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Centennial State University, founded in 1891, is a prestigious public university located just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its remote location serves as a great higher education grounds, as there are little distractions yet many learning experiences. CSU offers a wide array of degrees, from wildlife conservation to video game design to dance, just to name a few. Our science and arts departments are among the nation's finest, and our intercollegiate athletics programs are rising up more and more every year. If you're interested in having both the experience of a lifetime and the best education in the midwest, then apply today and call CSU home.

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Sasha Campbell

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In Topic: Dinner with a Friend (Sasha)

04 January 2017 - 04:15 PM

Sasha was still unsure of what the future could hold for her and Mario. She felt that there was potential there, hopefully some interest on his part, but she did not want to take anything for granted. She took the sign that he didn't shy away from the idea of them meeting each other's parents. In her mind that was a sign that he wasn't thinking of her in a casual manner. "They have handlers who can't handle them. I'm worried you won't be able to stomach them!" Sasha said laughing at her own joke. 


"There goes my next business venture..." Sasha said, infusing fake disappointment in her voice. Sasha couldn't help but the notice the nervous energy that built inside of her when he spoke of them traveling together. Sure his sisters would probably be with them, but she would absolutely love him as a personal tour guide. "Whenever you want to take on an eager tourist, let me know. I'm sure I could steal some time for a vacation!" After all they had Spring Break, and the time after finals before the camps started in June. 


Sasha knew there was more than one good reason she was an only child, besides the nightmare inducing childhood, add that to being an heiress and she did have a pretty plush life. "Floof and I don't argue, but she does have a tendency to huff away when I act like I'm actually her owner and not just another admirer." Her little diva dog was just as spoiled as she was, with even more attitude!


Sasha didn't want to think about the nightmares when she was here, still holding hands, with the guy who might possibly be the man of her dreams. She however did think about her fitness, wondering if he found her attractive. Actually she wanted him to find her downright irrestible, but she would take babysteps..."After tonight's meal I'm definitely going to be doing a long run tomorrow. Especially with the cheesecake you bought...I think this meal will definitely be in my top favorites meals ever. Though I think the company will make it the most special." Sasha said with a bright smile giving his hand another squeeze. 

In Topic: At The Local Cafe (Sasha)

04 January 2017 - 03:44 PM

Sasha prided a good reputation more than she would let on to others, since she seemed so fiercely independent. She had put up an icy wall, which some interpreted as her being merely guarded, but she had learned early on in her post Switzerland days that she was someone that people were constantly watching. She was thankfully not to the level of a Kardashian or a Hilton, but there was still always eyes about wanting to know what young socialites were doing, especially when you lived in Manhattan. Some wanted to get famous the wrong way, Sasha knew that peace was better kept if she kept a low profile.


"You've got more than just a good reputation, your reputation is unreproachable. We're young and people expect us to make mistakes, but it's dealing with others mistakes that can show character sometimes. You're not marked with arrogance or for not being adaptable to change as well as learning. You let your skills speak for themselves, and they speak very clearly." Sasha said, giving a soft smile. She had no problem being generous with her compliments. She knew that she was a taskmaster but she still wanted people to know that she appreciated them for who they were as an individual.


Sasha remembered when Doug tried to use his charm to win her over. It had left a bad taste in her mouth, one that she could recall even now a couple of months later. "Some of us are actually immune to his supposed veneer of charm. We can see the decay beneath...Unfortunately there is not enough of us who can see that." Sasha was thinking of Crystal, and girls like different from herself in their worldview, unable to see behind the gloss and title. 


It was important with dealing with young women that any male staff would be beyond reproach, and you definitely could not have some macho alpha male who thought they were God's gift to women as someone in charge. Seeing the way he was with Crystal, and the fact that he hadn't made any off the cuff remarks about being around a bunch of girls all summer. "We're not always the easiest to deal with, but I think you're up to the challenge." Sasha said once giving an appreciative smile to Zander

In Topic: Dinner with a Friend (Sasha)

21 December 2016 - 03:02 PM

Sasha's relationship with her parents was beyond distant and it seemed like they had all gotten into a habit of orbiting around each other in recent years. It was rare for there to be an eclipse, but it was always expected that Sasha be the perfect debutante. If she performed correctly she would be left alone to her own devices. They had only ever been like a family when they had made their yearly visits to CSU. It was the only time of the year that she really wanted to spend time with them, because they were actually interested in her the person, not her the legacy. Since the divorce she wasn't sure if they would ever get that back. 


"My father will probably love that you play football, my mother well...she will hopefully be polite. She might try to convince you to model..." Cheekbones like his were her mother's weakness, but they would be in a different mind state, meaning Dennis and Lenora were possibly even more unpredictable. She had never had a boyfriend, still hadn't confirmed he would be hers now, and her parents would probably find fault in anyone that wasn't an Omega. The fact that they could induce her gag reflect fairly easily didn't matter to the two people who were far too stuck on appearances to actually care about substance. That was why their divorce was dragging out, neither wanted to be seen as the weaker spouse.


"We just need to figure out how to bottle and sell her energy, we'd be so rich we'd put the Hiltons to shame!" Even though Sasha's sleep problems kept her up most of the time, she could not muster the same enthusiasm Aurora oozed. "I'm sure traveling with her, well all of you, would be a lot of fun. I'm just grateful for a fresh perspective. My mother is obsessed with Europe, but mostly from a wealthy viewpoint. I'd like to a regular tourist for once." Of course spending time with Mario would be the highlight. It wouldn't matter if they spent the time in a 5 star hotel, aboard the yacht, or in a tent, she was sure she would really enjoy her time spent with him.


"Yeah we don't gripe about clothes, and thankfully she was divested of her shoe habit...Still we have some discrepancies about who owns who. I think she may be part cat, because she certainly likes to act like the center of the universe...I guess it's worth it, because she knows how to read me better than most other humans." Floof was there to offer comfort, to dance, to sample 'accidently' dropped food, and to just be still when Sasha needed her to be. It was amazing for an animal to have such great chemistry with a human. 


Sasha paused at Mario's question about running in the park, not wanting to reveal why she ran so much, or how much she pushed herself physically in need of an escape. "I have a tendency to do a quick run through the park on occasion. I like to run a lot of miles across the city when I get a chance. Got to keep in marathon shape! I do run in the park if it's just a quick run..." Sasha gave a smile, though those quick runs were few and far between, given that she was often up at 4 am, and out for a morning run at 6 after some early morning studying. She was still having the nightmares, and no matter what time she went to sleep she was up about 4 hours later screaming. 

In Topic: At The Local Cafe (Sasha)

21 December 2016 - 02:23 PM

Papu, as Sasha affectionately called her mother's father, had turned his father in law's struggling hotel into one of the premiere vacation spots in Barbados, expanding to over five different islands states and a cruise line. After the lost of his wife he had thrown himself into turning his father's small shipping boat into the top shipping company in the Carribean. "He says that tenacity and stubborness is his business model. What he really taught me is that passion can make all the difference. It can drive you crazy, but you will always enjoy the ride." Though he projected a tough exterior to the business world Sasha had always been able to see his soft heart that held fairness and loyalty as precious gems. 


While Sasha didn't think that they had the next Facebook in the making, she knew that she would absolutely love the work they were doing. It would be worth all the endless hours they would spend both in planning and implementation. The partner in the endeavor was important as well. "I did my research on you, and I know that you're hard working, honest, and a problem solver. Given that I've seen you literally in action calming down a frantic cheerleader. I honestly think this job was made for you...and it was!" Sasha said with a bright smile, her obvious admiration of her dinner partner obvious in her eyes. She really did have him in high regard. Even Al had grumbled less than usual after Zander had worked on his computer system. 


Sasha was already ready to be done with Doug, and hoped that if he did work for her father that he would be doing a lot of golphering and paper pushing. It would certainly knock the ego down for someone who was very much in need of deflation. "All the same they tell me it's important for a team to build chemistry before the season, and there is not a lot of breathing room for that to happen if they don't congeal during the summer. Not that Doug strikes me as a model team player." She had heard that he had skills, but she only had eyes for one guy on the Football field, who would hopefully be playing opposite of Doug so she could ignore him altogether. 


Sasha thought about having a sibling like Doug, who seemed more like her father than she was, and she shuddered inwardly. She hadn't really thought of the possibility of having a sibling who could be verbally abusive, and someone else she would need protection from. She had always thought of herself as the protector, and had been grateful to be an only child. "My heart goes out to you. Maybe you do know a thing about tenacity and stubborness after all. If you can deal with Doug, there is probably no cheerleader you can't handle..." Sasha said giving Doug an appreciative smile. 

In Topic: Dinner with a Friend (Sasha)

26 October 2016 - 03:19 PM

Most of the guys that Sasha had dated in the past were the sons of family friends and she had known their parents for years. She'd never had a 'meet the parents' moment with a guy. Then again she had never actually been truly interested in anyone before meeting Mario. She'd always been setup by her mother or grandmother, or there was some arrangement for some formal event like a debutante ball escort. Sasha had joked with her friends that she was on the Stud Dud tour, and she become an expert at avoiding all invitations for a second date. How different it was to be in the present company and be hungry for more time with the handsome man who was holding her hand. 


She'd probably be a bit nervous when it came to meeting Mario's parents, and she could see herself wishing they were a part of her circle so she wouldn't have to make the intro. On the other hand it would be nice to meet them without the preconceptions her name usually brought. Just as their son's, fingers crossed, girlfriend...which was a different role all together than your garden variety heiress. She smiled when Mario said that they'd like her. "I really do hope that all your family likes me. Should you ever meet my parents, well...I apologize in advance." Though there may be more humanized versions available if he met them at CSU, which was about the only place Sasha could stomach her parents for long period of times. 


"Aurora really isn't that bad, I actually get along with her better than some other girls on the team. She's really good at her delivery, and not too arrogant to think that she doesn't have to work to learn routines. Wildly hyper or not, I'd love more girls like her on the team." Now while socially Sasha much more preferred the slower speed of the other siblings, on the court or on the field Aurora was a very well rounded team member. "I think it would be interesting to see her out of that element. Like would she'd be all in for imagining performances at the historical Delphi Theatre if we go to Greece, or will she think sight seeing too slow paced?" Sasha was thinking again of a potential Spring Break trip with the siblings and seeing them all in a different environment. 


Sasha took a moment to give Floof a treat from Petchatz as she looked at her little pup. As spoiled as they both were they were still pretty affectionate towards each other. "Floof's the closest thing to a sister I've ever had. I was worried about going to a school where I couldn't have her with me, but thankfully my parents got me this house." Especially with all the turmoil of getting a new apartment and the messy divorce, Sasha was beyond grateful that her house allowed her to have her animal companion with her, blinged out collars, flirting for treats, and constantly paw-calling was well worth it. 


"When my mother showed me the pictures and virtual walk through it didn't occur to me that some doors didn't open. So when I arrived one day and opened one of them I was surprised to find essential appliances hiding like unwanted stepchildren. It's kind of dark in there and there are no windows. I was thinking of making it more feng shui and important, because without those appliances I'd be very uncomfortable. Still how glamourous can a furnace really be?"


Sasha laughed as she walked with him into the work out room with the the wide open floor space. It had been updated to add a pull up bar and some more freeweights, removing most other items and keeping the floor almost bare. Sasha had wanted as much space on the floor as possible to aid in choreography and getting dressed for special occasions. "I run a lot but decided not to have a treadmill added. That'll keep me running outside until it's too cold, and of course there is always the machines at the athletic center. I prefer a more minimalist approach to home work outs..." Sasha paused, wondering if he would even care about her work out routine.