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Garrett Cooden

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In Topic: DNA

23 June 2016 - 11:28 PM

The offer of drinks was nice incentive, but honestly, it wouldn't stop things from escalating. It might hinder it for a second if only because goddamn did he want that free drink, but once that was acquired it wouldn't really stop him at all. If anything, alcohol would make things worse. He was a belligerent drinker. Sawyer knew this. Sawyer had experienced and even escalated it firsthand more times than any of them could even count. But Sawyer was just that godawful optimistic and trusting and naive and damn, he really thought that things would settle down again. Poor guy.

Still, Garrett rolled his eyes regardless, huffing under his breath as he slapped his back against the booth hard while shifting, sinking into the seat and crossing his arms like a petulent child. "Oh, right, I forgot, you and your advanced classes. How could I ever think that anything could ever be as busying as being a suck-up nerd-ass little brat." Absently he picked at a piece of fuzz on his pants, tilting his gaze sideways and staring at Trevor with the most cutting glance he could, smirking maliciously all the while. "Some of us have social lives, kiddo. Ain't just books and shit, you know."

That was it, though, that was enough, he was going to be good for the sake of alcohol because he probably needed the shit just to get through this little bitchfest. He even managed to not make a snarky remark at Trevor's know-it-all rebuttal. Instead he turned his attention to Sawyer, flashed a grin, and popped another potato skin in his mouth. "You know what kinda drink I like."

In Topic: DNA

18 June 2016 - 02:33 AM

He hadn't even seen Trevor come in, though to be fair, that level of attention didn't usually come so easily to Garrett. That would require situational awareness and, well, a level of narcissism slightly less drastic than his own. He loved his brothers, loved them dearly, but he was also ridiculously and totally self-centered. Horribly so. He couldn't help but focus on himself more than the others with that in mind. And could anyone really blame him? He was Garrett Cooden! He was... well, he was hilarious, a bit of a pranking master, really. It was no wonder they all loved him so.

He snorted at Trevor's comment immediately, shoveling another handful of potato skins in his mouth as he rolled his eyes behind the dark sheen of his glasses. "I showed up the time before last, fuck you very much, and the time before that. I was just busy last time." His business hadn't come with a good excuse at all, though; he'd had a date, a last minute type thing. He'd planned to come to the dinner and had even agreed to it before he completely blew it off thanks to the date. He could imagine that everyone was a little sore about that. But then again, why would they be? These dinners were a regular thing and everyone had cancelled at least once or twice. Get over it, right?

"Last Christmas. Didn't even show up for Easter." He didn't care, mind you, but it would keep the accusatory limelight off of him so -- oops, sorry Levi! "And he didn't show up to the last two dinners either. So yeah. Throw that shit in reverse and park it elsewhere, kiddo." Still, he couldn't help but be a little miffed about how quickly that had been thrown into his face. He made an attempt to come to these damn things regularly and he didn't appreciate the implication that he rarely showed up.

So he turned his lazers to stun and focused on Trevor, finally stopping the vacuum that was his mouth as he pushed away his personal plate of appetizers. "Didn't want Brandon to make it before you, huh? Kinda severe, calling in and reporting in a false break-in." He was smirking a little too severely, still obviously irked by that 'too important' quip earlier. "You know you probably caused the damn kid to have a heart attack." How had Sawyer even missed the connection between point a and point b in this conversation? Was he just that oblivious?


In Topic: DNA

17 June 2016 - 12:32 AM

Garett attended family-dinner night... fairly often. Often enough, at least. For the most part he was there everytime the bell was rang, everytime he was asked, but he couldn't deny avoiding the ordeal entirely when his youngest sister was involved. He liked her, sure, loved her even, but it was trying, tiring to cater to her requests and even more so to deny her. It was just an exhausting experience all around and he felt much better avoiding it than anything else. This, though, this was different. Easier. Better. He got along with all of his brothers. Well, actually. Sure, sometimes they were annoying, sometimes they were trying, too, but for the most part it was all easily digestible. And entertaining.

He took the most pleasure in the entertaining aspect. It was all too fun to drop little bombs around and wait for them to metaphorically explode. Setting Trevor's sights on Brandon (as if that needed any help) was the most fun, though it was always amusing to mess around with Sawyer, too. Hell, he even enjoyed poking at their middle brother, but that wasn't too applicable this time around as he had some other plans. Too bad because he really did enjoy these gatherings, especially if attendance was all around full on the brother font.. He enjoyed his family loads whether he wanted to admit it or not.

He strode in late as always, staggering in behind some ridiculously giggly couple, sunglasses pulled over his eyes despite the pitch black darkness outside. He spotted Sawyer immediately, noting the food and drinks immediately. And of course, in true Garrett nature, he slid into the booth and dove right in, not even sparing a second to give Sawyer any kind of hello. That was just how he worked, though. Selfishly, for the most part, as he was, at his core, extremely and totally self-centered.

Eventually he did manage a small wave, though, his eyebrows lifting over his glasses as he shoved another potato skin into his mouth. "I bet the doublemint twins? Fuckin' shocking. Usually Brandon's here before even you are,' he finally said, his mouth still a little greasy from his momentary pigout. Brandon was the adoring, endearing type -- lovey dovey and affectionate and all too happy about his family. Garrett figured he'd be here three hours later just at the mention of family dinner.

He wasn't surprised that Trevor was late, though. Trevor was a little... less enthusiastic about these things. Or, well, it always seemed like that, anyway. Garrett really didn't know for sure about that, but he also never really cared to ask, either... "How long you been waiting?"