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The Sociology of Religion

Abe Cleary

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#1 Guest_Gabriel Hudson_*

Guest_Gabriel Hudson_*

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 03:37 AM

Gabriel sat back in one of the armchairs in the student center, waiting for his partner to arrive.  The Sociology of Religion was a deeply fascinating class, but the young man was a bit less than pleased to have a group project.  He wasn’t a fan of group projects in general.  He preferred completing assignments on his own.  That way, he could ensure it was done just how he wanted.  A group project in a class like this, though, seemed like a bad idea.  Anything involving religion could cause a good bit of butting heads.  Of course, that could have been why the professor assigned the project in the first place.  Perhaps he wanted to see who could actually work together objectively to figure it out, and who would get caught up in their own religious beliefs.


Gabe didn’t exactly have religious beliefs, but he did have a lot to say about religion.  Having been raised in a strict, Catholic household had all but driven him away from religion completely.  He hadn’t set foot in a church since coming to college.  His parents still pushed from over 2,000 miles away, but Gabriel refused to go back.  Too many years of having it shoved down his throat made him swear he would never do that to his own kids, if he ever had any.  The only way that he was still connected to anything religious was through his study of it.  It fascinated him how so many different groups and people could believe so strongly in a religion.  His own faith had faltered with all the rules and the lack of answers to questions.


Mentally shaking himself, Gabriel reached down to his backpack and pulled out Émile Durkheim’s Suicide.  The young man hated starting projects in the library.  The need for quiet made it a bad place to discuss and figure out where the project was going to go.  As an alternative, Gabe had suggested meeting at the student center instead.  To make sure they weren’t completely unprepared, though, he had brought a couple of library books with him.  He hoped Suicide, a study of suicide rates between Protestants and Catholics would be a good place to start.

#2 Guest_Abe Cleary_*

Guest_Abe Cleary_*

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 03:31 PM

Abe meandered into the Student Center. He had just started his first class here at CSU, the Sociology of Religion. So far, he had appreciated the Professor's point of view on the subject, and he felt fairly prepared for the class. His father had taught him an insane amount of theology, so he felt he could hold his own pretty well in a debate. Well, of course, unless he clammed up because of a case of nerves. Which, ironically, seemed to happen all too often to him.


The Prof however, had decided to assign group projects. Great. Fantastic. First class in college, and now he would be expected to not only do his own work, but also cooperate with an unknown somebody to do good work together. And in Abe's experience, counting on other people to get a good grade was almost always impossible and left him feeling stressed, frazzled, and completely worn out. It wasn't that Abe didn't like people - the opposite was true, in fact. In high school, he'd always been semi "popular," not that popularity actually meant anything in the grand scheme of things. But he had been well-liked and had gotten along with people fairly well. No, it was really just the fact that Abe appreciated a job well done, and that wasn't true of everyone. While he was fairly charismatic, he still had to work on patience. And confidence. Especially because he had an inkling that his partner was OLDER than a freshman. 




So not only would he be working with someone else - on a religion project, he'd have to work with someone with quite a bit more experience than himself at this whole college thing. And sometimes, older members of the student body felt the need to display a freshman's ignorance to him. 


In conclusion, Abe was pretty darn sure that this project would suck. But he'd be optimistic (a difficult feat, considering), and do his best.


He glanced around the Student Center and saw a young man with a tattoo sleeve sitting in an armchair - and holding a book. Well, that was probably his partner. Wonderful. Time to go see just where this project was going to go.


Abe approached the guy, swallowing nervously. "Hey. Um, I'm Abe. You must be my partner? For Sociology of Religion?"

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