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Melanie Sirius

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In Topic: Take a Slice

31 August 2016 - 05:11 AM

Somehow she both wanted to talk about this and wanted it to be the furthest thing from her mind. To be fair, she hadn't really told anyone about it other than Chase, who was always listening with such half-hearted interest that she could never really be sure that he was keeping up. Half the time it felt like she was talking to the walls of his apartment, like they were closing in on her, her echoes reminding her just how lonely she could be some days. On those occasions she could at least talk to Teagan. Now? Well, that was yet another wall up for her.


Needless to say, she was not only irritated with the entire thing but... jealous. Sad, even. She felt like she'd been robbed someone deeply important to her, and it was difficult not to be a little upset with the two of them. Surely it would wear off with time, but at the moment she couldn't help but feel a little abandoned. 


The other two were strolling up at just the opportune moment, Ruth's expression piqued with interest while Cricket just occupied herself with the tent structure, though still quiet enough to hear everything Melanie had to say. The brunette cleared her throat, clearly picking up on their impatience for her to give them details, even if she didn't want to divulge too many. Talking shit about Teagan felt wrong.


"Oh, she gives a shit about him, let me tell you--" She said to Lu's obliviously chipper comment, shaking her head. "It's been about a week, I think." Exactly six days. "And he's always at our place. Always." Her nose scrunched in a way that gave away her disgust with the entire situation, her poor mind recalling how she found out about the whole thing in the first place. The world hated her sometimes.


"Or she's at his. He's um-- Scott. He plays cello in an ensemble with her." Melanie didn't realize anyone would know him, considering how very antisocial the guy could be. "I think his last name is Emerson."

In Topic: Take a Slice

31 August 2016 - 04:47 AM

Melanie, the girl who took everything personally, really did try not to take their lack of care personally. And for the most part she did well, always better equipped to brush things off when she was around these girls. As such she bounced back as best as she could, already setting to work by unloading one of the tent bags she'd carried in and flattening it so that she could see the shape. With that she was already looking over some instructions, brow furrowed as she rotated them again and again, as if it would magically reveal just how easy all of this would be.


She'd set up tents before, mind you. This wasn't the first time she'd arranged a little trip out here. That didn't mean she enjoyed this part. For the most part she just gave a sigh, seemingly dismissing Sig's alcohol comment save for a pointed stare in her direction. Certainly the girl had a tendency to get rowdy when she was drinking, but somehow she could tolerate that a bit better in her than in her male cousins. She didn't get outright belligerent, for one.


And she was just about to comment on the fact that it didn't have to happen every time if people just listened to her every now and then when a much more sensitive subject was brought up. Melanie tensed up visibly then, like a wild animal trying to appear several sizes taller than she was, before abruptly turning back to the tent parts she'd emptied all over the ground. It was clear she was trying to keep herself occupied before she got too... well...


"I'm sure Penny's on her way. Teagan--" Melanie cleared her throat, eyebrows raised as she started to fold out one of the poles. "I believe Teagan will be bringing her new boyfriend. If she decides to show up, of course." Her voice was carefully composed but there was something of a growl in it nonetheless, as if she was absolutely dying for the right to be pissy about it.

In Topic: Take a Slice

30 August 2016 - 07:53 PM

Lu was a guaranteed presence in her life. As paranoid as Melanie could get-- as much as she could skew things out of proportion-- she was well aware of that fact. They were kindred spirits in a lot of ways, both loving and kind in their own right, even if it manifested differently in them. Lu was the sort of person who was optimistic and encouraging, a type of love that was mostly uncomplicated. Melanie was the sort of person who tried to be realistic, which only made her worry. Her love could be nagging, suffocating, overwhelming. In some ways she envied Lucia, but either way she was incredibly grateful for her. For her and for Teagan and Penny and--


Perhaps it was senseless to worry. There were so many people in the family that it was unlikely that they'd all stick together, and while that was a sad fact, she still at least had cousins she would always be close to. One stood here right by her, excited, ready to set up, a box in her hand just as Melanie had directed. Her attitude was contagious; Melanie's smile became more and more genuine by the moment, absorbing Lu's warmth and confidence that she couldn't quite find in herself.


"As always," Melanie said with pretend annoyance, as if no one else quite liked to help. But truthfully she always made sure she was the first one there. That was also part of how her love manifested. Taking care of those-- in ways like this-- was a guaranteed way of showing out without being too overbearing. So long as she didn't press into their personal matters, of course. "But surprisingly? Yeah. I think everyone's coming. Teddy included."


Perhaps part of her anxiety had to do with Teddy. Undoubtedly she wanted him to be there, even if he acted as though the family was beneath him now, as if he was off to bigger and better things, as if they were a mere stepping stone on his path to... whatever it was he was trying to pursue. Truth be told, she was still in the dark as to the struggles he dealt with. Certainly she saw something was off, considering the sheer amount of distance he put up between himself and the rest of them (combined with Teagan's stories), but it never occurred to her that he was an addict of any kind.


But still, she was nervous about his presence and what sort of shit he would stir up. Would it drive everyone further apart? Moments like this brought Melanie's controlling side out. If she could distract them all, get them all to enjoy activities--


Poor Melanie was so preoccupied with thought that, on her way to set up, she tripped over a log. Her box of supplies flew right out of her hands as she crashed harshly with the ground, and she hissed in pain, trying to hold back her tears. Not the best way to start a camping trip. 

In Topic: Ghosts 'n Stuff

14 July 2016 - 04:40 AM

Had they been fully clothed, Melanie might have found this situation at least a little cute. Worrisome, sure, all things considered, but cute nonetheless. Their state of dress just made it incredibly awkward, especially as Scott continued to grin up at Teagan, a mischievous glint in his eye that she could see even in the darkness. Ugh, he was checking her out-- ugh, his arm was snaking around her waist, pulling her closer--


Yeah, no. Chatting wasn't going to happen as long as he was around. He was acting as though Melanie wasn't even there, and Teagan was clearly distracted, practically cooing as she fussed over Scott, who clearly wasn't hurt all that bad if he could be so gross right there in the middle of their kitchen. Suddenly Melanie was starting to wish she'd punched him a little harder, even if the slightest bit of guilt lingered in the back of her mind.


"Uh--" Melanie started, realizing that Scott was the sort of person who would interject if he didn't agree with what she had to say. This needed to be a private conversation with Teagan, one to make sure she wasn't getting in over her head. Then again, it appeared as though she already had. Her worry was already starting to overpower her other reactions to the situation, and she shook her head a few times.


"It can wait until morning," she said with a defeated sigh. "It's the middle of night--" She started, but Scott was already leaning in to place kisses to Teagan's neck, as if she wasn't even standing there. Melanie gave a frustrated sigh and shook her head, throwing her hands up in the air. "'Night, Teagan."


With that she retreated back to her room, clearly irritated with all of it, but completely sure she had to speak to her eventually.

In Topic: Ghosts 'n Stuff

14 July 2016 - 02:40 AM

Maybe Melanie was inexperienced-- a little naive, even-- but she wasn't entirely stupid. His state of dress combined with his location made things more and more apparent, especially considering his nearly nonchalant response about getting water. No apologies for scaring her, no real explanation-- he sounded appalled that she'd even be scared of his presence there. How else was she supposed to react to a ten foot tall douchebag standing in her kitchen in the middle of the night, especially when she had no prior warning?


There was the tiniest bit of guilt as she watched blood run down from his nose, though she at least wasn't looking at him too much given the fact that he was hardly dressed. Again, she'd put two and two together by now, though she was half hoping that maybe, just maybe, Scott had merely stayed the night and insisted on sleeping in his underwear. Maybe he was even sleeping separately from Teagan, though she couldn't imagine why he wouldn't just go back to his own place.


What had even happened since she last checked in? How many hours had it even been? As Teagan rounded the corner in his shirt, her worst suspicions and horrors were confirmed. Those sounds she'd heard from her room suddenly had context-- that wasn't tossing and turning in her sleep or crying-- and she nearly gagged as she turned away from them. It didn't help that she was fussing over Scott, hands all over him, nursing him as if he was just a little baby. He was grumbling and cursing under his breath, dotting the blood away with the rag she'd provided.


"Yeah," was Melanie's short reply. "Next time maybe let me know if you're having a uh-- guest--" She eyed her cousin for a moment, not sure what to think about this situation. There was, of course, a lot of concern underneath her horror; Teagan had never struck her as the type to take this sort of thing all willy nilly. Guys staying over? Casually wandering out in his shirt? What the hell was going on? Had she lost her mind? Was she being safe? Was he manipulating her or something? 


As if to make her more uncomfortable, Scott was finally processing how Teagan was dressed, the grin of the cheshire cat slowly spreading across his face as he looked her up and down in approval. Melanie closed her eyes and pressed her fingers to the bridge of her nose for a few moments, trying to sort this whole mess out.


"Can I talk to you, Teagan?" She asked, unsure if she should talk now or wait for the morning.