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On Our Days Off

Felix Valentine

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#1 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

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Posted 19 August 2013 - 07:13 PM

Aiden lay back on his bed, his battered acoustic guitar on his chest. There weren't many people on his floor at the moment, and he was taking advantage of that fact completely. He sang loudly (and not quite on key), strumming his guitar wildly. He rarely got to play just for fun and not worry about quality (and today's musical adventures were decidedly lacking in that), but this was Aiden's version of letting loose.


"You're just a boy! She's just a girl!" he yelled, keeping in time with the Forever the Sickest Kids song. "Don't break her heart! She'll wreck your world!" He wasn't bitter. Truly. But it was a good song. Besides, he and his last ex hadn't really been that close to begin with. There hadn't been much heartbreak in that breakup.


He'd had one of those. But it had been a long time ago.


Maybe that was one of the good things about not dating around that much. He'd had two relationships, and neither had worked out. Aiden wasn't hopeless about his future prospects, but... sometimes his track record left a bad taste in his mouth. Everyone said dating in high school was a bad idea, and while he didn't quite agree with that, he could see where they were coming from. Aiden and his ex had ended up going to schools on opposite ends of the country. Well, Colorado was closer to the East Coast than California was, but the point still stood. 


Oh well. No reason to worry about that shit right now. He had his trusty guitars and a fantastic roommate that was almost impossible not to be too attracted to. He hadn't told Felix, though. Didn't want to make it awkward. He was pretty sure Felix knew about his sexuality (hell, he knew Felix had slept with more guys than he might want to know), but he didn't need to throw it in his face that he occasionally couldn't help checking him out. 


No harm in that. Aiden had no desire for a relationship with his roommate. He liked their friendship too much, and he didn't want the drama. Besides, sober, Felix would never go with it, and Aiden didn't do meaningless sex. So the point was basically moot.


They had enough in common, though, to make their friendship one of the best ones Aiden had ever had. Similar taste in music made for a great fallback, and sometimes talking girls with Felix was fun. 


He strummed the last bar and threw in a quick vocal run, this time in complete control of his voice.

#2 Guest_Felix Valentine_*

Guest_Felix Valentine_*

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 12:32 AM

Felix had been out the whole day. Where he had been was an unknown thing to him for the previous night had been a night of chaos so he didn’t actually make it back last night. He couldn’t even remember what day it was or whether he had a class. If he did, he missed it for sure, but at this point he didn’t care. What he could remember of last night was amazing. It involved two blondes, himself and a bed so it was definitely a night worth having just to miss class the next day. Again, he didn’t even know what day it was anymore.


Right now he was heading back to his dorm. His clothes were a little scruffy, his hair a little messed up and he had a bite mark or four on his neck that he didn’t even realise were there. He didn’t care. He got back from town eventually and travelled right the way to where his dorm was whom he shared with his best friend Aiden. Felix thought of him as a great guy. They were really awesome best friends and that was easy to see.


It was true that Felix wouldn’t approve of himself being in a homosexual relationship because when he’s sober, he’s straight. He doesn’t feel attracted to any man. Any woman, yes, but he’s only really ever sexually attracted to men when he’s drunk and even then that’s dependent on how pretty he feels the men are when he’s terribly drunk. Though when drunk, sex is sex so there we go. If he ever found out that Aiden checked him out every so often, he’d take it as a compliment. He’d probably not make much of it, as long as his hands remained out of his pants then it’d be all good and fine in his eyes.


Getting to the dorm door, he could hear his roommate inside playing some music. It made him chuckle quietly for some reason. He wasn’t sure why. He opened the door and head on in, ruffling his messy hair as he did. He probably smelt of alcohol a little. He was glad he didn’t bump into an professors. Once he was inside, he closed the door and looked right on over to Aiden.


”Hey man, nice tunes there,” he said as he moved more into the room, sitting down at the end of his own bed. ”I had a really crazy night, which explains why I never made it back here last night.” He let out a chuckle, glancing himself over. It was then he realised how scruffy he probably looked at this moment. Oh well. 



#3 Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

Guest_Aiden Berkeley_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 September 2013 - 08:55 PM

Aiden jumped when the door opened. He dropped his guitar on the floor and his eyes widened. "Shit, dude, you scared me." He gave his friend a once-over, seeing his obviously hung-over condition. "Thanks. And yeah, I can tell." He nodded toward Felix's messy outfit, grinning.


Aiden raised his eyebrows and motioned with his hand toward his own neck. "You've got a- uh, little something there." He winked at him, chuckling. "Was it a good night, anyway? Give me the details." Aiden got out. Of course he did. But... not often. Not nearly as often as Felix. Aiden was slightly more concerned with his grades, and his shyness tended to make social gatherings like clubs intimidating.


Maybe it'd be good for him to try something like that sometime. With Felix as backup. Aiden could play wingman. That'd be right up his alley. He could talk to people. Hell, he could flirt occasionally too. And he wasn't limited to just girls either. Course, there were plenty of attractive girls on campus that he'd gaze after wistfully as they walked by. Not that he ever had the guts to talk to them.


Maybe he did need to go clubbing with Felix sometime. Soon. It would probably do him good to get out and go do something. Or -cough- someone.


He wasn't usually the one-night-stand kind of guy. Okay, he'd actually never had a one-night-stand. He'd had sex with a grand total of one person, and he hadn't seen his ex-boyfriend since high school. It was funny that everyone always assumed that since he was bi, that he got around. Truth was, Aiden had had two relationships - total - and had only slept with one of them. Once.

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