though, and has never had a lack of "friends" - though close friends are hard for him to come by, as he doesn't really like to open up. It's not that he has trust issues. He just doesn't see a point. 


Max can be a bit of a jerk and sometimes he's a little manipulative, but he's charming enough that most people don't even realize it. If he doesn't consider you his friend, chances are, he's playing with you. People amuse him, and he likes to mingle.


He likes to party but tries not to drink regularly (those calories, man). He smokes weed on occasion, but isn't a habitual user. He enjoys a nice glass of wine. Max likes to meditate and burn incense, but most people don't know that about him. One of his favorite outdoor activities is flying his dragon kite.


Friends: Max doesn't have a lot of real friends, mostly followers and acquaintances. He could use a couple of good friends though. He probably wouldn't be able to befriend a girl very easily, as he can't relate to them well.


Enemies: I can see Max having a few. If someone were to see through his people-using, they'd probably get really pissed, especially since Max frankly doesn't give a damn if you like him or not. 


Lovers: Max isn't the type to get into a relationship. At least not yet. He's a player of the game, and that's his favorite part. He even prefers to game to the end result - he sleeps with plenty of girls, but once he's scored, he bores of them almost immediately. Max would never tell anyone, but this tendency of his actually terrifies him. He's scared that he'll never have emotional feelings for a girl and be able to stick with one past the first sexual encounter. Max would probably have several "exes" - most likely bitter at his "hit and run" technique.







Abe Cleary


  • Freshman
  • Undeclared Major
  • Lives in Mitchell Hall
  • Soccer player on the team
  • Chivalrous, polite, friendly

Abe's a general nice guy. He was raised in a Christian household, but it wasn't forced down his throat, so he'd accepted it and holds onto his ideals very strongly. He's decently charismatic, but people - especially pretty people - make him nervous. Unfamiliar situations leave him a little tongue-tied with butterflies in his stomach, and he tends to clam up a little, as he's self-conscious about his stammering. He treats people the way they want to be treated, usually. He values everyone, and tries to be friendly to them, but sometimes he gets a little impatient and huffy.


Friends: I can see Abe having quite a few of these. He's a really nice guy, and fun to be around, especially since he tends to put other people first. This can result in him needing an introversion-break, though, since sometimes he gets walked all over. He doesn't usually hold this against people though.


Enemies: He wouldn't have a lot of these, but there might be the occasional person who dislikes him for his strong morals and ideals. Also, once someone gets on his nerves too much, he'll get frustrated and annoyed and it'll take a while for them to get back into his good graces. Getting him that mad takes a lot of work, but it's happened before.


Lovers: Abe... is a virgin. He's proud of that fact, but a little embarrassed to share it with people. He does not do one night stands, and isn't actively looking for a relationship, either. Of course, if the right girl came along, he'd probably ask her out and do it right. However, his... list of "requirements" for the "right girl" is pretty long, so good luck with that.





Alice Tatum


  • Senior
  • Journalism Major
  • On-campus Apartments
  • Feminine feminist
  • Hopeless romantic

Alice has two contrasting sides that blend together really well - for the most part. She's a strong, opinionated feminist who won't take crap from anyone when it comes to equality, but at the same time, she's a hopeless romantic who loves Fall weather, cozy sweaters, lace, and other soft, girly things. She's a great friend and loves people (you know, except misogynistic bigots) and will defend her friends against any injustice. She's not a man-hater at all. She's really quite the opposite, since she tends to fall in love too quickly and too hard.


Friends: Alice would have a few of these. She's a really likable person, so she'd know a lot of people and love them all, but she'd only have a few best friends - people she's really close with and shares everything with. She's a people-person, and would probably get along with just about anyone, guys and girls. She may be super girly, but she loves feeling like one of the guys. I'd love for her to have one or two really good friends that she can destroy pictures of exes and be goofy with.


Enemies: Alice is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, but she's got a really hard, stubborn, opinionated streak too. If you make a joke about women belonging in the kitchen, she will school you. She can't stand misogyny, and if you act like a bigot, she'll remember. Fair warning. Also, while not exactly enemies, she'd probably have some exes. And her heart will ache when she sees them. Unless they were total jerks. Then she'll hate them and plot revenge with her friends.


Lovers: Alice is a romantic. She loves being wooed and courted with all the chivalry of the old ages. She falls in love too quickly and gets her heart broken when a guy turns out just like all the others. She never learns better though, since she's also an incurable optimist. So plots with possible boyfriends are great. She's kind of into older men, but if he's old enough, and worth her time, that would work too.

#2 Guest_Evolet Early_*

Guest_Evolet Early_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 July 2013 - 07:51 PM

Evolet Early
Full Profile
Astrobiology major
Left Broken Femur, has to use forearm crutches and wears a large brace,
has a cresent shaped scar on the left side of her face

Friend: She is kind but very withdrawn due to her injures. He might be a perfect friend for her since she would feel comfortable that he is not judging her for her scars

Lavi Beckett
Full Profile
BS Education, science teacher

She is very out going and fun loving, She doesn't smoke cigarets but she smokes weed.
Extremely intelligent but likes to have a good time, no mater what she is doing

Friend: when I think of her and him getting together I think of her like a helpful older sister that tries to help him break out of his shell.. Idk.. lol

Cataleya Fuentes (Pending Approval)
Full Profile
Art or Dance major

She is kind and caring but holds every one at arms length. She is strong willed and intelligent but has a great sense of humor. She likes to work hard and play hard. She smoke weed on the occasion but does smoke cigarets. She has a troubled and complex past but tries to be positive in spite of it.

Friends: I could see these two getting along as friend

Love interest: Maybe as they become friends something more begins to grow??

Hmm what do you think?

#3 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 24 July 2013 - 08:09 PM

Hmm. I really like the idea of Evolet and Aiden being friends. I feel like he could be friends with all of them. Maybe we can start with Lavi :D I think they'd have a fun friendship.


I think right now, Aiden's kinda leaning more towards guys than girls for relationships. But I still have to work that out.

#4 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 July 2013 - 08:46 PM



New character added.

#5 Guest_Cataleya Fuentes_*

Guest_Cataleya Fuentes_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 July 2013 - 01:14 AM

Max and Cata: They could be pas de deux partners since she is a Dance major. hmmm ... whatcha think? 

#6 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 July 2013 - 01:35 AM

Yeah, maybe so! Max would probably work several different girls (lack of male dancers in general, probably :P), but he and Cata could totally like have their own routine and stuff! That would be pretty cool, and it may get him some non-slutty female interaction :P

#7 Guest_Evolet Early_*

Guest_Evolet Early_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 July 2013 - 03:12 AM

hahaha that sounds awesome!

#8 Guest_Edward Sanders_*

Guest_Edward Sanders_*

  • Guest

Posted 10 August 2013 - 03:44 PM

Eddie + Aiden

I can see these two being friends. Eddie is an easy going guy who cares about people and has a little two much energy. He would be the guy that tries to pull Aiden out a depression and he wouldn't judge Aiden. Aiden's issues would probably not bother Eddie. Also Aiden is guaranteed lively conversation with Eddie because Eddie is a great talker, he would try and bring Aiden out of his shell and encourage him to be less shy.

#9 Guest_Kate Hart_*

Guest_Kate Hart_*

  • Guest

Posted 10 August 2013 - 11:20 PM

Kate & Aiden


I can see these two being friends.  Kate is the quiet, artsy type.  She loves to draw, but is kind of afraid to share her stuff.  She plays violin as a hobby.  She's a freshman, but managed to eek her way into Oliver Hall.  She's far from judgmental, considering she had her own struggles growing up.  Perhaps they run into each other in the dorm or something?

#10 Guest_Abe Cleary_*

Guest_Abe Cleary_*

  • Guest

Posted 12 August 2013 - 04:10 PM

Oooh, I like both of those!


I feel like Aiden would like Eddie a lot, and I think Eddie would be good for him!


And meeting in Oliver Hall would totally work with Kate and Aiden!



By the way, I also have a third character now. I'll add him to the list. ^_^

#11 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 13 August 2013 - 05:39 PM

*bump* New character added!

#12 Guest_Felix Valentine_*

Guest_Felix Valentine_*

  • Guest

Posted 16 August 2013 - 05:56 PM

Felix && Aiden

Okay so these two have the same major which means classes together, same dorm together, both good people. I'm thinking total best friends, maybe even to the extent of a rocking bromance. I reckon these two will be epic together for sure. :3


Felix && Max

Felix won't like Max. Felix sleeps around a lot too, but he makes sure it's with girls that know that it's probably just going to be a meaningless one night stand. Saying that, I'm not sure they'd ever come across each other, unless it's at a party. Felix won't know how he is at first though so he'd probably be cool with him until he gets a view of his personality and his ways.


Felix && Abe

If these two ever crossed each other, I think they could be decent friends. Maybe not overly close since I don't think they have anything in common, but you know, the type of friends that if they pass each other somewhere, would maybe stop for a quick little chat about how things are and stuff. (:


#13 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 16 August 2013 - 07:27 PM

Felix and Aiden:

Yeah, for sure :D I'm super excited about these two. And they could either be roommates, or just constantly hanging out in each other's rooms. And they'd probably already be best buds from the year before.


Felix and Max:

You're probably right, there. I can imagine that Max wouldn't really have much of an opinion of Felix either way, and he'd probably be the kind of person that ends up grating on Felix's nerves. While Max doesn't really sleep around that much, he does tend to lead girls on and then just kind of crush them... He's not exactly super concerned about being a nice guy.


Felix and Abe:

I could totally see that. I think Abe would be intimidated by Felix at first until he realizes that Felix really is a nice guy.

#14 Guest_Rosalie Kittridge_*

Guest_Rosalie Kittridge_*

  • Guest

Posted 20 August 2013 - 03:16 PM

I think Aiden and Rosalie would make great buds!  They have a lot in common, and I think Rosalie would be a great friend to help Aiden when he's going through some rough spots.  It seems as though Rosalie is a bright spot in a lot of people's lives, but I really think she'd have her moments too... she's pretty weak when she knows she's given her heart away too quickly.  Felix and Rosalie have a thread going right now, and she's trying to find out where she knows him from...are Aiden and Felix new roommates for the school year?  Maybe that's where she's seen him, hanging around the dorms and didn't put two and two together.  So they can all three be friends. :D

#15 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 September 2013 - 10:59 PM

Agh, sorry I didn't reply earlier - I've been insanely busy. But omg yes! I love this idea! Rosalie and Aiden would totally get along, and they'd make such adorable friends!!!

#16 Guest_Adri Monroe_*

Guest_Adri Monroe_*

  • Guest

Posted 09 September 2013 - 04:19 PM

So, I am gonna throw my three students at ya. I don't have long, but I wanted to do this real quick. :P


I have Nora Kirkwood, first off. She's my sophomore sweetheart in the unlikely sorority of Delta. She's a lot like Abe in that she gets a bit nervous around people she's attracted to. She works on Sundays as a Sunday School Teacher at the local Methodist church and tutors in English. She loves to read in her free time (both fantasy and sci-fi aaaand Marvel comics). She also knows Acer. Though, she really doesn't approve of his drug use really too much. She just keeps that to herself and respects his decision to continue using. I could see her as being acquaintances with Max. She would likely find Aiden's tattoos cool, but only likely wave to him if she saw him and maybe say hi occasionally. Um, Abe would make her stutter. Like a lot. She's an introvert too, but tends to be 55% introvert and 45% extrovert. :P


Adri is 100% extrovert. She's in Delta too, but unlike Nora, she's the typical Delta. Love 'em and leave 'em wanting more. She's studying to be a linguist and has a knack for languages. She tends to keep people at arm's length with her banter and over the top drama-rama. She's definitely high maintenance, but she's the fun and wild kind. Totally unpredictable at times. She is a bar tender at Static.


I will edit with more later. Have to eat and head to work!

#17 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 09 September 2013 - 06:17 PM

Yeah, I feel like Nora and Max would probably be something like friendly acquaintances. Max isn't really big on making real friends, but he'd good at being charming and friendly, so I doubt they'd have any problems.


I think Abe and Nora should meet and slowly become friends :D Abe doesn't really have any friends right now, but I think with a bit of time, he and Nora could get super comfortable with each other and become good friends.


Aiden hangs out at Static sometimes, so he'd probably at least recognize Adri. And Max and Adri need to meet. They both seem like the type of people who just toy with other people, so they'd probably have really interesting interaction.

#18 Guest_David Campanelli_*

Guest_David Campanelli_*

  • Guest

Posted 13 September 2013 - 12:12 AM

Thread for Abe - http://censtateuni.c...probably-a-rat/

#19 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 November 2013 - 05:26 PM

Shameless bump.


I added Alice to the mix, so have at her!

#20 Guest_Leia Park_*

Guest_Leia Park_*

  • Guest

Posted 05 November 2013 - 04:38 AM

SO. I CAME UP WITH SOMETHING FOR EACH OF YOUR CHARACTERS. but it's almost midnight and i just wrote an exam so my brain is fried lol.

aiden & leia - probably could become acquaintances because he seems laid back and he likes video games. however, she would prooooobably be scared out of her wits when they first meet because of all the tattoos, and she'll probably have the shameless pre-conceived notion that he's a gang member who's out to steal her kidney and sell it on the blackmarket. but of course after a few conversations, her view of him will probably change? c8 cause he sounds like a sweetheart ;u;

max & leia - TAOOO. (/slapped) although leia's pretty chilled with most people, for some reason i can see her getting annoyed at max because of his elitist ... aura lol. like he's too smart, and he's a player and she would probably get annoyed - or maybe she won't see through his manipulative ways, but still have a tinge of annoyance when she's around. they could have a bickering / cat & dog relationship?

abe & leia - THEY BOTH LET PEOPLE WALK ALL OVER THEM cx haha but abe seems too popular, leia would probably have a hard time believing he's as nice as he is. but yeah i see them as acquantainces, since they don't seem to have much else in common lol.

alice & leia - their names match well. (/bricked) anyway, alice seems really outspoken - probably a characteristic that leia envies. and although i made leia pretty nerdy, i can see her having a love for girly things as well, which could be her guilty pleasure ... which is pretty much the opposite of the norm since most people would consider liking nerdy things to be the guilty pleasure, and being girly to be normal cx; also leia's pretty stupid, especially with writing papers, so i could see her bugging alice since she's a journalism major to help her with her work cx

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