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All Alone And Nothing To Do

Abe Cleary Cali Shoemaker

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#1 Guest_Abe Cleary_*

Guest_Abe Cleary_*

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Posted 12 August 2013 - 07:23 PM

Abe wandered onto the grass in the courtyard. He had just finished ditching his stuff in his dorm room (not bothering to unpack beyond what his mother had pulled out of his bags). His furniture was set up, and his crap was on the floor, but it didn't matter at the moment. Plenty of time to worry about housekeeping later. 


The day was sunny, which put him in a good mood. Portland had been unseasonably cold as of late, and it was a good change to get away from the rain. At least living in Colorado wouldn't be a huge change of climate, and he'd adjust quickly. He kind of missed home, but he hadn't been gone long enough for it to really sink in that he was pretty much all by himself. His sister would be coming, but they'd had to pick different move-in dates, thanks to a roadtrip she and her friends had planned for the summer.


He glanced around himself, wondering what to do. He could make a friend (he was decent at social interaction, after all), but he was feeling a little like a fish out of water in this brand new environment. There were people everywhere, and while he'd gone to a decently-sized public high school, it really didn't even compare. The sheer number of people here - even over the summer terms - shocked him. Granted, he'd seen it when he took the campus tour early in his senior year, but then, he'd been on the outside looking in. Now he had just cannon-balled into this situation, and he wasn't sure if he could tread water well enough. 


The whole prospect, quite frankly, was terrifying. 


Abe decided to have a seat on a wall bordering part of the lawn. He could watch the group of what looked like upper classmen playing Ultimate Frisbee. He liked sports (quite a bit), but didn't feel comfortable just yet walking up to them and asking to join. Ugh. It sure would be nice to have a friend already. He wondered what his roommate would be like.

#2 Guest_Cali Shoemaker_*

Guest_Cali Shoemaker_*

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Posted 12 August 2013 - 07:46 PM

Cali loved living right off campus; she never had to worry about a roommate or dorms. She had lived on her own since graduating high school. She was lucky, her dad paid most of her bills so that she could focus on school. She lived alone, and never had to worry about a roommate. She hated being on campus around move in time for the freshman. There was already a lot of people at the school, but during move-in time, there was way too many people for her liking. When she was on Campus she usually kept her head down and ears plugged with music. It’s not that she was anti-social, Cali can hold a conversation with almost anyone, as long as it didn’t get personal. She just wasn’t one to talk to strangers, and she really hated being around parents or authority in any sense.


Cali had to pick up some last minute stuff from the school book store before semester started. She braced herself as she walked through the courtyard, dodging families taking pictures and crying as they said goodbye. She was enjoying the nice weather, she had on a pair of jean shorts and a baggy black shirt that fell off her left shoulder. Her long brown hair fell to the middle of her back and blew lightly with the soft breeze. Cali’s ears were plugged with her head phones and she carried the books she had just picked up in her arms as she walked. Of course she was stoned, as always. She let her mind wander as she walked. She could walk this campus in her sleep, so she often didn’t pay attention to where she was going.


Before she knew it she stumbled forward, and the books in her arm flew to the ground. She had tripped over a kid, who to Cali very obviously was a lost freshman, a cute one at that. She rolled her eyes slightly as she regained her balance, and went to pick up her books. “You’re not supposed to sit where people can step on you..” She mumbled. She wasn’t trying to be mean, but it might have come across a little irritated. Once she had her books back in her arms she looked down at the boy. “Freshman I take it?”

#3 Guest_Abe Cleary_*

Guest_Abe Cleary_*

  • Guest

Posted 13 August 2013 - 03:48 PM

Abe jolted when someone tripped over him, clambering to his feet, a wide-eyed look on his face. "Holy... I mean, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to... I just..." He trailed off lamely, feeling ashamed. He looked at the girl whose day he had just ruined and turned red. "I'm really sorry," he reiterated, as if his previous apologies weren't demeaning enough.


His shame doubled when he realized that she was a girl (obviously), and a very pretty one at that. Abe had always been taught chivalry, but not to the point of sexism, and he hated inconveniencing other human beings - especially girls. Abe had interacted with plenty of girls in Portland, and turned the majority of them down. For some reason, there was something about his politeness that made girls think that asking him out with be sure to get a "yes." Unfortunately for them, he hadn't been interested in most of them. 


At the girl's question, he nodded, not quite trusting himself to speak without stammering. Yep, definitely a Freshman. Just got here this morning, and now my parents are on their way back to Oregon and I won't see them for months. Yeah, there was no way Abe was going to get that out of his mouth without a hitch.


It wasn't that he had a speech impediment. He just had a stomach constantly filled with butterflies when he was in unfamiliar situations, and these butterflies took a malicious delight in popping up his throat and choking him when he tried to talk. Especially to girls. Ugh.

#4 Guest_Cali Shoemaker_*

Guest_Cali Shoemaker_*

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 05:15 PM

Cali smiled at the boy as he stammered for his words. His nervousness was almost cute. “You’re fine….” She looked him up and down subtly as she said this. He was cute, and polite. Cali wasn’t sure what to think. She wasn’t typically after guys who were younger than her, but something about him was just cute. “I should have been paying more attention to where I was going.” She now held her books under one arm so she could hold out her hand for a real introduction. “I’m Cali… I’m a sophomore..” Cali never went into much detail as to why she was 21 and a sophomore. She started school late because of personal issues, but she never talked about that with anyone.


She moved out of the way of the people walking past her, she tried hard to ignore all the people around her. She had social anxiety when she was in too crowded of a place. Her high was fading away, which just made everything worse. “Anyone shown you around campus yet?” This was somewhat out of Cali’s character. She never went out of her way to be friends with people, unless she got something out of it. She almost felt bad for the kid. He looked so scared and uncomfortable. “What are you majoring in?” She stood facing away from the people, she had learned that this helped her a lot when she was feeling anxious about the amount of people around.


Cali remembered her first year at school. She was scared, and had a rough first year. She had never been good at just making friends. She wished someone would have stopped and took the time to befriend her. If she had one friend, she may have had the confidence to make more. She mostly spent her first year of college with drug dealers and one night stands. It made for a long year. She eventually made a few friends, which was fine with her, she enjoyed having her alone time as well. 

#5 Guest_Abe Cleary_*

Guest_Abe Cleary_*

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:41 PM

Abe had to clear his head of this embarrassment and awkwardness before he let himself continue this conversation. Otherwise, it would just spiral downwards, in an unending wave of awkward stammering for him, and he'd chase away the only person nice enough to actually talk to him today. He blinked, keeping his eyes closed for a beat longer than normal, swallowed, then opened his eyes to smile at the girl. Now maybe he'd be able to carry on a conversation like a normal human being instead of vocally blundering along.


"Nice to meet you, Cali. I'm Abe. And yeah, I'm a freshman." He wondered briefly at her age, since she definitely looked older than him, and most sophomores were his age. The only reason he was here a year "late," was because he had been held back a year back in elementary school since he wasn't grasping the concepts the way he should have. It was a slightly embarrassing subject, so he rarely mentioned it, and most people didn't care. He figured it was probably a similar situation for Cali, and even if it wasn't, it didn't matter. Her schooling was her personal life, and he didn't like to butt in.


"I'm actually undeclared right now, mostly cause I'm just really indecisive." He shrugged. "I've considered business, I've considered HR Development, thought about Communications... I may go with Communications. But I have no idea. You?" Abe didn't really know what he wanted to do with his life. He thought Communications might be interesting, especially if he took a focus in Television. But he had no clue.


He realized she had asked him another question first. He blanched, "I'm so freaking socially awkward," running through his mind again. "Um, and I had a campus tour. Back at the beginning of my senior year. Right before I applied here. But not since then. So... yes and no, I guess?"

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