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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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#9695 Melli's Plots!

Posted by Melli on 30 October 2014 - 07:39 AM

Most students at Centennial State University have probably heard of Gabe Hearne. Not that he's a sports figure or anyone as talented, no, but he seems to be everywhere all at once, always overbooking himself and investing too much time into the university. Not only is he in Kappa Zeta Epsilon, band, orchestra, jazz band, a few ensembles, and a few academic clubs here and there, but he's the Student Government Vice President on top of it. Needless to say, he's constantly busy, and when he's not he attempts to be as social as he possibly can. And god knows he's that; he adores people and loves getting to know them even more. While he's not terribly great with advice, as he doesn't have much practice in the way the world works (he's awfully naive), he genuinely cares about another's problems. He's an ENFP through and through, too, with a broad range of talents and an endless amount of enthusiasm, passion, charm, and optimism. He's got the reputation of a serial dater if only because he's just that nice and will take just about any girl on a date or two, but he's only made a few "serious" commitments in the past and isn't likely to do that again anytime soon. Either way, there's some room for ex-girlfriends as well as girls he only casually dated, though he does his best to keep everything on friendly terms. Otherwise, he needs a lot of friends. Kappa brothers, band geeks, you name it-- he befriends just about anyone and genuinely cares.
Joe Herschel is another name you might've heard around campus, though for different reasons: he has the reputation of being... well, a bit of a "simpleton." A super duper senior. In other words, he's flat out dumb and is having trouble getting through college. But he's got the heart of a hero, as he cares about everyone he meets and is a huge activist in many aspects. Neither is he pretentious with his causes; he's likely to educate a person on whatever topic he's passionate about at the time (freeing the chickens or something of the like, as he loves animals), but he won't be a dick about it. However, it should be mentioned that he won't admit it when he's wrong. He can tell you a blatant lie and try to pass it as fact (mind you, he doesn't know it's a lie). He's also terribly superstitious-- the sort of guy is speaking to-- and also incredibly gullible. He could use quite a few friends, particularly in his fraternity, Kappa Zeta Epsilon. But he's an incredibly loyal friend and surprisingly decent with advice, so just about anyone could call on him for it.
Raj is a bit... odd. Anyone who knows him can tell you that he's just different from anyone else, as he sees the world in a different light. He's analytical, brilliant, socially inept, logical, brutally honest, and aloof. Some people compare Raj to a robot, as he can process and spout out data in a few seconds time. He's also about as socially smart as a robot-- which is to say not at all. By the same token, however, he can be quite childish in his interests, and can be overly sentimental/gushy if you catch him in the right mood. If you treat him with respect, however, you've earned his loyalty; most people don't waste much time with him, so he keeps his friends close if possible. Love is pretty much not going to happen. But friendship would be interesting to develop along the way. He's part of Alpha, too, so he could use some brothers.
Piper is enthusiastic, excitable, and a bit... flighty. It's fairly easy to see that the girl has fleeting interests and can't settle on one for more than a few months at a time. She's terribly irresponsible, having trouble with the smallest daily tasks, yet fiercely independent in that she rarely accepts another person's help. However, she's quite funny and easy to get along with, but oddly she's a bit distant past the surface. She doesn't have much to hide, she's just... hesitant in making lifelong bonds. However, she's quite optimistic in her worldview, though some might argue that she's naive. Oftentimes she's causing trouble just because she's bored, like pulling pranks or testing authority figures just for the sake of it. In the past she might have had a few boyfriends thanks to her ever-changing interests, but they likely didn't last more than a week or two and were hardly ever serious. Thus, ex-boyfriends could be open for play. Friends, however, are a different matter; I'd be willing to develop some as well as have a few friends from the start. She's also a part of Lambda, so she'll have plenty of sorority sisters.
You've heard of Toby Aldebaran. Quarterback of the Silver Wolves, he's known by anyone who watches college football on ESPN religiously. He's also the president of Kappa Zeta Epsilon, and he's well aware of just how "cool" he is. As such, he's arrogant, insufferable, flirty, rude, confrontational, impatient, and protective. He has a tendency to think he is the best of the best and hardly listens to anyone who says otherwise. But he's a fuckton of fun, as he loves to party and have a nice time with friends, so most people love him and his abrasive personality. He's also an incredibly loyal friend once you get to know him, though he has trouble exposing his darkest secrets even to the closest of friends. He's already plotted romantically, but he could have a few ex-girlfriends here and there. He's also available for friendship for anyone, as I quite enjoy brotps that are an "opposites attract" sort of dynamic.
Toby's younger brother is the complete opposite of him except for one quality: his arrogance. Otherwise he's dorky, incredibly enthusiastic, energetic, brilliant, optimistic, nosy, and a bit obsessive at times when he gets focused on a problem. He's even the president of Alpha, setting up a nice contrast to his brother (Toby often doesn't admit his existence). He seems to be oblivious to social cues, as he has no idea when someone is getting impatient with him and tends to make situations worse on himself for that reason alone. He's terribly awkward with girls, though he thinks he's a cassanova. He's a bit too unaware for romance, though he's open for plenty of friendship, as he's the sort of person that adores people. A few "enemies" might be nice as well, though he'd be unaware of that level of animosity.
Cricket Arcturus, on the other hand, is likely a name you've never heard before. She flies under the radar, preferring to keep to herself, and typically is seen as a girl so introverted that she's a recluse. And it's true: she's absolutely terrified of people. But she's an amazingly loyal friend, becoming goofy, giddy, and outright fun when she opens up to a person. Otherwise she comes across as dull on the surface, as she can barely manage more than a word or two and a blank expression at whoever is speaking to her. She means well, though, and has a wonderful heart. I'd love to develop friends for her, as she certainly needs some to get her out of her shell. She is in Gamma Mu Rho.
Vivi Flowers, the vice president of Delta Theta Iota, is a bit "popular" on campus. Not necessarily for being interesting so much as... well, she gets around. Not in the aspect of being easy, either, but she "falls in love" (read: becomes obsessed with a person) extremely easily and tends to get herself into some sticky situations regularly. She means well, and is quite brilliant and organized, but has a tendency to botch up something with her overly enthusiastic personality and need to control things. She's pansexual, so she's open to ex-lovers of all sexes, and friends in Delta as well. However, most girls in Delta may not like her much anymore, considering how much of a stickler she is for rules, philanthropy, and generally getting things done. She doesn't tolerate nonsense.
Max is a fucking idiot. That's the best way to describe him. While he's goofy, funny, dorky, and a bit adorable at times, he can be terribly selfish and self-centered, often not seeing anything but his own little world. He's irresponsible, lazy, unmotivated, easily influenced, and self-conscious. A current Kappa pledge, he's open for all kinds of hazing and idiocy. He's unlikely to date right now, considering his attachment to just doin' him, y'know how it is. However, he's open for friendship, particularly those in Kappa or... well, he could use some dorkier friends as well. Perhaps he'll see that Kappa isn't the right fit for him after all.
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