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First Impressions

Max Zheng Kalina Acer

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#1 Guest_Acer Noble_*

Guest_Acer Noble_*

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 10:29 PM

Acer's taste is music was what people with a larger vocabulary would call eclectic. He could go from listening to Lady Gaga to Tim McGraw to Queen and then back to Lady Gaga in less than an hour. Did the genre really matter? If it was a good song, wouldn't you know it almost immediately. Letting genres dictate whether or not you like a certain song is just cutting yourself off from so much good music. So here he was, picking up the kitchen and Listening to “True Colors” by Cindi Lauper.


Unfortunately though, that wasn't an opinion that most people held. So here he was, soaking in as much musical diversity as he could before the first of his new roommates moved in. They hadn't officially met yet,though they had talked a bit on the phone. His name was Max and he seemed pretty chill. Of course, just because he seemed chill didn't mean that Acer was about to leave out his bong and weed on the coffee table on moving day. Though – let's be honest – moving furniture and whatnot while high would be considerably better than while sober.


As sad as it seemed, it was definitely something that he had considered – lighting up a bowl before he arrived. But then the whole “first impressions are important” bug got planted in his brain by his mother and he couldn't bring himself to do it.


So he broke out a beer instead. He was 21. He could drink without it being considered a “bad first impression,” right? He popped off the cap as the song switched. Something a little more “normal” than the previous song – Work Out by J.Cole. And then there was a key turning in the door lock. “Its open!” he yelled over the music. Ace was so used to having people just walk in and out of his apartment (you know, friends, girls), that someone actually using a key came as a bit of a surprise. 

#2 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 27 July 2013 - 05:46 PM

Max pulled into the driveway of the apartment, turning down the bass-y dubstep song he had on his iPhone. He released the clutch on the Nissan GT-R and pulled up the parking brake. Most of his furniture had been in a small storage unit in town, since he'd had an apartment last year as well. Fortunately, that roommate had graduated - he'd been the world's biggest douchebag. Max had been forced to stay with him for the second semester thanks to some complications with the owner of a different place.


This year would be good. He'd had a month away from school, back in the big city with his parents, and he was ready to get back into the familiar swing of college life. He'd talked to his new roommate, Acer, on the phone a couple times, and he was cautiously optimistic about the guy. He seemed cool, but just about anyone can manage that over the phone. Oh well.


An acquaintance of Max (who happened to own a pickup truck) was dropping his furniture off at the apartment, so he didn't have to worry about trying to squeeze his bed into his tiny sports car. However, that would be in a little while. He'd be able to meet Acer and set his bags down in his room before he had to think about the jigsaw puzzle that fitting another person's stuff into a small apartment would be.


Max pressed the button on his remote to lock his car and walked up to the door, putting his Ray Bans on top of his head so as not to look like a total douche the first time he met Acer. He adjusted his gray harem pants (wide and baggy with a low crotch, tight and fitted from the knee down) and pulled his black v-neck down over the waistband. Max's family was well-off (his father was a surgeon at a prestigious hospital), and he liked dressing nicely, but he wasn't a snob about that. No, the few things Max was slightly arrogant about had more to do with his talents and abilities than his financial situation. No reason to alienate people who didn't have rich daddies.


He was going into this school year with a suppressed hope of actually making a real friend. Maybe he'd hit it off with Acer. On the other hand, maybe they'd hate each other, and Max would be forced into seclusion in his room so as to avoid the Evil Roommate. He sincerely hoped it would be the former.


He put the key in the lock and turned it, smiling slightly at the loud music inside. At least Acer liked music. "It's open!" he heard somebody yell. Oh. Okay. He turned the doorknob and assessed the room, unconsciously narrowing his eyes. His gaze stopped on the tall - really tall - guy standing before him.


"Hi. I'm Max. You must be Acer," he said with a winning smile.

#3 Guest_Acer Noble_*

Guest_Acer Noble_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 July 2013 - 03:50 AM

The apartment wasn’t exactly pristine. Acer was by no means a slob, but he was a twenty-one year old guy. Since all of the weed paraphernalia was hidden and the windows were open, the only noticeable mess was a few empties on the end tables, a full trashcan, and a few pots and pans in the sink. The hum of a recently started dishwasher was barely audible from the kitchen. The floors were swept – a courtesy, not a habit – but they definitely hadn’t been washed in a while.


Acer reluctantly set his beer down on the counter, wiping the condensation from his hand on his jeans. It wasn’t that he was impolite or anything, he just didn’t want to leave the ice cold beer that had recently become his best friend. He made his way around the kitchen counter and over to Max, offering his hand to shake. “Yeah man. Nice to meet you.” He said, returning the smile. Ace was wearing a variation of what he always wears. Today, it was blue jeans and a gray Henley with the sleeves bunching at his elbows. It was simple, but luckily Ace had been blessed with the gift of knowing how to tell when clothes fit, so it somehow still managed to look somewhat fashionable.


It was hard for Acer to notice people’s heights – mostly because people tend to be shorter than him. So, when he met someone new, he just stuck them in the category of “shorter than me.” He used to roll his eyes at people who, upon meeting him, blurted out: “Wow, you’re tall.” That was, until he met someone taller than him and his automatic reaction was also to tell them how tall they were.


Max on the other hand, had managed to go an entire sentence without pointing it out. Subconscious brownie points. It was always hard to judge people who dressed well. As unfortunate as it was, dressing fashionably was not synonymous to being chill. But might as well take a step in the direction of finding that out, right? “Can I get you a beer?” he asked, throwing his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the fridge. Ace realized the music was still a little too loud for comfortable conversation so he made his way to the stereo, turning the knob down slightly.


“Oh yeah, and do you need help hauling any of your shit up here?” he asked as he made his way back over to the kitchen counter. As strange as it seemed, that tended to be where people hung out at parties – the kitchen. Yeah, there were couches and a TV in the living room, but the kitchen is where the alcohol is. Who would want to be more than a few feet from that?

#4 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 July 2013 - 08:10 PM

Max already liked Acer. He seemed cool, and he had good taste in beer. "Man, a beer sounds fantastic right now. It's been a long drive." He had driven up from LA, stopped in Vegas for a couple hours, spent the night in St. George, and gotten up at a ridiculous hour to drive the rest of the way here. Needless to say, a beer would be a great way to relax.


Max could smell a faint trace of marijuana in the air. So his roommate liked weed. That was totally cool with Max - occasionally he would indulge in a joint himself, though he tried to keep his lungs and body relatively clean because of the demanding physical nature of his sport. Most people didn't consider ballet dancing a sport, and he'd been judged for such a "girly" choice in activity, but Max didn't really give a damn. He liked it, and hey. How many other athletes got to hold attractive, flexible girls as part of their daily routine?


"Well, right now, all I have is my clothes and shit. Someone I know with a pickup is gonna be bringing my other stuff over in like half an hour. I left it in someone's storage unit so I wouldn't have to drag it back and forth between here and LA." He shrugged and gave Acer a crooked grin. "So if you want to help me grab a bag, that'd be cool." Max used to have an issue accepting people's help until he realized that most people actually do like feeling useful. He had had to learn to swallow a little bit of his independence, and it tended to pay off in general goodwill.


He leaned his elbows on the kitchen counter and sighed, dropping his forehead onto his hands in a moment of weariness. He glanced around the kitchen, taking note of the pots and pans. "So do you like to cook?" Max enjoyed cooking. He had picked up quite a few good habits from his mother and older sister, and studied enough about sports nutrition that he was a decent chef. Most of what he knew how to make (other than some of his favorite traditional Chinese dishes) was high protein, low carb though. Not exactly party food.

#5 Guest_Acer Noble_*

Guest_Acer Noble_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 July 2013 - 09:24 PM

Upon Max’s acceptance of his beer offering, he made his way back to the fridge and opened it. The inside was as you would expect. Take out, meat, bread, and beer. Lots of beer. Ace reached behind the 40 of PBR – because why serve good shit at parties? – and pulled out a Sierra Nevada. He popped the top off with his bottle opener before setting it down in front of Max.


“Oh that’s chill. So you’re from LA then?” he asked. It was an obvious question with an obvious answer, but you have to start somewhere, right? “Do you like it there?” he added a slightly less obvious follow-up.


Ace wasn’t really the type to move home for the summer. Which is why he usually got the apartment to himself for two months, but he could imagine having to go back and forth would be a pain. Jackson wasn’t exactly in driving distance. Living in Colorado was a lot different from growing up in the south. But fortunately for Acer, he had never really developed a strong accent, what with his father being from up north and his mother being Puerto Rican. He was however, very good at imitating it on demand – that and a Puerto Rican accent.


A small laugh escaped from Acers lips when Max asked him if he cooked. There were a few recipes that his mother had drilled into his head growing up – Carne Guisada and Arroz con Gandules. But it was rare for him to cook things that didn’t either come in a box or out of the freezer. “Uh… sometimes.” He began, taking another sip of his beer. “Does mac and cheese count?” – he laughed – “But no, yeah, I cook sometimes. My mom gave me some good recipes, but I grill mostly.” Because what kind of man would he be if he didn’t know his way around a grill?! At least, that was his rationalization for learning how.


He nodded when Max told him he could help with a bag or two. “Yeah no problem.” He said as he made his way to the door. He slipped on a pair of Vans and looked back to Max. “So did you find good parking?” he asked idly wondering how far he was going to have to walk. That was one of the good things about owning a motorcycle – you could park it on the sidewalk right outside the window.

#6 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 July 2013 - 09:49 PM

Max accepted the beer gratefully, taking a swig. He closed his eyes in enjoyment. It had been a while since he'd had a good beer. His parents were wine drinkers, and when he was home, he followed their lead.


"Yeah, I grew up there. My parents are from China though." He nodded thoughtfully, swallowing another sip of beer. "I do. It's actually pretty great if you can ignore the smog and the insane traffic on the 5." He grinned. "Where are you from?"


Max laughed. "Mac and cheese totally counts. It's got all the basic food groups, right? Carbs, fat, sodium..." He chuckled and shook his head. "That's pretty cool. Grilling's great." Not that Max got a chance to enjoy it often. If he grilled, it was usually chicken breast and maybe some veggies. "I do cook, though. Almost every day, actually, so if you want, I can make some extra for you when you're home or whatever." The only high quality kitchen appliance Max had to his name was a rice cooker-/vegetable steamer.


Max followed Acer to the door. "Actually, yeah. Luckily my car's pretty small, so I can fit it into some pretty tight spots." He gestured out the door at the car on the curb. He had found a spot only a few cars away from the motorcycle. Unlocking the car, he walked up to it and opened the trunk up, pulling out two decently-sized duffle bags and a backpack. He was an effective packer, so naturally the bags were heavy, but at least they fit in the car.

#7 Guest_Acer Noble_*

Guest_Acer Noble_*

  • Guest

Posted 28 July 2013 - 10:37 PM

Acer laughed slightly at his comment about the traffic in LA. He’d only been there once but yeah. Yeah, it was definitely pretty terrible. It’d almost be faster to walk home from work – definitely faster to bike. That was one thing he hated about Colorado. He’d been here three years and he’d already gotten ticketed twice for lane splitting – you know, going between cars that were stopped in traffic-y areas. In California, it was perfectly legal! “That’s why everyone who lives in Cali should have a motorcycle.” He said, smirking slightly. “And I’m from Jackson, Tennessee.” He said, dramatically adding on the accent. “It’s not too big a city. Lots of open roads.” He added – dropping the accent.


He shrugged at Max’s interpretation of basic food groups. Those were generally viewed as bad food groups right? “I run like 6-7 miles a day and do strength training every other day.” He said with a laugh. It’s not like he was trying to brag, since Max appeared to be in good shape himself. Ace just had to justify why he could (and did) eat so… unhealthily. “I’m more worried about looking like a twig than I am about getting fat.” He added with a laugh. The type of girls Ace was usually after didn’t really go for the lanky thing. Tall was good, lanky was bad.


Cooking? Every day? For him? Max was quickly making his way into the best-roommate-ever category. “Yeah, that’d be great. I mean, I’ll do the same when I cook. That is, if you don’t mind spicy shit.” He added. He could at least extend the offer in the other direction – even if it would only happen 2-3 times per month.


Ace followed Max to his car, grabbing two more bags from the trunk. Weird that clothes could weigh that much, but it wasn’t like he couldn’t handle them. He wasn’t normally into cars, but he could at least recognize a sports car when he saw one “So what’s your top speed in this thing?” he asked with a smirk. That’s everyone’s first question about sports cars, right?

#8 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 July 2013 - 03:47 AM

Motorcycles were everywhere in California, that was for sure. What with the ideal weather (most of the time), great mountain roads, and legal-lane sharing, it was a fantastic environment for bikes. "For real. I had one, back home. But I figured a car would be more practical, since winter here's a little cold." He snorted. As if a sports car could be considered practical over ice and snow. But whatever. He did miss his Ducati, though. "Oh nice. You really don't have an accent at all. So... what do you like better? Tennessee? Or Colorado?" he asked, genuinely curious. He'd never been further east than Colorado. Well, that wasn't true. He'd been in Chicago for a day, but that hardly counted.


Max hid a smirk at Acer's apparent oblivion to his sarcasm. Oh well, he'd learn. And he'd pick up pretty quickly that Max's diet was practically the opposite of what he had said. "Oh, cool. We should work out together sometime. I lift, but mostly lighter weights, lots of repetitions. I shouldn't bulk up." Max had sized Acer up (not hard to do, since the guy had such a presence) and he really had no reason to worry about being scrawny. "I haven't done a ton of running lately, but I may actually start up again." He shrugged. "Some extra stamina can never hurt." Max couldn't remember if he'd told Acer what he was majoring in. If he hadn't, he didn't really want to bring it up and drop Acer's opinion of him on their first meeting.


Spicy stuff was the best. "I love spicy food. Grew up on it, but probably different-spicy. My mom uses a ton of different Asian sauces." He wondered if Acer would be quite as enthusiastic about Max's cooking when he realized how healthy it all would be. Oh well. If he really was concerned with looking good and being healthy, he'd be happy about it. And free food wasn't really something you could turn up your nose at in college. 


"Well..." He cocked his head, thinking, as he hoisted a bag over his shoulder. "In a test, the 2013 GT-R ran the quarter-mile in under 8 seconds. It was at like 185 miles per hour. I personally have gotten it up to almost 130, but I haven't had the opportunity to go much faster yet." He eyed Acer with a grin. "You interested in a ride sometime?"

#9 Guest_Acer Noble_*

Guest_Acer Noble_*

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Posted 29 July 2013 - 04:21 AM

Acer eyed his bike as they made their way back into the house. As he always did. When you spend thirty grand on something, you tend to take care of it. Even though Ace didn’t officially buy it himself, his father continuously told him that he’d already spent his inheritance – a concept he was completely okay with an exchange for Ducati Panigale 1199 at the age of 19. It was still in near perfect condition three years later – glossy black paint washed and unchipped, engine maintained. She was well taken care of. He laughed at Max comment about it being too cold for motorcycles. The biggest problem was the ice. “Oh yeah? What kind did you have?” he asked, his interested peaked on the topic of motorcycles. “ And yeah, it definitely gets a little dangerous in January.” He said like he was speaking from experience.


Not having an accent was definitely something that Ace was proud of. A lot of people judged southern accents to be “hick.” That wasn’t exactly a stereotype he was okay with. “Thanks, my parents weren’t from there, so I didn’t pick up on it as much as most. And uh…. I don’t know. I like this college. Gets a little fucking cold like you said, but…” he shrugged. “It’s not bad.” It was hard to discern which he liked better. He rarely went home anymore – only for major holidays.


He laughed slightly at Max’s comment about not wanting to bulk up. Acer wasn’t exactly a gym rat himself. In fact, strength training was his least favorite activity, but how was he supposed to pick up girls – both figuratively and literally – without some amount of bulk? “Yeah man, I’m destined to have a runner’s body forever. At least, until ice cream becomes more important than running. And I don’t see that happening any time soon.” He said. He set Max’s bags down in the hallway out front of his room, not really knowing what the stuff was or where he wanted it put.


“And I think we’re talking entirely different realms of spicy here.” He said, “My kind of spicy you can put out with water. Your kind of spicy just gets hotter the more you try to diffuse it.” He laughed. Ace had only had authentic Chinese food a few times. It was damn good, but a lot of the spices were enough to make you cry. His kind of spicy was the kind that had “lesser men” sweating.


He nodded slightly as he answered the question. 130 was pretty fast. Fast enough to get anyone a criminal speeding ticket. “Yeah man, sure.” He said with a laugh. No way would it feel quite the same as going 130 on a bike, but it could still be fun. “Oh and don’t worry, I’m not one of those kids who says ‘You gotta let me drive it sometime bro!’” he added with a laugh. That annoyed the shit out of him when people said that about his bike. Because nope. I don’t have to. And nope. I’m not going to let you.


((ooc: sorry for the length, i got a little carried away xD))

#10 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 July 2013 - 04:01 PM

Max admired the glossy black bike. He love Ducati's styling. Japanese bikes may be great, but the Italians knew where body styling was at. Plus, with the high top-end power, they were just plain fun. "Mine's a Monster. 1100 CCs. Ducati's a great make." The red trellis frame had been one of the eye-catching qualities about the bike. He had considered getting a bike with a full faring, but the naked bike had just been too alluring. "A friend of mine had a sweet Aprilia Tuono. Sometimes I went canyon-riding with him and his dad." Max missed those adventures. They'd drive up through Ojai and scream through the canyons on their sport bikes.


He nodded, agreeing. "Yeah, definitely gets cold. But it is a good school. What are you studying?" Sometimes Max could guess a person's major just by the type of person they were, but Acer was kind of tricky. He seemed like a liberal arts kind of guy, but he liked bikes, so maybe mechanical engineering? That seemed doubtful, based on what Max knew about him already.


Max chuckled and pushed the door open to set his bags in the corner. "Hey, but at least if you run enough, you can get away with eating some ice cream." Not that Max had indulged in ice cream in a while. He'd probably only eaten it two or three times in the past couple years. He didn't miss it too much though. You had to make sacrifices to get results. "I usually get up pretty early every morning to work out. Old school stuff like pushups and crunches and shit." He didn't want Acer to get weirded out by his early-morning antics. 


He smirked. "I'll make you some sometime if you want. Really hot food gets your metabolism going." He chuckled at himself - a walking, talking encyclopedia of diet trivia. "And I've found that milk and juices help with the burn. And rice. I usually make brown rice with my spicy stuff."


Acer was cool. "Thanks, man. I hate how awkward that can get when people ask you that." He grinned. "Actually, I found a really great road last year for getting up there. You probably know it, though, since you have a sport bike." He had taken his car out on the straightaway and just hit the gas. It wasn't long enough to go much faster than 115, but it was good enough, and Max lived for adrenalin. 


((ooc: Don't worry about it. I love responding to long posts :D))

#11 Guest_Acer Noble_*

Guest_Acer Noble_*

  • Guest

Posted 30 July 2013 - 05:41 AM

Oh man. Motorcycle enthusiast. Loves Ducati. Cooks on a regular basis. Could this guy be any better of a roommate? Acer nodded when he told him which type of bike he had. It was without a doubt a great bike, but ever since Ace had gotten the “superbike” body style, he couldn’t look at anything else the same. “Yeah I had a cheap little Ninja 250r in high school. She was my graduation present – for lack of a better term.” He said, nodding in the direction of his baby. “And that’s fucking awesome. I’ve never canyon ridden before. Sounds legit though.” He added with a laugh.


Ah, the topic of school. It was unavoidable, yes, but somehow his lack of interest was already building. Acer had little to no dedication to his major – or school in general – and it tended to show. “Uh, psychology. And there’s a lot of overlap with philosophy so I’m getting a Philo minor. Plus philosophy is the only subject I’ve ever encountered that’s easier to understand high.” He said with a laugh. Well, that cat was out of the bag. Guess he’d just have to see how Max reacted. Ace took a nonchalant sip of his beer as his gauged his reaction. “How about you, what’s your major?” he asked, more wanting to get past the previous subject than anything else.


Acer couldn’t really classify himself as a morning person. Yes, he did usually go for a run around 6am. But depending on his schedule, that could be before bed for him. When it started getting too cold to run in the mornings – or at night – was when his schedule approached that of a normal person. “Yeah, that’d chill. I mean, as long as you don’t blast music when I’m sleeping, I think we’ll be good.” He said, only partially kidding. Ace was an incredibly accepting person, so anyone that liked him as is was an insta-friend.


“Yeah, I’ve gotta go food shopping sometime soon if I expect to eat something other than leftovers.” He said with a laugh. Grocery shopping was probably Acer’s second least favorite activity – other than school. He never bought what he needed and always came home to find that he still had no food. That and not much food fit in his backpack. Hell, a six pack was half the room he had.


Ace nodded when Max started talking about roads around town. He had a few that were his favorites, but it was hard to find a good straight path without getting too far out of town. “I know a couple. As of right now though, she mostly just helps me pick up chicks.” He said, smirking slightly.

#12 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 31 July 2013 - 11:04 PM

Max had a thing for Kawasaki as well. It was pretty crazy how much they actually had in common. "That's awesome. A chick I knew started on a 250R. I think she has the 650 now. Kawi makes some sick bikes." Max admired the Panigale through the window. Its smooth lines and clean angles produced almost the same effect in him as an especially attractive girl did. Well, without the I'd-hit-that thing. "Dude, you're missing out." Max had a feeling they'd be good friends by the end of the year, but he wanted to be sure before throwing out offers of summer adventures.


"Psychology, huh? Are you learning about reading people? Like, their intentions and stuff? I feel like that'd be kind of cool." Philosophy was interesting enough. You kind of had to be open-minded about it if you wanted your art to be effective, and Max treated dance as an art-form. He laughed. "I believe it." He hadn't smoked weed in a while, and sometimes he missed it. "There was this one time, in high school... I was with a friend of mine. We were backstage in the auditorium late at night after a performance, and he had snuck some back there. The whole time, we were just like, talking about how Batman should be the face of the Socialist movement or something. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but man, we seriously had a whole debate about it." He snorted. "Mixed in with crazy laughter and stuff, of course." He shrugged. "But I major in Dance. I dance Ballet." He eyed Acer, trying to see how he'd react. He'd gotten the whole "dude, that's gay" thing so many times, he'd almost come to expect it.


He shook his head. "Nah, I'm pretty quiet in the morning. I'm usually too tired to want to listen to music, anyway." He laughed. "Oh, hey, by the way. You don't mind incense, do you?" Most stoners he knew didn't, but he wanted to be sure. He had gotten addicted to burning the stuff when he left home. A friend of his had consistently burned it in his car, and he loved it - he just didn't want to mess up the interior of his GT-R.


Max actually didn't mind grocery shopping. It was one of those little rituals that helped him feel connected to home. He wasn't usually an overly sentimental person, but there were a few things he cherished. "Dude, I don't really mind grocery shopping... but if you're gonna be wanting junk food, you'll have to supply that yourself, cause I try to avoid it. Mostly, I eat low carb, low fat, high protein shit. And lots of veggies."


Max had used his own bike for similar purposes quite often as well. "Hey, that's a perfectly legitimate use for a bike, man." The Nissan was pretty effective at attracting attention as well, and it had the added bonus of being a great make-out spot. 

#13 Guest_Acer Noble_*

Guest_Acer Noble_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 August 2013 - 05:51 AM

Of course he was missing out! Riding in beautiful country was heavenly. Ace couldn’t even imagine riding through red rock or somewhere of that equivalent. He’d probably get distracted by the beauty and crash. Just kidding. Ace would never hurt his baby. He nodded slightly, his mind circling all the different places he’d been on his bike. “Yeah man, I bet. Next summer, I’ll have to try it.” He said with a laugh. After all, school was about to start and he couldn’t just go gallivanting when there were so many important parties to throw. So many new freshman to seduce.


He shrugged as Max asked him more about his major. Ace could never call himself perceptive – especially when it came to others’ emotions. For him philosophy was more about finding out why people acted the way they did. The classes that were his favorite had a lot to do with introspection. “Nah, I’m more into theories of like…. Connections between the mind and the soul. Cartersian skepticism, that kind of thing… God I sound like such a fag when I talk about this sober.” He laughed and shook his head, taking another sip of his beer. Acer was one of those guys who got sucked in to the language and slang of the people he hung out with. He had zero problems with homosexuality, but occasionally, the word slipped up. If someone pointed it out, he’d immediately recoil.


Ace listened with a mused smirk to Max’s anecdote about smoking. It probably would have made a lot more sense if he were high. The whole batman thing. “Yeah, when you’re on the marijuana’s man, shit gets real.” He said with a laugh, a hint of sarcasm trickling in. Or maybe it was disdain for the people who consider marijuana to be something you “do” or are “on.” Nobody says “I do cigarettes” or “I’m on alcohol,” and weed was no worse than either of those, right?! Ace raised an eyebrow what Max told him he was a dance major. Not really what he expected but it made the whole health nut thing make a little more sense. “Wait so you can hook me up with hot flexible dancers? Dude, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be my new best friend.” He said jokingly.


Incense was bomb. It masked the smell of weed so easily while not smelling like “lemon fresh” or whatever those scented air fresheners chose to infect your room with. Acer nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, that’s fine. I mean I don’t mind. As long as you don’t care if I smoke on occasion.” He said, still smirking. He took another sip of his beer.


Another laugh escaped from Ace when Max told him what kind of food he ate. Who knows, maybe a little health food would do him some good? “Well I’m always up for health and shit. But more importantly, we should throw a party.” He said, “You know, like a house warming party. I invite my friends, you invite yours. All that jazz.” A deviously excited look was very quickly spreading across Acers face. 

#14 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 01 August 2013 - 06:03 PM

Max cocked his head, thoughtful. "What do you usually do over Christmas break? Cause like, winter out west is super mild." If they didn't get along, obviously the invitation would be rescinded, but Max wasn't too worried about that. It was almost nicer when it was a little cooler, since Max always wore his leathers when canyon-riding. He tried to avoid roadrash wherever possible.


He shook his head. "Nah, it sounds cool. Philosophy's pretty intense. I grew up learning some Confucianism and Buddhism. I can't say I believe any of it, but it's interesting to see the different trains of thought." Max tended to avoid introspection, as it threw his wild lifestyle in his face and occasionally scared him. He couldn't admit it to himself, but he was terrified that he'd never actually be able to emotionally connect with someone beyond shallow friendships based on similar interests.


"Yeah, for real. The smallest little thing becomes really important." Max grinned at Acer's comment about "hot, flexible dancers." "Oh, hell yeah. They're the best." He winked, grinning. There was definitely an abundance of attractive girls in the dance department. He'd already gone through a couple of them, but tried not to make things too awkward with the girls he had to interact with on a weekly or daily basis. "And I totally know a couple you'd love." He was pretty pleased that he and Acer seemed to have similar taste in girls. It would make it more fun to go out for drinks or something with him. Hell, maybe Acer could use a wingman. Max wasn't too into one night stands, but he could imagine Acer liked to live it up.


Max loved burning incense. He used it when he meditated (which only happened every now and then), but he liked it when he was studying too. "Go for it. I may even join you sometimes. I try not to smoke too much anymore, since I have to take care of my body and shit" He shrugged. Sometimes the whole dancing thing was more trouble than it was worth. But then he got in the studio and remembered why he loved it.


Max's eyes widened at this fantastic suggestion. "That's a great idea. Dude, I'm a fan of this plan." He already started going over the people he'd invite. He glanced around the apartment, trying to gauge how many people you could fit in this place.

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Luckily, Acer wasn't one to make swooping assumptions from the things people said. So when Max appeared to be inviting him out of a California road trip, he didn't see it as his brand new roommate inviting him home for the holidays. They were just talking. What's fun is fun, why make a big deal out of it? Unfortunately though, his mother would probably sick the entire family on him if he didn't come home for the holidays. He laughed slightly at the thought. “Man, I wish. I'm pretty sure my mother would murder me if I didn't come home for Christmas. But hey, maybe in the spring. Or for New Years or something.” he said, trying to come up with a way to wriggle his way out of the Christmas Family Fun time.


And yeah, religion is.... interesting. I mean religions themselves are pretty boring but the psychology behind why we as humans need religion is... pretty weirdly awesome.” he said as he brought his beer to his lips again. Better to drink it while it's cold, right? “So are your parents all religious and shit?” he asked, clearly not putting much weight in the idea.



Ace laughed at Max's comment about him knowing a few girls for him. He had originally asked with the undertone of joking, but hell yes is Max could actually wing man him a hot dancer. “You'll have to invite them. And introduce me. And then very subtly slip away.” he said with another laugh. “I bet you catch hell for that one though. Cause somehow holding beautiful women is gay and wrestling with 300 lb dudes is straight.” He shook his head. Ace had gone though the whole organized sports phase. He played just about everything in high school – though the throwing arm helped quite a bit for football and baseball. He would have stuck with it into college but it seemed that the more time he spent on sports, the less time he spent on women. Pun somewhat intended. This was just not the way that Ace wanted to live his life.


He laughed and nodded as Max agreed to throwing a party. Their apartment really wasn't that large, but yeah, it could definitely hold a party. And the sooner they throw it, the less likely they are to have the cops called on them by neighbors, right? But then again... “Well let's get you all moved in and plan for uh... tomorrow night or something? I can wing man it up. Also we should invite the neighbors. Cause they could be awesome.” he said with a laugh. They probably weren't awesome. But. BUT. If he invited them, they probably wouldn't call the cops, right? Unless they were complete sticks in the mud.

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Max nodded. He completely understood possessive parents. His mother would probably come with her teeth bared if he tried to stay away over Christmas. "I getcha. My mom's the same way. But Christmas break is usually pretty long." He shrugged. "We can figure something out. Not like we don't have time." He grinned. It looked as though they'd be spending plenty of time together.


"Ish. Like, my mom talks about karma and stuff, but they don't really believe a lot of it. She likes Confucius's morals too, but it's not like she follows it. My sister's more into Buddhism than the rest of us. She's studied some Shaolin Kung Fu, and she's really into their philosophy. She's got like, a third degree black belt in Wushu, and I think she's a black belt in Kung Fu as well." He shrugged. He appreciated his sister's desire for a religion but had never felt the same draw, especially to something like Buddhism. It didn't make a lot of sense to him. But the way she had mastered the concept of Chi was something he couldn't deny. That was probably the main attention-grabber for him.


Max could tell Acer had been kidding around, but really. Who actually would admit to joking if they had the opportunity to get with a dancer? "Definitely. And once they meet you, they'll be hooked. For real, I know this one girl who seriously has a thing for tall guys. She won't leave you alone." He grinned. He'd tried to charm her, but found out rather quickly that he didn't quite meet her height requirements. "Oh, jeez, yeah, no kidding. I try not to tell people that I dance first thing. Cause then I get the whole 'oh, dude. Only gay guys would dance around in a leotard.' But for real, football players wear spandex too. And I get all the chicks." He was relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with the teasing from Acer. His last roommate had mocked him incessantly for it, so he'd just spent more time at the studio to avoid him. Max tended to throw himself completely into his commitments, sometimes to the point of obsession. His mother, of course (being a rather typical Chinese tiger mom), had supported him in this drive, which in turn had resulted in an insane amount of skill in his dancing and his martial arts. Max didn't regret it, but he had turned to leading women on as an escape from the constant pressure.


Max already knew a couple dancers that would probably accept his invitation. "Sounds great. My stuff should be arriving in just a little while..." He checked the time on his phone. "So we can get it all put away. And what would you say if I got a dancer to come tomorrow?" He chuckled at Acer's comment about the neighbors. It was a good idea to invite them, just on the off-chance that they would at least appreciate the gesture. 

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