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Whose House Is This?

Sarah Stella Hunter Leslie

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#1 Guest_Hunter Sinclair_*

Guest_Hunter Sinclair_*

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Posted 29 July 2013 - 11:23 AM

Leaning against the wall Hunter took another large mouthful of beer as his eyes wandered around the living room of the house. The furniture was nice... in a tacky second hand shop kinda way. The art was okay in a 'I'm hiding the holes' kinda way. But the entertainment system was amazing in a hot freshman with big tits coming out of her top kinda way. Yep that was definitely his kind of entertainment. He offered the blonde a bit of a smirk causing her to smirk a little and say something to her friend who was standing beside her before the two wandered off.


The night was still young, he needed to pace himself, he couldn't hit on every single girl just yet, he had to wait for the late comers to get there. Generally the hot girls always came later. Hunter wasn't completely certain whose house he was at he just knew that Rick had said there would be a party and the magical words had lured him like a pied piper to the house. Or was his name Rob? But Rob was cool like that,  he seemed to know where all the parties were at even the bad ones held by people just hoping people would hear the word 'party' and hope people would come. Or was his name Ryan? Ray? Matt. That was it. Matt.... Wasn't it?


Well for the moment who the pied piper was didn't matter, all that mattered was beer, girls, and beer.... In that order. Realizing that his cup was almost empty he headed over to get himself another one, his eyes staying on a couple that had just come in the room. His eyes on the blonde and brunette that just came in he didn't look where he was going and walked right a group of people. "Shit. My bad." He said holding his hands up, but the moment he did he started to loose his balance a little in his drunken state and started to fall back towards them again only stopping himself just before he collided. "Sorry, my bad again." He reiterated only then taking notice of those in the small group he'd just bumped into.

#2 Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

  • Guest

Posted 30 July 2013 - 12:20 AM

Much to the contrary of Leslie's generally accepted stereotype - “hipster” - she enjoyed parties and beer pong and obnoxiously loud music and jocks trying to show off. This was almost the entire reason that she hung around sorority girls. Well, that and most of them were a lot nicer than people expect. Which is why Les found the whole concept of stereotypes to be completely asinine. Jocks cared about more than sports. Sluts cared about more than sex. Hipsters cared about more than their record collection (though in Leslie's case, that was a hard bar to top).


For once though, this was a party where she knew quite a few people. A friend of hers was actually throwing it. So Leslie, being the polite little peach that she was, offered to come over early and help her set up. This had it's advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: choice of good drinks, early games of beer pong, playlist composition assistance, and knowledge of where she hides the “good” alcohol. Disadvantages: The awkward early stages of the party, and she generally ended up drunker than everyone else because she started earlier. Tonight, she was attempting – somewhat unsuccessfully – to pace herself.


Les was wearing what she considered “party clothes:" a deep blue high-wasited short skirt and gray top. But she couldn't let herself out of the house looking that adorable and approachable. So she artfully applied bright red lipstick and pulled on her spike-heeled jeff campbells. Totally intimidating. She was at least 5'4" in those heels.


By the time this stumbling drunkard ran into her, she was already two long islands deep and about to sign up for beer pong. She stumbled slightly when he ran into her, giggling as she gained her composure. Dammit. Giggling. Alcohol did the worst things to Leslie's "unapproachable" facade. “It's okay,” she said with a smile, steadying herself. “You'll just have to be my beer pong partner. You know, to make up for the emotional damage your recklessness has caused.” she said with a serious nod.

#3 Guest_Hunter Sinclair_*

Guest_Hunter Sinclair_*

  • Guest

Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:28 AM

Despite the fact that he had heard what she said, it took him a moment longer to completely process the words. There was that drunken hesitation as the words took their time to find their way to part of the brain that processed speech, but hearing the words 'beer pong' had an automatic response in him. A wide grin spread over his lips as if she'd just said two of the most powerful words in the English language (other then blow job). Hunter nodded a little offering her a sympathetic nod despite the grin.


"I was that careless?" He questioned as he looked down to her. "From the bottom of my heart I give you my most sincerest apologies for my irresponsible actions." Hunter said as his hand went to his heart in an over dramatic show of slightly drunk self-effacement. Despite knowing full well where the heart was located, he still automatically took a moment to 'think' where it was. "If that's what it will cost me to fix the emotional scaring I'll face the foes of beer pong." He said before offering her one of his charming smirks - just in case he'd gone to over the top with his response. It was something he'd figured at a young age - a smile can fix anything.

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