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Let's Throw a Party

Sarah Leslie Lovett Max Zheng Acer Noble

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#1 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 04:37 PM

The doorbell rang and Max walked lazily over to get it. Some of his dancer friends, most likely, since Acer's guests tended to just walk right in. They knew the house rules (or lack thereof) and were familiar with the place. This was the first time some of Max's friends had even gotten his address though.


He smiled at the two elegant girls standing in the doorway and held the door open for them. "Ladies," he acknowledged. "Beer's in the kitchen." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the kitchen. "And actually, I have a friend I want you to meet, too."


The girls exclaimed over the apartment (which made Max roll his eyes. Typical girls. There was nothing special about the bachelor pad) and one picked up a figurine he had placed decoratively on the coffee table. Max made a mental note to put that in his room when she was done with it - didn't want it getting smashed by a rowdy drunk.


"Ace! Hey, remember when I told you about Carly and Megan? They're here." He knew Acer would be very pleased to make their acquaintance. Carly was a tall, thin blonde with long wavy hair and big green eyes. Megan was brunette and equally tall and thin - both could pass for super models, but they had a muscular, lithe grace that made them even more appealing.


Max was feeling good about the evening. And night. And potentially wee hours of the morning. This party would be great, and hopefully the neighbors wouldn't call the cops about disturbance of the peace. He wondered how many people would show up. He hadn't been to a good party in a while, and didn't quite know how Acer's parties usually went. Obviously well enough, since this many people were here already.

#2 Guest_Acer Noble_*

Guest_Acer Noble_*

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Posted 19 August 2013 - 07:08 PM

It would be a lie to say that Acer didn't pride himself on his ability to throw a party. Much to the assumed disdain of his neighbors, he had lots of practice. But parties like this were always considerably more fun. His friends had a tendency to know how great the parties he threw were. They became more than just Facebook invites and PBR. They were Events. But having a new roommate introduced a whole new pool of people he could impress with his impressive hosting abilities. More importantly, a whole new pool of women.


Despite his manslut nature, Acer rarely came on too strong. He knew who to leave alone and who to pursue. Who wanted to have to chase him and who wanted to be chased. Girls were so easy to figure out. They all had some version of “the game” in their heads, and for Ace, the rules and instructions were clearly printed on their faces and in their words.


So tonight, rather than roaming around his house trying to talk to all the girls he had yet to meet, he was in the kitchen, at the beer pong table, playing with a girl he deemed as one-of-the-guys. She was this cute little blonde girl who dressed like a hipster, talked like a sorority girl, and drank like a man. As soon as Ace heard her tell some guy (who was twice her size) off for insisting on getting her a drink, he knew they were going to be insta-friends. Granted, she was terrible at beer pong, but she was fun to be around.


Acer was shaking his head at her and picking up yet another cup when Max made his way over. He nodded in hello and smiled at the company he had in tow. Yep. Having a dancer for a roommate was going to be pretty fucking amazing. Carly... Megan.” he said, shaking their hands as he repeated their names. It was a courtesy that was lost on most of his generation – which, fortunately for Acer, made him stand out even moreso. “You're welcome to anything that's in the fridge. I hide the good stuff, so if you need something better than PBR and Popov, let me know.” he added, his smile turning quickly to a smirk.


Without looking away from the three of them, Ace leaned back and rested his forearm on top of Leslie's head, playfully using her as an armrest (I mean, she is a foot and a half shorter than him). “This little midget is Leslie.” he said jokingly, pointing at her with his other hand as she squirmed out from under his arm. “She's terrible at beer pong. Don't play with her.” he added with a laugh. 


((This will PROBABLY be my only Ace post, and I'd also like to respond with Leslie before you respond, but at least I'm working on it now! Haha))

#3 Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

  • Guest

Posted 19 August 2013 - 07:47 PM

Despite how impressed Acer usually was with his own parties, Leslie found them lacking in certain faculties. Mostly the music. It was like he had a playlist compiled of the top ten over hyped and overplayed songs of the last 10 years. Girls would squeal when the backstreet boys came on – Oh my god, I remember this song!!!– sing along to fucking Lady Gaga, and dance to J.Cole. So yes, he was a crowd pleaser. The majority of the people loves the music. But Leslie would much prefer some Warrant or Kansas or Queen. That was still considered party music, right?


But he was still fun to be around. Sassy and sarcastic and amusing. Plus, when she hung around with him, she got the good beer and the good rum. Not the shitty stuff he hands out to all these “guests.” So here she was. In a pair of spike heeled jeff campbells, torn up high waisted short shorts, and a fitted spaghetti strap half shirt. He stomach was showing and her shorts were definitely short, but it was fashionable, so who cares if “bitches be jealous?”


When three people that Leslie didn't really know came over and started talking to Acer, she sort of tuned them out. She sipped her beer and looked at the table. Surprisingly, they weren't doing that badly. Leslie had probably only made one cup – maybe two – but if Ace could carry her to victory, all the more power to him. It was all the height that made him better. It had to be. He could probably see in all the cups from way up there. Les was musing over the height discrepancy when she felt his arm come down on the top of her head. Way to exaggerate it, Acer. She thought as she removed his arm.


She smiled politely at the three people she hadn't officially met yet. “Hi. I'm not that bad, come on. I made one...” she said with a laugh. “I'm sorry that giants are better at beer pong. Us normal people tend to struggle a little.” she added, fake glaring at him. “Maybe if I had a less insulting beer pong partner, I'd get better.” It was a little obvious that this guy – whoever he was – was trying to set Acer up with one of those girls. Maybe both, who knows with that kid... But either way, Leslie could help play wing woman. She was enough of a bro to do that.


“You.” she said, pointing at Max and motioning him over. “Play with me.” - she turned back to Acer - “I'm replacing you.” A smirk spread across her face as she winked at him. He clearly got the message.

#4 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 07 September 2013 - 11:58 PM

Max smirked at Acer. He had had a feeling his roommate would like his fellow dancers. In turn, he cast a sidelong glance at Ace's friend, who he introduced as Leslie. She was cute. Not his usual type, but she seemed like a "one of the bros" kind of chick. And she may be small (but hell, everyone was small compared to Ace), but her legs - damn.


Hot damn, okay, she was cute. Even if she turned out to be a ditz - which he doubted - she'd be worth getting to know. "Beer pong not your cup of tea?" He shot her a crooked grin. "I'll gladly offer up my services, but I'm not super practiced. I'm Max, by the way." He offered her his hand to shake, taking Acer's initiative with manners and shit. Max had learned to be respectful. It just wasn't exactly something that came naturally to him.


It was probably part of being so elitist. The thing was, he knew he had an arrogance problem, but registering it as a problem was something that only happened occasionally. So yeah. He was better-looking than a lot of guys. So he had more money. So he had excellent fashion sense without being gay. So he kept his grades at an A average with minimal commitment to studying. Such was life. Some people were just more gifted, and Max was lucky to be one of those people.


Not that he waved it in front of people's faces. He just tended to carry himself with a more confident posture than some of the less-blessed people here on this campus.


Tonight, he had put a dark green, slightly clingy t-shirt on - one that subtly displayed his well-toned physique - and a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, with black combat boots. Yeah, not typical party attire, but what the hell. From the looks of Leslie, she wasn't your typical attendee of Acer's parties either. Maybe they would get along. Not that Max had a problem with first impressions, generally. It was making and keeping friends that was the hard part. Plenty of people would hang out with him, pleased to get some attention, but that was so damn tiring all the time. This chick seemed like she could maybe have an actual conversation - something Max didn't get with girls a lot of the time.


Course, that was partly his own fault. He didn't seek out intelligent female company very often. Just entertaining female company. Hence why he knew exactly who was easy in the Dance school, but couldn't tell you who was minoring in Philosophy for the life of him.


He rubbed his hands together and looked at the beer pong table. "By the way. You're not that short." He winked at her and nodded towards Acer. "He's just outlandishly tall."


((Sorry I haven't been on in forever!))

#5 Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

  • Guest

Posted 27 September 2013 - 11:58 PM

To say beer pong wasn’t her cup of tea was a little bit of an understatement. Leslie was like a scrawny kid who loved sumo wrestling; the midget who loves basketball. She loved playing – mostly because she loved drinking – but she usually only ended up playing one round. This was, unless Acer or some other beer pong god was around to carry her to victory.


Luckily, she wasn’t particularly competitive, so giving up her golden egg to a couple of too-skinny, too-tall, overdressed party girls wasn’t exactly a deathblow. Plus, Les was always for meeting new people. And if he was Acer’s new roommate, he would probably be at most of his parties. Might as well make nice now, right? …Ha. Make nice. Ha. Leslie didn’t really attempt to “make nice” with anyone. She was more of a…. lay it all on the table type of girl. Biting her tongue was far from her specialty.


She shrugged at his comment “That’s fine. Ace clearly wants to play with Thing One and Thing Two, so you’ll have to do.” She said somewhat teasingly. Acer had glanced back at her upon hearing that, shaking his head and praying that neither of them heard her. They had. But then he was quickly placating them and defending her words – “Ah, Les gets a little obnoxious when she’s drunk. Here, let me get you both a drink.” It didn’t really bother Leslie. People seemed to do that a lot – especially people she already knew; saying things like “She’s not that bad. You just have to get to know her!” or “She has no filter, don’t take it personally.” But she never really got it, you know? People were so touchy.


Leslie smirked as he introduced himself, cocking her head to one side. “Awe, now I can’t call you ‘hey you’ all night.” She said, sipping the warming beer in her hand. The polite thing would have been to say “oh, hi Max. It’s very nice to meet you,” but no one had ever accused Leslie of being polite. Especially not when drinking.


She laughed as he justified her height, soften the blow of Acer’s faux insult. With a nod, she glanced over at the now-far-away Acer. Yeah, he was definitely a giant, which made him the perfect model for her projects – something she had only convinced him to do once. He was too lazy to go out of his way for anyone most of the time. With fashion still in mind, Les glanced back at Max. Wow. He was actually… fashionable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Acer had the whole bro-fashion going for him, but everything Max was wearing looked like something Les would put together for a potential project. “You’re… surprisingly fashionable.” She blurted, glancing him over again. “And I’ve come to terms with my height.” She pointed to the 6 inch heels. “Well… kind of.”

#6 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 29 September 2013 - 04:33 AM

Max smirked in Acer's direction. "Yeah, sure looks that way." He wasn't about to come to their defense. They probably weren't as shallow as they came across, but he had no idea. It wasn't like he really gave a damn. At least they seemed perfectly willing to fawn over Ace. He was tall enough to make them look almost proportionate, so they probably appreciated that.


Eh. And it wasn't like Max didn't have people to talk to. Leslie, for instance. Already snarky and interesting. Max tended to observe people and respond to them based on how they acted. He wasn't going to be particularly friendly to someone who wasn't friendly to him. Of course, sometimes he was just a jerk no matter what, especially if he was in a bad mood.


Which, unfortunately for society, happened more often than most would like. 


Oh well. "So who are we playing?" He glanced around, seeing if he could size up the competition. Might as well give the game a shot.


"Nope, unfortunately not." He cocked his head at her, trying to figure her out. Definitely the snarky, sarcastic type. Good. He was getting so tired of bimbos. Entirely his own fault, of course, but still. Didn't mean they couldn't get boring after a while. And boring was something Max detested. 


He raised his eyebrows, slightly surprised at her compliment. "Oh. Thank you." He hadn't put a ton of thought into his outfit for the night - he just filled his wardrobe with good choices and knew how to put them together in flattering ways. None of that frat boy fashion for him. You'd never catch Max in booty shorts with a button-down, short sleeve pink shirt. No, Max's style tended to lean towards European/Asian street fashion. Granted, it got him some weird looks from straight guys and interested looks from gay guys, but girls seemed to like a well-dressed man. Which, naturally, was an important factor. 


He snickered at the heels. "Well, at least you have a way to deal with it." He nodded down toward them. "And they look great. Tall girls have a hard time getting away with them." He briefly wondered if they'd end up talking about clothes. It wasn't like he minded. It just seemed like most people thought his fixation on clothing was slightly... weird. But Leslie had style. Maybe she'd be cool about it.


#7 Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

Guest_Leslie Lovett_*

  • Guest

Posted 30 September 2013 - 11:08 PM

Who were they playing next? It was a valid question. It had taken Leslie a second to realize that Acer had won before Max walked over. Whoa. Weird. That kid had godly beer pong skills. Like, if there were professional beer pong leagues, he’d probably take home the grand prize. After the initial shock on the change of game hit Leslie, she realized she probably should have been paying more attention.


She wasn’t normally a space case. In fact, she was normally a bit too intense for most people. She shook her head to regain composure. Stupid alcohol and it’s stupid effects on her stupid brain. “Uhhh…” she began, turning to look at the giant whiteboard up against the refrigerator. “Look like… Nick and… Albert. Really? People are still named Albert? Isn’t that a name from like… the 1850’s?” she said with absolutely no reserve.


And then the dynamic duo was in front of them. Leslie could already tell which one Albert was. Nick was a tall-ish dirty blonde bro who was clearly blazed out of his mind and Albert… Albert was probably his socially awkward roommate. Someone he’d brought along to try and “get him out of his shell.” He was overdressed. But not in the sense that he looked better than everyone. No, he was overdressed in that he looked like he was going to church. Or a funeral. Hard to tell.


Much to even her surprise, Les managed to hold her tongue about his outfit, instead focusing her attention on Max as they set up their cups. “Oh it wasn’t a compliment.” She said, tone teasing as it usually was when she was drinking. “Just an observation. If you weren’t, I couldn’t play with you.” She added, smirk creeping back onto her face.


As much as Leslie liked to think alcohol didn’t affect her that much, anyone who knew her could tell you different. She, like many girls, went through stages of drunkenness. The first stage was one she had already – somewhat – surpassed. It was the dance-y stage. Unfortunately for her, Acer’s music collection stopped that from being a real possibility for her. The second stage with the flirty stage – the one she was in now. Keep pouring alcohol in her and you get clingy, angry, sad, and passed out – in that order.


But with any luck, Leslie might be able to keep her B.A.C. in the flirty levels and not end up in any fights.


“So you’re living with the self-proclaimed King of Parties this year, huh?” she asked as she began setting back up their beer pong cups. She couldn’t help but laugh a little. Living with that slut was going to be difficult for just about anyone.

#8 Guest_Max Zheng_*

Guest_Max Zheng_*

  • Guest

Posted 18 October 2013 - 07:10 PM

Max snorted when he saw the names on the board. "Oh, man. That's unfortunate." He appraised the two as they approached and had already made his judgments before they were close enough to introduce themselves. The one clearly named Albert looked completely out of place at this party - and there were all types here. It was almost painful to watch him glance around awkwardly with his hands in his pockets.


Best thing to do would be to ignore him. And probably the other guy too. If Max had been drunk, he would have said something - mentioned the guy's outfit, his apparent discomfort - anything to make him feel worse (it was entertaining, after all). But he was sober and in complete control of his faculties.


Unfortunately, that tended to make Max less "humorous," but he was more sarcastic sober. Probably a plus.


He smirked. "And vice versa, naturally. I try not to associate with unfashionable people - sometimes it's a stretch to live with Acer." He was only partially joking. Ace was a good-looking guy, and he wore his clothing well, but he had so much potential. Aaaand Max was starting to sound gay, even to himself. New train of thought.


Max didn't drink enough to know exactly how alcohol affected him. Yeah, he drank on occasion, and heavily too, but usually he figured it wasn't worth the calories that he'd have to burn the next day. He didn't enjoy working out that much. He did know, though, that he loosened up with a few drinks. That wasn't always a good thing, since he tended to blurt out all the rude and elitist comments he typically kept locked in his brain.


A drunk Max didn't tend to make a lot of friends, unless he was with people he genuinely liked, which wasn't really the norm. Tonight, however, could be different. Leslie seemed cool, and Max hadn't formed any negative judgments about her yet.


He gave a small chuckle at Leslie's rhetorical question. "Yeah, and it's already been crazy. He's a great guy, but definitely wild." Max grabbed the beer to refill the cups.




((So I've been meaning to write this up for the past few weeks, but every time I got even partway through it, Chrome would crash and I'd lose the whole thing, but it's here now!))

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