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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Campus Life

dorms basics

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 05:08 AM

On Campus Living

Mitchell Hall

Mitchell Hall is perhaps the least "luxurious" of the dorms around CSU. In fact, it can hardly be said in the same sentence as decent without a few laughs, as it smells of mildew and looks as though it's about to fall apart. It's questionable whether or not it meets safety regulations, but hey-- it's the cheapest dorm on campus and it's a good spot to test the freshmen. Can't make it past Mitchell? Then maybe you should go on home, crybaby. Mitchell is an all boys dorm, typically occupied by freshmen or guys that are particularly afraid of co-ed situations. The atmosphere is a bit chaotic; if you've been placed here, prepare yourself for yelling, fighting, and rough housing. Perhaps you can make a few good memories here, but you'll be lucky to make it out without some serious head trauma.

Davis Hall

Davis Hall, the only all girls dorm on campus, is perhaps a little better than Mitchell, but it's hardly worth writing home about. Spiderwebs, cockroaches, rodents-- let's just say that the students aren't the only ones that occupy this building. This dorm is also usually filled up with freshmen or girls who are particularly afraid of other boys, yet it's quiet and somewhat homely, if you can make it past the thick scent of Pine Sol and public bathrooms.

Parker Hall

Parker is the easiest co-ed dormitory to get into on campus, which is why it's usually occupied by freshmen and low GPA sophomores. Like Mitchell, it seems to be tearing apart at the seams, and most of the utilities don't work properly or at all. The fire alarm goes off at ungodly hours of the night and the ceilings leak. You're guaranteed hot showers in the summer months and cold showers in the winter months, but hey-- you're living that co-ed dormitory experience, right? Except it's not all that different than Mitchell and Davis, considering the girls and boys halls are on completely separate floors. That usually doesn't deter people, however; the word "co-ed" alone is enough to bring people in. Despite the broken state of this place, people seem to enjoy it. It's the loudest dorm by far (you'll have to go to the library if you want to get any real studying done), and parties seem to be going on constantly.

Oliver Hall

Oliver Hall is the most serene and peaceful environment you could live, excluding single rooms and on campus apartments. The people who pick this dorm are usually the studious nerds and they spend most of their time inside, studying and reading and actually doing their homework. Perhaps that's why their building is so much nicer? 

In fact, it hardly has anything wrong with it at all. The ceilings don't leak, it doesn't smell like death, and there are very few, if any, rogue pests running around. Sophomores and Juniors usually end up here. It's co-ed, separating genders by floor similar to Parker Hall. 

Graham Hall

Graham Hall is the best of the best as far as dorms go. It, too, is peaceful and quiet but only because the members are generally older and would prefer to be alone. Unlike any of the other dorms, however, they have their own bathroom. In some cases one might be able to score a private room, too. Genders are not separated by floor here; instead these dorm rooms are treated more like apartments. You could wind up next to anyone. Of course, such a nice dormitory could only be available to high GPA juniors and seniors. A lot of people apply, but very few people get in.

On Campus Apartments

On-Campus Apartments are the best way to go. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room area, the apartment is probably better than most you'd find off of the campus. Not only that but its residents are usually left alone to do whatever they want; the RAs hardly care enough to go door to door with these buildings.

It's kind of hard to get one, though; okay no, it's really hard. Most of the time only high GPA juniors and seniors even get the chance to apply. However, if you know a senior who is actually willing to room with you, you might be able to apply in conjunction and score yourself one of these places even as a sophomore.


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