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There are a lot of reasons the Broncos blew a 10-point leadto

13 December 2018 - 01:38 AM

 the Chiefs last night and gave


themselves an “L” that should have been a “W.”As in ... many Cheap Von Miller Jersey , numerous, more than one.We could start with the refs’ missed call on the play clock that’s easy to get mad about but not necessarily a game-changing mistake.We could berate Marquette King for a 35-freaking-yard punt when he needed to pin Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs much deeper to help the defense.We could complain about Shaquill Barrett not covering Demetrius Harris better and allowing a huge third-down conversion to keep a drive alive that lead to a go-ahead touchdown a few plays later.We could debate whether zone or man coverage was the better call on 2nd-and-30 where Mahomes scrambled for what felt like 110 seconds and then hit Demarcus Robinson for a 23-yard gain.We could bemoan the Broncos’ offense for going three-and-out at the worst possible moment with just over six minutes left, leading by just three.But it doesn’t matter which one thing was more to blame because each reason by itself could have meant the loss just as one not occurring could have meant a win.“We were winning,” Von Miller said. “We were playing pretty good defense. We had a great drive where we had a great stand at the goal line where we held them to three points. I think that was right after the half. Offense went down and scored. The energy was up. We were up by 10 and then let them score 14 straight.”Maybe a penalty for delay of game and a 3rd-and-12 would have been just enough of a momentum-buster for the Chiefs to fail on their third-down conversion and be stymied in the comeback quest.“That was crazy, man,” Chris Harris Jr. said. “It’s delay. It’s zero on the clock forever鈥?That was a huge, huge no-call.”Domata Peko was particularly annoyed about the potential impact, as he told Ryan Koenigsberg of BSN Denver.There’s no way of knowing if Mahomes would have completed 3rd-and-12 the same frustratingly amazing way he completed 3rd-and-7, but it might have changed the play calls and could have had a very different outcome. Or maybe not.Without a penalty leading to a change of possession or taking away a go-ahead score, that missed call didn’t necessarily change who won the game.The Broncos did that one all on their own.After controlling the game, keeping “Showtime Mahomes” in check and staying one step ahead on scoring, it was really the Broncos offense that failed first.By the end of the third quarter, the Broncos had just gone up 20-13 thanks to a Phillip Lindsay touchdown, and then the defense held KC to a three-and-out, causing Andy Reid to sit down next to his young QB for a pep talk.After a gigantic 32-yard reception by Andy Janovich, the offense couldn’t take advantage in a costly drive, but Brandon McManus’ 46-yarder added some buffer before the Chiefs engineered a 12-play, six-minute drive to bring the game within three.All the Broncos’ offense needed to do was what it had been doing most of the previous three quarters - control the clock, run the ball, get first downs.It did none of those, choosing instead to go three-and-out at the worst possible time in the game. The defense had just been on the field, chasing the elusive Mahomes all over the place, and now one minute later, it had to do it again.It was where the game truly broke down for the Broncos.“We’ve got to do a better job late in the game Cheap Matt Paradis Jersey , we’re up by 10 points. We’ve got to put together a drive, we can’t go three and out,” quarterback Case Keenum said. “That one is kind of glaring in my mind right now. That’s what I want to watch, talk through my decision-making at that point.”King followed with a 35-yard punt that put the Chiefs mid-field with 4:35 left in the game.In other words, an eternity for the quarterback who could run across the field, have his legs wrapped up by Von Miller, then switch hands and “push” a throw to his receiver with his left hand and complete a first down.“He’s fast. We’ve got to get him down. That’s just plain and simple,” Miller noted, who had two QB hits but zero sacks. “He’s pretty fast. He’ll run all day, buy time and especially to the right, deep. I’m talking like 20 yards deep and then he’ll throw the ball 40 yards. He’s a great quarterback. He did a great job tonight.”Despite the questionable defensive coverage calls on that final Chiefs drive - choosing man over zone on long-yardage plays - every Broncos fan knew it would come down to the offense to mount a comeback score.And it fell short in every way possible. A sack on first down set up 2nd-and-20. With the help of Emmanuel Sanders, Keenum got the offense out of a 4th-and-11 before throwing to Jeff Heuermann for a big gain, a new set of downs and still 30 seconds to go for the end zone.The offense promptly wasted all of it with three incompletes, including an overthrow to Demaryius Thomas just steps from the end zone that had #MileHighMiracle written all over it.“There’s not much time left and you do whatever you can do to try to take a shot,” Keenum said. “It was close. I want to watch it on film, but it felt really close. There’s a few, especially those type of plays that I’ll lose a little sleep over, thinking about it, laying at night in bed. It’s a tough one. It stings.”That’s an understatement.But the defense seems to be taking it the hardest since Mahomes and the Chiefs scored 14 unanswered points in the second half.“Yeah, I think it is very frustrating because we felt like we outplayed this team, out-schemed this team, and it came down really to three plays defensively at the very end that cost us,” Shane Ray said. “It is very frustrating.I don’t like to lose, no one does Cheap Bradley Chubb Jersey , obviously. When it’s a game like this where we definitely should have won, it doesn’t feel good.”Harris Jr. said the Broncos “just didn’t finish.”“We’ve got to close that game out,” he said. “We have them 2nd-and-30 and we just let them off the hook.”It would be unfair though to call it “letting them off the hook” when the defense was chasing No. 15 all over the field. In fact, Harris Jr. had to get two IVs because of the maximum effort.“I was covering. [Mahomes] made us cover for a long time鈥?Just playing those extra times, he made us scramble in coverage the whole game. We couldn’t sack this man,” Harris Jr. added. “He’s a hell of a player, he’s a hell of a quarterback. He made plays with his feet, and I can’t wait to play him again though.”Perhaps the defense can have a chat with the offense, which was unable to score more than two touchdowns and only got 23 points against a defense that had allowed an average of 32 points in its first three games.“We were in great shape. We were good. We just didn’t close out the game and we let them off the hook on a second-and-30, which was crazy,” Harris Jr. said. “I don’t know, I can’t talk about it. Y’all go back and watch the film and see what we do.”Shaq Barrett is taking it even more personally, mad that “his guy” got the third-down conversion that allowed Chiefs to keep driving for the winning TD.“This one is going to hurt, this is going to hurt for a while because I feel like it was my fault for not sticking with my guy,” he said. “So, this one is going to hurt for a long time.”Miller was visibly worn out but stuck to his “back to the lab” script.“It’s tough. It’s like investing in something. You invest 100 percent in everything that you got, and you lose. There is a sense of disappointment,” Miller admitted. “We’ve got to get back to the lab and we’re going to do it again. We’ve got to reload again.”But the Broncos were competitive with one of the best teams in the NFL right now and that has positives players and fans should not lose sight of. The real test will be how the team responds to this loss next week.“We’ve got to reload again,” Miller said. “The great teams do that.”Broncos offense needs to finish There’s been a consistent theme since the first game of the season. In the week leading up to the next game, we’ve heard that is the one the Denver Broncos offense will put forth a complete performance. That Case Keenum and Co. are on the verge. “We can feel it.” Three games later, we’re still waiting for that to happen. Is Sunday in New Jersey against the New York Jets the day it comes to fruition? On Friday’s 1st & 10 @ 10 on Orange and Blue 760, Ryan Edwards brought up a great point with Broncos tight end Jeff Heuerman: After the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, it might be more important for the offense to finish. It’s a great interview that also highlights how crucial this game is for Denver. Bonus listen Check out Ian Henson’s segment from Friday’s show. He gives his thoughts on the loss to the Chiefs and previews Sunday’s game against the Jets.


Which cut would make Seahawks fans most upset if it happened?

13 December 2018 - 01:09 AM

 When the Seattle Seahawks waived Kasen Williams at final cuts last year http://www.seahawksa...-baldwin-jersey , it was local headline news. Here are some of the comments from a year ago:“I don’t see how a healthy Kasen Williams does not become a very good receiver in the NFL”“How did Kasen Williams get cut? Him and Chris Carson were the talk of camp and Kasen absolutely balled out in the pre-season.”“From Richard Sherman’s reaction, Kasen Williams must have been good in practice also...I am disappointed that the Seahawks cut someone of his potential.”“The Seahawk WR’s must be pretty good...Williams was cut and will likely start for the Browns.”And on Twitter:So yes, the Seahawks cut Williams, a few people got mad about it, to their credit many others did not overreact to the news and saw Williams as a guy who can basically do one thing really well and not much else, and then the Cleveland Browns made him the top player selected off of waivers. He was on the worst team in the NFL and while that meant having perhaps the worst QB situation in the league, Williams also had every opportunity to stand out on a bad roster.He was targeted 18 times and finished the season with nine catches for 84 yards. A similar thing happened with Troymaine Pope in 2016. He was released at final cuts, some fans got mad, he was immediately picked up by the New York Jets, and Pope had one carry for one yard with that team. Pope returned to Seattle and had 11 carries for 43 yards. He did not play in 2017 and is currently fighting for a job with the Houston Texans. This doesn’t mean that the Seahawks won’t cut players who go on to do good things elsewhere — Alex Collins, who fans were more ready to get rid of because he was a draft pick who they felt didn’t do enough to warrant a selection, played pretty well for the Baltimore Ravens last season — it just means that sometimes the guy who has a really good preseason and enters the spotlight and then doesn’t make the final 53 may just not be NFL quality. The coaches see and know a lot more than preseason results (also, much of the Kasen hype was built around nine catches in four exhibition games) and a lot will factor into their decisions over the coming weeks.So who will be the Kasen Williams or Troymaine Pope of 2018? There’s a number of candidates.Poona Ford, DTIn our recent look at how six roster bubble players performed against the Colts in Seattle’s preseason debut, this was the top comment:And some would even say that Poona isn’t on the bubble because he’s already made the roster. That’s probably not the case. I mean, Poona could absolutely be in the lead for a roster spot at defensive tackle, but he could also still be battling from behind because of whatever factors made him go undrafted in April.As weird as it may sound, I wonder how many people have been rooting for Poona Ford from the beginning because his name is Poona Ford.There’s also the fact that he was one of the most high priority free agents after the draft with a reputation for being a team leader at Texas, plus he’s a 5’11 ball of energy that you just wanna root for, but Poona would be one of the shortest defensive linemen of the modern game if he makes an NFL roster. That hasn’t stopped Russell Wilson, and I’m not saying it will stop Ford, who could end up being a very good player, I’m only implying that it would be surprising if Ford has already locked down a spot on the team.Seattle will absolutely be keeping Jarran Reed and Nazair Jones Kam Chancellor Jersey , while Tom Johnson looks like a good fit for the Seahawks. Pete Carroll rolled with four defensive tackles last season, so if he did that again, it boils to a competition between Shamar Stephen, Joey Ivie, and Ford, basically. Plus, you can’t discount Carroll’s penchant for reaching out externally for help after final cuts are announced by other teams or making a trade. The big one would seem to be Ford beating out Stephen, and why couldn’t Stephen, a former starter for the Minnesota Vikings, be a better option to keep?Ford could get cut. And I think that would make some fans falsely claim that they are no longer Seahawks fans because of it. Shaquem Griffin, LBOh man, just thinking about what this cut would do to Twitter kind of blew my mind a little bit.I think Shaquem is going to make the team, but logically speaking, all fifth round rookies are subject to the possibility that they couldn’t quite do enough to make the roster over someone else. Of course, Shaquem has also performed well in practices, by all accounts, and had a pretty good game against the Colts, though PFF called it a “mixed bag” that included a missed tackle.But Seattle kept seven linebackers last season at final cuts and Griffin is likely to at least play a lot on special teams. He doesn’t have a ton of competition at the moment and with the injury to Dion Jordan, it has made the linebackers group even thinner with Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin playing more at the line. Griffin is going to make the final 53, but if he didn’t, the city might literally break in half.Michael Dickson, PI mean, they could have cut Jon Ryan a long time ago Authentic K.J. Wright Jersey , but they are allowing some sort of competition obviously. It could just be that the Seahawks want Ryan around for four months to teach Dickson everything he knows about punting and the NFL. They also might just have a ton of respect for their longest-tenured player and want him around, plus give him an opportunity to showcase his talents for sure rather than possibly sitting at home and waiting for a call. Or maybe there’s just a tiny chance that Ryan could beat out Dickson for a job.I really don’t think that’s going to happen — Seattle’s had too many struggles in the punting game for the last few years and Ryan’s just a little too costly — but if it did, we’d get to see Seahawks fans delete their Twitter accounts over a rookie punter.It’s exciting to think about.Akeem King, CBNot a player that I think many fans were even aware of until Thursday night, King has quickly developed a cult following and I think could be the fastest riser in terms of “Player I’m gonna lose my shit over if he gets waived and picked up by the Jets.” Shaquill Griffin, Byron Maxwell, Justin Coleman, and Neiko Thorpe all seem to be locks, with maybe Maxwell somehow not making the cut if another cornerback really steps up and perhaps gives Carroll the confidence to go younger. But those four seem to be in, while many fans would be equally, if not more upset should Tre Flowers get released. That makes five. Number of cornerbacks for the Seahawks last season: Five.Should Carroll want a sixth, he’d have to keep King over veteran Dontae Johnson or Trovon Reed, who seemingly has also had an excellent camp. Does Carroll keep King over Maxwell? Over Thorpe, one of his ace special teamers? Over Flowers, the prize of conversion projects? Or does he keep six cornerbacks? Or does King face the same fate of Pierre Desir, another cut from last year that upset many fans. (He went to the Colts, played in nine games, six starts, with one interception. He’s currently now teammates with Kasen Williams in Indy.)It’s a tough decision, and certainly one that’s going to upset some folks either way. Prepare yourselves.Players who may or may not upset you if released (and in many cases not likely to be released anyway): Amara Darboh, C.J. Prosise, George Fant, David Moore Youth Bobby Wagner Jersey , Jamarco Jones, Tre Flowers, Delano HillSurvey: Seahawks fans confident heading into a new season Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Seahawks fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.Ahead of Seahawks-Broncos on Sunday, SB Nation has delivered the results from our initial FanPulse survey. The results are quite interesting, and a cool way to get a sense of, well, the pulse of fans! Thank you to everyone who signed up and voted, and I would strongly encourage anyone interested to get involved.Will the Seahawks win or lose in Week 1?The fans remain confident in the Seahawks’ chances heading into Week 1 in Denver, despite the Broncos being favored by Vegas odds. Denver is 18-1 in home games during the first two weeks of the season since 2001, but Seattle’s fans like their team’s odds of doubling the Broncos’ loss total over that span. How confident are you in the direction of the team?Very confident: 23 percentSomewhat confident: 67 percentMeh: 4 percentNot very confident: 5 percentNot confident at all: 1 percentA large majority—90-percent— disagree with Richard Sherman’s assessment the Seahawks have “Lost their way,” voting that they’re either very or somewhat confident in Seattle’s direction as a team. What is the worst NFL rule?Fans aren’t interested in the NFL’s explanation of “Flagging everything,” as they attempt to gain clarity surrounding the new helmet rule, as it comes out on top with 48-percent of voters calling it the league’s worst rule. Once again, thanks to all who participated. If anyone is curious about learning more about FanPulse or has any concerns, please feel free to hit any of us up either here, on Twitter or via email and we’ll happily help.


Jets podcast: A look back to the preseason opener

12 December 2018 - 05:51 AM

 On today’s podcast Youth Bilal Powell Jersey , we finish our two part breakdown of the first preseason game of 2018. The Jets beat the Falcons 17-0 at MetLife Stadium in what was an almost perfect start to the preseason. Almost everything that could have gone right went right.Today we return to our show previewing the game from last Friday. I offered five things to watch. Now we will go back and evaluate those things. We already discussed the quarterbacks yesterday, but today we go into detail about how this first preseason game might have affected position battles, whether players having strong training camps continued them, and how enigma and disappointing players performed.Thanks as always to those of you who listen. If you would like the show delivered to your mobile device each day instead of being forced to look for it here, you can subscribe to Locked on Jets on iTunes or Spotify. Man coverage. Zone coverage.Like every other NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars run both man and zone in their defensive system.What might present a challenge to a rookie quarterback like Sam Darnold is the third type of coverage Jacksonville runs. When reviewing their defense, I noticed the Jaguars mix in pattern matching principles to some of their coverages.I have heard pattern matching described a number of ways through the years. Some people describe it as a man coverage that morphs into zone after the snap. Others describe it the opposite way, as a zone coverage that morphs into man after the snap. Still others equate it to a matchup zone in basketball where you guard somebody who comes into your zone as though you are playing him man to man.I think of it this way. Every player in coverage has to read the route combinations. Each defender is assigned a route (or routes) to cover based on where he is lined up and the route combination the offense runs.Here’s a play from Jacksonville’s Week 1 win against the Giants that shows you some of the advantages of this type of coverage.Presnap it looks like the Jaguars are aligned in a basic Cover 3 zone.Many describe the Jaguars as a Cover 3 team frequently since their defensive system was installed under former head coach Gus Bradley. Before he was in Jacksonville, Bradley was defensive coordinator in Seattle as the Legion of Boom’s emerged. The Seahawks were also known as a Cover 3 team.Offenses beat zone defenses by flooding those zones with receivers. If you put two receivers into the zone of one defender, somebody is going to be open.A play with a vertical route on the outside and a corner route out of the slot is a Cover 3 beater.The deep corner at the top of the picture is going to have to go deep with the vertical receiver on the outside. If the guy running the corner route out of the slot goes under that vertical route, he is going to be open. The cornerback will be run out of the play by the vertical route.But there is a way for the defense to counter it if the coverage is not straight zone. What if that corner at the top of the picture is assigned the vertical route for the outside receiver, and a linebacker is responsible covering a corner route out of the slot?What appeared to be zone really isn’t, and there isn’t the anticipated open receiver.At this point you might be asking, “How do you know this wasn’t just man to man? Couldn’t the slot receiver have been the linebacker’s man?Well, Odell Beckham Youth Steve McLendon Jersey , Jr. was running a shallow cross on this play. He ended up matching up on linebackers and safeties. Call me crazy, but I don’t think a defense is going to draw up a man to man coverage on Odell against those types of players. Those guys were simply responsible for shallow crossing routes.Another example came during Jacksonville’s Week 2 win over the Patriots. New England had a slant/flat to the top of the picture.Even though he is initially lined up on the outside on Rob Gronkowski, Jalen Ramsey (red) is responsible for a flat route, and that is where he has his eyes. When he sees James White running to the flat, he takes off and releases Gronkowski because Barry Church (deep yellow) is responsible for deep routes, while Telvin Smith (shallow yellow) is responsible for shallow routes over the middle like slants.The coverage morphs depending on the route combination. Had both White and Gronkowski run vertical routes, Rasmey would have been responsible for carrying Gronkowski down the field, while Church would have had White. This shows one of the big advantages of this type of coverage. Because the coverage assignments changes depending on the route combinations, the defense is always in a position to take away what the offense wants to do. The first play against the Giants is an example. The defense prevented a hole against a zone from opening. This example shows another benefit. The defense will always have something built into the play to prevent being outnumbered down the field such as three verticals against a Cover 2 with a pair of deep defenders or four verticals against three deep defenders playing Cover 3. The first responsibility will always be defending against a vertical deep route.Just as there are advantages, there also are disadvantages built into these coverages. The first is the complexity. On the plus side, this complexity makes the coverages more difficult for the quarterback to read. But if a concept is complex to the offensive players facing it, it is also going to be complex to the defensive players running it. Defenders have to read routes quickly. A defender’s assignment on any given play can vary wildly depending on the routes the offense calls, and the defender won’t know which assignment is his until after the ball is snapped. One bad read by one defender can lead to a bust in coverage and a big play.Another problem is familiar to more traditional zone coverage. Since defenders are assigned routes to cover instead of specific receivers, it is easy to run into mismatches such as Odell Beckham, Jr. against a linebacker.The Jaguars have certain elements built into their defense to combat that.Take this play. Will Fuller goes into motion. Against a more traditional zone Womens Jason Myers Jersey , A.J. Bouye would not follow him. That would leave Fuller against a safety. Wide receiver vs. safety matchups are not good for the defense.In this instance, however, Bouye does follow Fuller.This offers the offense the illusion of man to man coverage. Usually when a receiver in motion is followed by a corner, that corner is doing so because he has that receiver in man. What the Jaguars do, however, is shift their safeties. As a result, a safety takes Bouye’s original spot and his original routes. Bouye takes over the assignment of a safety after he follows Fuller in motion and ends up where that safety originally was. He is better equipped to handle this assignment than the safety since a wide receiver is now running those routes after the motion.On this play, both receivers at the top of the picture run vertical routes so both cornerbacks are responsible for carrying them deep. After the motion and this initial movement off the snap, it looks like man coverage. It isn’t though. Bouye is positioned deep and to the outside of the receiver because a linebacker is responsible for any route that breaks over the middle.And there is a safety there to take away a deep middle route like a post.On the other side of the field is the safety who replaced Bouye to take away a vertical route and a linebacker to undercut anything shallower.On the first play, you saw a coverage that initially looked like zone and morphed into something resembling man. On this play, it initially looks like man and morphs into something resembling zone.This isn’t easy for a rookie quarterback to face. Is he facing zone? Is he facing man? The fact the Jaguars also run traditional zone and man coverages adds even more doubt.These coverages render presnap reads useless because defensive assignments are only determined after the snap once receivers get into their routes. When you add a ferocious four man pass rush as the Jaguars have, it leaves the quarterback little time to decipher a complex coverage, find a window, and make an accurate throw. Adding in that type of pass rush also increases the odds of a big mistake.Such is Sam Darnold’s dilemma on Sunday.


Kirk Cousins was bothered enough by the throws

12 December 2018 - 03:19 AM

he missed in Minnesota's third preseason game that he brought a piece of paper with a list of them to the podium for his interview afterward.There's a long way to go Womens Calais Campbell Jersey , particularly with an offensive line that's not yet set, but Cousins and the Vikings made some improvements against Seattle.Cousins passed for 182 yards without a turnover in the first half, before third-stringer Kyle Sloter threw for two fourth-quarter touchdowns in a 21-20 comeback victory over the Seahawks on Friday night.Out of sync in their previous game, the Vikings assembled three drives of 12 or more plays despite some disruptions by the Seahawks. Cousins went 17 for 28."You could've really had a great night. I feel like we just missed that," Cousins said.Sebastian Janikowski didn't miss. The 40-year-old kicked field goals from 35 and 55 yards in the first half for the Seahawks, who kept their starters in past halftime. Russell Wilson led one scoring drive against the vaunted Vikings defense, finishing 11 for 21 for 118 yards and declaring his work-in-progress offensive line a success."I had all day," Wilson said.Vikings rookie Daniel Carlson, who just won the kicker job this week when seventh-year veteran Kai Forbath was released, pulled two 42-yard field goal attempts wide left in the first half. Following the first miss, Latavius Murray's touchdown run capped the second drive. Then coach Mike Zimmer ordered a 2-point conversion."Just to let him know that if he's going to miss 'em, I'm going to go for 2," Zimmer said.The mention of wide left against the Seahawks still makes Vikings fans wince, three seasons after Blair Walsh's 27-yard miss at the end of the playoff game on that below-zero afternoon in Minnesota. Walsh spent last year with Seattle, struggled anew and was not brought back. The 40-year-old Janikowski, having edged out Jason Myers for the job, has taken over."I'd rather kick the short ones and hit a lot of extra points, but if it comes down to it I'm excited and looking forward to it Authentic Leonard Fournette Jersey ," Janikowski said.CONFIDENCE IN CARLSONZimmer noted that Carlson, a fifth-round draft pick from Auburn, only missed a couple of kicks in practices since training camp started. The coach actually expressed more concern about the kick coverage teams, which have allowed long returns in each exhibition game."Put this behind me," Carlson said, "but learn from it and move on."PUNTING PROWESSRookie punter Michael Dickson, who beat out stalwart Jon Ryan this week, was just as sharp as Janikowski. His five punts averaged 53.6 yards per attempt, with a long of 61 yards and two times downed at the 3."I'm really fired up about that," coach Pete Carroll said.PADS POPPINGChris Carson carried seven times for 26 yards and a touchdown and caught two passes for 20 yards for the Seahawks, who are trying to regenerate the power running attack that helped them reach two straight Super Bowls. Rookie Rashaad Penny, who's also expected to factor heavily in the ground game this season, broke his finger in practice last week and did not play.The defense, which is undergoing a more significant renovation with Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman all moved on. The Seahawks are at least set at linebacker with Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright.Wagner sacked Cousins for what would've been a 13-yard loss on third-and-goal at the 5, but Shaquill Griffin was called for holding Stefon Diggs during the play. Wright delivered a jarring shoulder tackle on Diggs, who was targeted eight times. Newcomer Barkevious Mingo delivered his share of blows in the first half Authentic Logan Cooke Jersey , too."I thought we played with good juice tonight," Carroll said. "I like the way that we're learning to hit."COOK'S BACKMurray took over for Dalvin Cook, who had two carries on the first drive to complete his recovery from reconstructive knee surgery last season."I got in, I got banged up a little bit, got that out of the way," Cook said. "Now it's just time for everybody to know I can play football."BACKUPS COME UP BIGDavid Moore caught a 31-yard touchdown pass from Alex McGough for the Seahawks and had a 75-yard punt return for a score called back by a holding penalty.For the Vikings, Sloter's touchdowns went to Jake Weineke and Chad Beebe , before the go-ahead 2-point conversion completion to Weineke again. Weineke is a Minnesota native, undrafted from South Dakota State. Beebe, from Northern Illinois, is the son of former Buffalo folk hero Don Beebe.NATIONAL ANTHEMThree Seahawks players continued their practice of leaving the field during the singing of the "The Star-Spangled Banner" and returning shortly after: offensive tackle Duane Brown, defensive end Branden Jackson and defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson.INJURY REPORTSeahawks: Fourteen injured players were listed on the inactive list, including WR Doug Baldwin (knee), CB Byron Maxwell (ankle) and SS Bradley McDougald (pectoral). Baldwin and Maxwell have been out the whole preseason. FS Tedric Thompson hurt his ribs during a first-quarter tackle, Carroll said, but he returned.Vikings: Nine injured players were listed on the did-not-dress list, including DE Everson Griffen (lower leg), CB Mackensie Alexander (ankle) and C Pat Elflein (ankle/shoulder). Diggs immediately went to the sideline with some apparent discomfort after the collision with Wright Womens Yannick Ngakoue Jersey , but he came back.UP NEXTThe Seahawks host Oakland in their final exhibition game on Thursday.The Vikings play at Tennessee to wrap up the preseason slate on Thursday. The Jacksonville Jaguars allowed 30 or more points in a game just twice last season in constructing arguably the league’s best defensive unit in 2017.The 2018 Jaguars have allowed at least 30 points in back-to-back weeks in a pair of losses to the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys.While the juggernaut offense of the Chiefs may be an understandable blip for the Jaguars, allowing 40 points to a Cowboys team that had scored 20 points or less in four of their first five games is more puzzling. Dallas handed the Jaguars a 40-7 loss on Sunday just a week after the team lost 30-14 to the Chiefs.“Nobody’s panicking right now. We’re frustrated. We’re (ticked) off,” safety Tashaun Gipson said Monday, via Mark Long of the聽Associated Press. “Absolutely, but nobody’s panicking right now and that’s the thing. I don’t know of any type of answer that people are looking for, know there’s not a panic button. At least there’s not a panic button in my mindset, and I don’t see the guys in here panicking.”The Chiefs put up 424 yards of offense against the Jaguars despite only converting 4 of 12 third down chances. Blake Bortles throwing four interceptions certainly didn’t do much to help out his defense, which also picked off Patrick Mahomes twice in their effort.However, the Dallas game was more problematic. The Cowboys put up 378 yards of offense as Cole Beasley went 101 yards and two touchdowns on nine catches and Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott combined for 188 yards and two touchdowns on the ground as well.“We’re looking at a lot of different things because obviously it’s not good enough,” head coach Doug Marrone said. “A lot of times people will want to (say), ‘Is it this person?’ If it was just as simple as this or this or this, you know, it would be easy. We would make those decisions and move on. But when you’re playing poorly as a team or coaching poorly, you have to take a good look at yourself.”


Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas‘ name has come up

05 December 2018 - 01:57 AM

 among the list of players who could possibly be on the move ahead of next Tuesday’s trade deadline and Thomas admitted this week that he’s considered whether his time in Denver is coming to an end.Thomas may not have to call the movers just yet Denver Broncos Hats , however. Mike Klis of KUSA reports that it is a “good bet” that Thomas remains with the Broncos beyond October 30.Klis adds that the Broncos will listen if teams call about Thomas, but that they are not “actively shopping” the wideout at the moment.Thomas has some $5 million left in salary this season and has another year on his contract at $14 million. The Broncos can get most of that money off their cap, which may make an offseason parting of the ways a likelier outcome in Denver.Klis also reports that the Broncos have fielded more calls on wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and that they aren’t going to trade him.Broncos vs. Redskins: snap count review Here are the offensive and defensive snap percentages for the Denver Broncos “dress rehearsal game” against the Washington Redskins. Those who did not play much were either injured, already assured of a starting role or waiting to get their walking papers. Here are the Broncos who did not play at all WR 13 B.Bobo, S 21 S.Cravens, S 34 W.Parks, CB 38 M.Rios, CB 39 M.Hunter,G 64 J.Dielman Denver Broncos Hoodie , G 65 R.Leary, LB 69 A.Simmons, G 70 S.Jones, T 73A.Knappe, DE 78 D.Osborne, TE 84 T.Fumagalli, DT 97 C.LyonsThis is the offensive snap% for the gameIf you look at the players who got less than 20% of the offensive snaps, some of them are on the roster bubble - like River Crafraft, John Diarse and Isaiah Mckenzie - and some are not (presumably) like Andy Janovich Customized Denver Broncos Jerseys , Phillip Lindsay and Jake Butt.What do you infer from these snap count numbers? Do you think that Aaron Schlottman, Cyrus Kouandjio, Jeremiah Poutasi and Elijah Wilkinson are the four backup offensive lineman who will make the final 53? Do you think we will keep 8 or 9 offensive lineman? On the defensive side of the ball, there were a number of players who did not even get one defensive snap (on the far right of the graph) and others who were close to that - Jerrol Garcia-Williams and Jeff Holland.What do you think these snap counts mean for guys on the roster bubble like Zach Kerr, Kyle Peko, Jeff Holland and A.J. Johnson?