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Listen to the Music

Aiden Berkeley

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#1 Guest_Kate Hart_*

Guest_Kate Hart_*

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 01:58 AM

Kate clicked open the latches on her violin case and gingerly removed the instrument.  Unlike the sketchbook she carried everywhere with her, she actually treated her violin with respect.  It wasn’t beat up, nothing was broken on it, and it worked just as well as the day it had been gifted to her.  The same could not be said of the sketchbook.  That poor thing was bent at the corners (despite the fact that it had a hard cover on it), the wire binding was squished in some spots and entirely out of shape, and some of the pages were hanging loose on the inside.  Of course, the sketchbook didn’t have a pretty little case like the violin did and was often just thrown haphazardly into her backpack, but she was still thankful she had an idea of what deserved greater respect.


Lifting the instrument to her chin, she gently removed the bow from its pocket and drew it across the strings.  It made a happy little sound, causing her to smile.  She played a quick scale before pulling out the latest orchestra music.  It was a section from Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D Major.  While parts of the song did sound a little melancholy, Kate liked the music.  It was constantly changing, constantly painting a different picture.  That appealed very strongly to the artistic side of the girl, which was, honestly, a large part of her.  She loved pictures and music that could elicit strong emotions.


Setting the pages where she could see them properly, she began to play.  The sounds filled her room and her mind as she continually drew the bow across the strings.  Halfway through the third page, though, something caught her attention.  There was other music.  It was soft and normally wouldn’t bother her, but the notes clashed horribly with Beethoven.  They seemed too modern.  Kate stopped playing just long enough to listen to the other notes.  After a while, she determined that they were coming from a guitar not too far away.  Opening her door, she peeked down the hall in the direction of the common room.  Someone was clearly playing down there.


Violin still in hand, she walked down the hall, following the sound of the music.  Reaching the common room, she stood slightly off to the side, watching the young man play.  He was certainly an interesting fellow with longer hair and quite a few tattoos, but he did know how to play.  Kate at least had to give him that.  She listened carefully for a few minutes, trying to place the song.  When she couldn’t, she at least focused on the notes.  Raising her violin again, she began to play along, trying to find a harmony to match the guitar.

#2 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:12 PM

Aiden plugged his practice amp into the wall, since the big one he used for gigs was really too big for the dorms. He plugged his guitar into the input jack and tweaked the volume and distortion knobs, then adjusted the flange. No echo effects today, thank you very much. He wanted to mess around with some Metallica. He hadn't played classic metal in a little while, but loved it. Lately, he'd been messing around with more hardcore melodies, which were quite a bit less complex than metal. 


Course, his favorite genre was metalcore. But that wasn't exactly appropriate for the common room in a dorm. Not that anyone would mind the lyrics or anything, but not everyone appreciated breakdowns and crazy riffs like he usually wrote. 


His fingers flew over the fretboard and he closed his eyes in satisfaction as the music poured from the amplifier. It was a little loud, but hell, it was Metallica. Nobody would complain about that, and if they did, he'd be perfectly willing to educate them in what was obviously an integral part of a musical diet. Without your classic metal, how could you claim to enjoy modern metal? Or anything good, really. Metal was a gift from the gods. 


He loved how every note meant something, and how it had been influenced by the greats in classical music. People never believed him when he mentioned this, but it was so painfully obvious. Metal was so much more complex and artistic than people gave it credit for. You could melt your brain, listening to pop music all day. Or rap. Aiden couldn't understand how people liked it. He could appreciate the poetry in it, but when the only thing in your lyrics had to do with shootings and screwing chicks, there was something messed up with your priorities. Granted, there was plenty of metal like that too, but at least the odds weighed in his favor. Profound metal was much more common than profound rap.


He continued weaving his melody, following the notes of One here, mixing in his own composition there... when he heard the distinct sound of a violin. A violin that was clearly following him. 




Aiden hadn't gotten to play with a classical musician in months. He decided to finish the song before he said anything though, since it was only making the music better.


As he trailed off on the last note, he glanced up at the blonde girl holding the beautiful, gleaming instrument. "Hey. You play really well. Thanks for joining me." He felt honored that she had decided to play with him.

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