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Music and Philosophy and Life, oh my

Stella Hayley Sinclair Aiden Berkeley

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#1 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 12:26 AM

Aiden strummed a few chords on his guitar and hummed along, not really following a specific melody. Just jamming and letting it come to him. That was one of the great things about knowing this instrument backwards and forwards. He could produce pretty much whatever sound he wanted from it.


A pretty girl walked past and he changed the tempo of the music briefly as he watched her stride away. He turned his attention back to his instrument and scowled when he hit a wrong note. That’s what he got for not paying attention.


Ugh. Oh well. Hayley was supposed to meet him so they could hang out, but he wasn’t sure when she was planning on showing up. Aiden was looking forward to seeing his friend. It had been a while since they’d hung out, and he missed having someone who understood him to talk to. Not that home was bad, but most of his friends had been on vacation with their families and stuff. It just made for kind of a depressing trip back home, especially since his parents both worked full-time.


At least school was better. He could play his music and learn some stupid Real Education (according to his mom) credits. Plus, he had friends here. A few, anyway. And the good things in college were worth the bullshit math and foreign language credits he had to take. He was learning music, after all, and that was all he wanted to do.



#2 Guest_Hayley Sinclair_*

Guest_Hayley Sinclair_*

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 08:43 AM

It was one of those days where everything seemed just a little off. It wasn't a case of thundery skies, doom and gloom - but more that constant unsettling feeling that everything wasn't quite right. The bathroom was being used when she needed it, someone had left their dishes on the bench instead of putting them in the washer. Lots of little things were starting to ware on her and make her loose what little patience she had.


But it was days like that, that she knew she had to be around people. Force herself to hang out, be social and have fun so she had something to look forward too and that's was what she was doing. Remaining focused on the fact she was going to catch up with Aiden and put the bad start to the day behind her. Heading over to where she was supposed to meet him, she heard his guitar first and couldn't help but smirk a little feeling herself relax a little already.


She listened to his change in tempo as the girls passed and couldn't help but smirk widely a moment before looking away forcing the smirk to go away. "Some people just don't realized good music when they hear it." Hayley informed him as she dropped her bag onto the ground beside him before taking a seat, her eyes staying on him as she tried to assess how his day was going and if it was any better then hers had been to that point.

#3 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 06:26 PM

Aiden smiled when he heard his friend's assessment of the situation. "Hey, you." He appreciated her encouragement - sometimes it was a little disheartening to see how few people actually stopped to listen to street performers. Because really, some of those people were good. And they were completely taken for granted: background noise their hectic lives. Granted, college campuses were usually centers of activity, with people bustling from one building to the next, late to their next class or tutoring session. Not everyone had time to stop and appreciate the little things in life.


The corners of his eyes crinkled when he saw her expression. "Rough day?" he asked sympathetically. He was glad she'd been able to hang out. She always seemed so busy, but it would be good for her to take a break and move at his pace for a little while. Not that Aiden was lazy; he just enjoyed living life. The little things gave him pleasure: people-watching, pretty coffee mugs with fragrant coffee steaming inside, the sounds a guitar made in the hands of a skilled musician. 


Little things in the grand scheme of things, but important. Imperative for a healthy state of mind. Aiden wasn't into Buddhism and Nirvana and things like that, but he had to admit, they had some things right. 


Aiden's day had been fairly average so far. Nothing particularly fantastic, but nothing devastating either. Having Hayley here would definitely give the day more potential. Who knew what they'd end up doing - even just sitting here all afternoon, talking, playing music, maybe singing... it would be great. Therapeutic, even. 

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